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  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend for our Friday and Saturday night Karaoke with C. Mark Willix and the whole cast and crew! Don't forget on Saturday night we have our costume contest, and great bar specials both nights. It's gonna be a "hell" of a good time. 18 to party, 21 to drink. See you here! -MacFarlane's
  2. Come to MacFarlane's tonight for our OPEN MIC NIGHT - some of the best local musicians entertaining you for free! And, if you have talent, you can jump in! Starts at 8, hope to see you tonight! -MacFarlane's
  3. I hope you'll visit my establishment - MacFarlane's in downtown Hiram by the tracks. We have smoking only in the bar, and it is 21+. However, we are not a typical "saloon" environment where it is loaded up with a lot of undesirables. It is a little more classy than that. Hope to see you soon! -MacFarlane's
  4. MOTG

    I?s P?b ?iz

    That is the best header for a topic I've ever seen. -MacFarlane's
  5. Tonight and every Monday is Ladies Night. Enjoy $2 wine and $3 cocktails all night long, open till close. See you tonight... -MacFarlane's
  6. Come watch the home team tonight on national television put the whoopin on the Chi-Bears tonight at your neighborhood pub. Great atmosphere, food, and drinks - plus you never know what might happen! Sundays are also industry night - employees in the restaurant and hospitality industry receive 20% off their purchases all night long... See you tonight!
  7. MOTG


    I disagree. That bowl of grits made love to was the perfect cap on the evening! -MacFarlane's
  8. MOTG


    the game will def be on, and there will def be music (Amanda tells me she has her special Ladies Night mix - whatever that means) -MacFarlane's
  9. MOTG


    It's Ladies Night at MacFarlane's in Hiram! Enjoy $3 cocktails, $2 glasses of wine, and $1.50 draft pints - all day open till close (4 till midnight) Amanda is your bartender, and we are here to serve! Get the week off right - see you tonight. 21+ -MacFarlane's
  10. Thanks everyone very much. Good seeing some of you last night, hope to see more of you tonight! -MacFarlane's
  11. I can't really describe what all of your positive and supportive comments have meant to me. I wanted Mac's to be the classic neighborhood pub, because growing up here (lifelong Paulding county person here), there was never anything like it. And I felt we deserved it. To hear all of your kindness and well-wishes lets me know I have not suffered through this in vain. Just know we are trying to work through this - whether it be with FEMA assistance which I've applied for or some other solution, however it shakes out, I'm in your debt. And it's a debt of gratitude. -MacFarlane's
  12. Thank you! This perfectly sums up what we are trying to achieve. Thanks - MacFarlane's
  13. I went through my entire PM history and could not find an e-mail from you. Even if you have decided to not come back, I would like to hear your complaints, when it was you came in, and what you would have liked to have had differently. Thanks - MacFarlane's
  14. That will depend on business; but I would eventually like to have a system very similar to that. However, with our separated bar and high ceilings, we have not had a problem with excessive smoke going into the dining area. I would encourage you to stop by and see for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised. -MacFarlane's
  15. We appreciate the support we are continuing to receive from the vast majority of you. Even those who can not visit us anymore because of having children seem to understand the necessity of the situation. We appreciate your continued support, well wishes, and prayers. It means more than you know. -MacFarlane's
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