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  1. JSC

    wreck on 278

    Thank you, but No I haven't heard anything else abt it that wreck.
  2. anyone know abt an accident if front of Dairy Queen?
  3. JSC

    Tomatoe plants

    He wanted celebrities, & they were labeled celebrities, but they were not. Don't know what kind they are, but they are yellow. Not bad tasting.
  4. My hubby bought several plants at WM. they were what he always buys or so the label said. As they started tog grow & ripen, they totally are NOT what he thought he got. Two different types of plants were labeled wrong. Has this happened to anyone else? He is very disappointed. (I meant WM not HD)
  5. Paulding.com is under NEW Ownership Effective 7.1.2019 Pubby, is no longer at the helm of Paulding.com. Effective 7.1.2019 Paulding.com’s very own “Caped Crusader put together a TEAM of people that ❤️❤️❤️’s this community as much if not more than each one of you reading this statement! So, ALL the good things you remember about paulding.com that made our community the best place to live work and play in this great state of Georgia will continue! “Our Community” has been divided and God willing this is the beginning of the healing process and great things to come for “Our Community” The new owners are a # TEAMof9 They are functioning like a co-op and value the input of it’s community members and would like to invite anyone that is part of the Paulding community to participate in the reorganizing of Paulding.com and that is a community website designed to enhance the enjoyment of life’s Journey where most of us live work and play. We would like to personally invite YOU to come and be a part of the process of creating the NEW Paulding.com! In the coming days you will notice changes on the website! Please, enjoy the improvements! ! Be kind to your neighbor and above all laugh daily! !! Caped Crusader Yea. Bring it back to what it used to be, thank you.
  6. Saw on The Paulding uncensored Face book page. No one on here talking abt it? I cant get much info from that FB page. It's not like it used to be on here for county news.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. Loved it.
  8. I called the number after seeing on Google that it is permanently closed. # has been disconnected. :-(
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