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  1. I should have posted this earlier but, I only found out that morning and Tuesdays are always a busy day for me. And by the time I got my errands finished and got home to cook Supper, then had to go to Publix, for my last minute shopping before the sale ends. Then I posted. My fault!!
  2. How on earth could you see that his seatbelt was not buckled? just curious.
  3. Please read the poster in it’s entirety. Thank You and God Bless! I know I should have posted this sooner but, I just got this at work, today! I’ve been a busy bee, Sorry!
  4. Sears has never had any clothes that I liked. The quality, the styles and sizing never fit me like I needed. I’m not into name brand clothes so that was never a problem. But, the quality and the fit, was the key factor and their clothes just wasn’t a match for me.
  5. Good deal! I wasn’t sure if it could be done or not. I’ll keep my eyes open, for the old threads. Thank You!
  6. Yes, I stole this picture from FB!
  7. Please get there early, I’d say by 8:30 at least. Make sure you have plenty of gas so that you can leave your car running to stay warm. Also, there are NOT any bathrooms available!! Helping Hands will be closed for regular business on this day.
  8. A man?? He has boobs. Nowadays you can’t tell who anybody is, Men dressing like women and women dressing like men. I’m not talking about transvestites, either. You don’t know whether to address someone as Mam or Sir.
  9. Is there a way to close or lock old topics so that no one can pull them up and post something new? The latest one was a post from 2010, why?????
  10. Sears in the Arbor Place Mall will be starting their Liquidation Sale December 02, I’ll be sad to see it go but, I’ve never really liked anything they had. The clothing they sold never appealed to me. You do know that when a store does liquidations, they jack the prices up to full retail then, sell what they can, then they’ll mark it down 10% and on down to whatever and ship off all remaining unsold items to places like Big Lots, Bargain Hunt and so on. It was good while it lasted, I guess.
  11. The shelves are looking better but, the food goes out as fast as it comes in. We’re always in need of canned foods, boxed foods and single serve foods in bowls. Pop top cans & bowls are great for children and homeless people. Thank You!
  12. Today at work (Helping Hands) we weren’t writing clothing vouchers because the Clothing Center is so low on clothes. If you have any unused gently used clothing that you could donate, the Clothing Center would be forever grateful and be able to help the Citizens of our Community! Thank You for your consideration.
  13. Ok, the notices in the windows is nothing important! There’s NO opening date listed on anything but, Hubby stopped by there and talked to a worker that was working inside. Hubby was told that the place would open around the end of the month. On a different note, the New Wendy’s (near Chic-Fil-A) will open tomorrow!
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