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  1. Good job this year South! Congratulations to all 3 teams for making it to the 2nd round of playoffs. Come on North keep it poing for Paulding County
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much LadybugLove!
  3. I do not have a son who plays football for South but he does do the JROTC flag for the games. SO I have been at most of the home games and have become invested in the team. I NEVER liked football until this year, Spartans have made me a fan!!! I wanted to go so bad tonight but we will not be able to make it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE somebody keep us updated here! Thanks in advance :yahoo: GOOOOOOOO SPARTANS!!!
  4. I am telling you they most certainly did file fraudulent tax returns. It happened to 3 people I know who used that buisness and they are dealing with the aftermath now. They found out by trying to file their taxes. The buisness did not even contact them to let them know that their information had been comprimised.
  5. I know for a fact this is true! It happened to my best friend and her husband along with her sister in law. They have had to contact all credit agencies, social security and the irs. They now have to wait to refile their taxes for like another 3 months! It has been a true pain in the rear. I suggest if you used this company you contact the irs immediatly to see if you have been a victim.
  6. I am hoping that a school bus was not invovled in this accident? This is the route my oldest comes home:( Hopefully they are late because they are stuck in traffic & being rerouted.
  7. Now if you don't mind would some of you pm me the name of the surgeon you used in case we have to go that route. My sister in law had surgery about 8 years ago and I have her surgeons name. While we like the doctor he has been seeing we would like to keep our options opened.
  8. yes, he has been going the chiroractor for about a year now.
  9. I am so glad to hear that alot of you had this horrible pain the day after. They did tell him he will do a round of three shots. I hope that this works. We know if it does not that he will do surgery. I feel so bad for him. He is not the kind to just sit back and let everybody else do the work.
  10. and he said he feels even worse today than he did before the shot. He has a bulging disk at L4, L5 have you had one and if so how did you feel the day after and what about now? TIA
  11. It is a very hard day for me. I am sooooo blessed to be the mom of two wonderful boys whom I love with all of my heart. This mothers day actually falls on the 9th anniversary of my mothers death. She was my best friend, hero, and mother. I have been very emotional today I am trying to remember all the good times we had together but then I think about what could have been in the last 9 years all she missed. Gone to soon & too young. I lost my mother when I was only 29 years old. She never got to meet my 7 year old but I swear I see so much of her in him it is sometimes scary but also a comfort
  12. I think I will bring my baseball loving 1st grader. It will be right up his alley. Is there a entrance fee and if so how much? Let's go SPARTANS!!!! Hopefully my boy will play for this team one day:) Thanks for the info.
  13. I have a almost 13y/o son who says it is ridiculous how short some of the shorts are that they sell in stores. Now I must say mom may have made some comments around him that he picked up on to know that they are not appropriate for girls to wear. I swear if I had a daughter I would be in sooooo much debt to a seamstress for making her clothes that I feel are the acceptable. I know there are some clothes out there but you do have to search hard to find them even in the toddler dept!! They are still babies people we don't need to see their butt cheeks(diapers) hanging out.
  14. I really wish the rain would hold off. We are scheduled to play a rainout makeup game tonight. If it rains this will be the 3rd time this game has been called for rain. We played 2 innings the first time, 1 inning last time and now I don't think we will be playing today. The game that will never end. LOL!
  15. Yes, West Atlanta Peds!!! We love them all. They are great I have been using them for 13 years and always tell my friends about them. Small story about Dr. Carter. My oldest had to have stitches from a fall in his chin. We went to have Dr. Carter remove them and the skin had grew over one of the stitches. My son was crying and who was crying right along with him? Dr. Carter he was so upset that my son was upset. Now that my friends is compassion
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