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  1. It is not that she was dishonest; she was not able to provide sufficient evidence of the length of time she lived there, per the elections board.
  2. "What did this animal and others do to deserve this other than not being born human I can't imagine. It seems life is only precious when it is our own, suffering only counts when it is our own." That is my question as well. The only animal that is actively polluting the planet and causing harm to itself along with other species has also convinced itself it is superior and more worthy than the rest.
  3. So these emotional support animals are also covered by the ADA?
  4. Maybe a matter to be brought to the attention of the health department?
  5. "My question is would renting it out prevent the use of other activities in the building during church services" "burnt hickory park building cannot be used by the public on ANY SUNDAY" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, the original post doesn't say there was a vote. It says there was NOT a vote. I took that point to mean it was a decision made without the public's (aka taxpayer's) knowledge. Renting out a school facility that is not used on the weekend is one thing, but to make a park facility unavailable for half the weekend when most private citizens (aka taxpayers) might wish to rent it for an event is another. Churches don't pay the taxes that build or maintain parks, and the government doesn't pay for anything. We do.
  6. Hmmm...maybe he will check in soon. Hopefully.
  7. These type pools/programs are also in place for automobile and worker's comp insurance, although specialty auto insurers have pretty much made insurance available at some price level in the voluntary market for all consumers.
  8. The first time I ever saw a skull (or model of one) that had both baby and adult teeth intact I was completely creeped out.
  9. Not long ago my niece was looking for someone who might want some of her kids' outgrown stuff and some baby items. Will keep this in mind! Thanks!
  10. Yeah, there is really not a reason for a baby or toddler to even interact with a dog until they are old enough to understand that it is not a plaything and can be hurt or agitated by the child's actions/behavior. A dog's prey drive can be easily aroused by a squealing, running child or a crying baby. And some dogs by nature simply do not do well with children, period. That this tragedy might have been avoided by the simple act of closing the bedroom door makes it that much more heartbreaking.
  11. Well I was all ready to buy this for myself but saw where some said it was less actual music than they had expected and more interviews and stuff so I changed my mind.
  12. So inquiring minds want to know, how are things with Little Miss Coco? Wonderful, I hope.
  13. I think we might have a much better government if people would stop trying to use it to control others or impose their agenda on everybody else. That's all I have to say about that.
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