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  1. Yes I believe that's what it's gonna be. We drive by there almost everyday & things have just stopped.
  2. Does anyone know why they have stopped construction on the (whatever it is) going up on corner of Bill Curruth & Virgie Valentine in Hiram?
  3. Does anyone know what's happening on Nebo Rd? Sirens etc. closet o Waters rd.
  4. I'm posting this in several forums (I don't know where it goes) Did anyone hear or know what the bog boom was in Nebo Lake Ramona area?
  5. JSC


    Did anyone else hear a big boom on Nebo close to Lake Ramona?
  6. Same to you Caped Crusader
  7. When I got my 1st computer in 1999, I did not know anything abt computers. Especially that caps mean you are angry/screaming. One friend of mine told me her teen daughter asked her why I am angry all the time when I send her (my friend) an email. I try to watch that now. I have another friend (elderly lady) who types in both. He sentences are all size letters. But that's ok, I get the message. lol
  8. JSC

    wreck on 278

    Thank you, but No I haven't heard anything else abt it that wreck.
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