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  1. I went Sunday for lunch and it was real busy but service was good and the food was excellent. They seemed to go overboard on service but I did't mind since the food was so good.
  2. I used to walk the Silver Comet Trail because I was told there was a doughnut and coffee stand. Then I was told you could get a beer and taco at White Oak Park. Man what a bunch of liars. So I changed my routine and went to a place in ATL where all I had to do was walk a few steps and give this woman a dollar bill and it raised my blood pressure. Seriously running is bad for you ankles and knees. Walking is better. Then there is another way to keep in shape and it's called a horizontal mile. It's the amount of energy and calories you burn when you.......well figure it out. I walk at a speed of 3 to 4 mph for 45 min, do different body weight machines for 30 min and go to an aerobics class for one hour three times a week. Best I have felt in years. Also cut down on beer and wine and eat well. Just remember the three food groups all starting with a 'B'.......BUTTER, BACON AND BEER.
  3. When will they start to investigate the teachers that gave students excellent grades in high school so they could get the Hope scholarships. What is the ratio of students that got the Hope funds that had to take remedial courses as freshman. That shows they really weren't that smart. Something is rotten in Denmark.
  4. They don't have the problem with same sex marriage in Muslim countries. They just kill them by stoning or shooting. Here is what the Quran states: “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes” Quran 26:165 “Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to” Quran 26:165
  5. Would you consider a two story with a finished basement, 4 bed, 3 1/2 bath, Lr/DR/updated kit - tiled & stainless-granite ctops/breakfast/den w/FP, office, game room, work shop lots of decks. pergola, salt pool, two car garage for 230k? Approx 3300 sf. Lots of closets, 4 walk ins, lots storage.
  6. It has nothing to do with religion. It's about MORALS which, it seems, that many don't have. Every abort is a murder of a child. Liberals should be against it because it eliminates a future tax payer. What are the women going to say when they meet God or their preferred maker?
  7. How true. I know I may be crazy but I'm not stupid.
  8. What time and where. I will bring a case of beer. Light or high test?
  9. How much should you pay the preacher to conduct a funeral service for a member of the church? I was told $50 would be appropriate. What should you pay the pianist/organist? I was told $25.
  10. It will be changed to David Austin Parkway within 5 years. Just watch.
  11. I put a small sign by my mailbox flowers that said "Don't Let Your Dog Pee on My Flowers". My neighbor got offended. I told her well quit letting your dog do it and kill my plants. I told her next step was poison. It stopped. What was bad is the dog was on a leash. She walks the dog around the cul-d-sac and lets it do his business in any ones yard. When it poops in my yard I just throw it in there yard near the front door. One trick is to put it in a paper bag, put it on their door step and light it. When they come out they will stomp on it and.............good pay back.
  12. Is it possible to get into someone else dreams? Hmmmmmmm~! I dream in color and surround sound. I once had a vivid dream about my neighbor. Now I try not to speak to her. Do you ever dream about snakes?
  13. You have to stop reading the progressive version of the war (lies). Go to Pickett's Mill and the ranger will gladly let you go the actual records of the battle of Dallas, New Hope and Picket's Mill.In New Hope the north was coming up what's now Old Cartersville and got stopped by cannon fire. They got down in some low areas which is referred to as Hell Hole. It's adjacent to Bickers Rd. It was pouring rain. The south just kept dropping shells on the north. They flanked and went to Pickett's Mill. Got lost and had to go in a ravine. Charging up the ravine they were hit from the side by grapes shot. A night time battle followed. Mass killing of yanks. Sherman then headed to Marietta where it got whipped again. Finally went on to ATL. Pickett's Mill is open Thurs., Fri, Sat. Go get educated.
  14. VOTE YES! It's time Paulding County came out of the 20th century. We hear how much we are progressing but some people want to hang on to the past. Sorry the state won't allow dirt roads instead of paved highways. I'm not advocating buying and drinking on Sundays but look at the revenue that possible. Hiram smarted up so why is the County hung in the past. And what about Dallas? Are they voting to sell? I doubt it. Now there's a time gap. When they push to get rid of a Mexican restaurant on the square you know where their minds are.
  15. You should teach your son to ASK how long it would be and then, if too long, go somewhere else. Your bad. I don't, and I don't think others herein, shop exclusively at Wal-Mart. Surely not for eye care or their health clinic. It's there for those that choose. mrnn "I don't shop at Walmart..avoid it like the plague." " I head to Publix in New Hope every week." Have you checked the managers and assistant managers lately? They are changing all the time. The New Hope is a training store for new managers. Some times their service stinks especially on return items. Bought a sweet potato pie once and when I got home I realized it hadn't been fully cooked. Took it back and the manager tried to give me a hard tome. Pulled out my cell phone and said I have the corp office on speed dial. He refunded and apologized. And they don't have a good variety. Have to buy high dollar brands or their brand.
  16. Captain Rhett Butler on 2/18 "I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart. They suppress workers wages and then wonder why folks have less discretionary spending...duh I would love it if every Wal-Mart in America shut down." Sounds to me that you are an elitist that looks down on the common folk. I bet you shop at Publix and high dollar stores to impress people. Goodness knows not everyone is as special as you. Why would you buy bird seed at HD or Lowe's and pay higher price than Wal-Mart? Same for outdoor items. Thank goodness my wife checks all ads and is a smart shopper. We shop for good deals and value. We actually, against my judgement, bought steaks from Wal-mart. They were tender and juice and very tasteful. Don't like Publix except some wings and sales. They are outrages on prices. Kroger raises prices based on holidays. Shrimp usually sells for $5.99 a pound then on holidays it goes up to $12.99 a pound. Robbery. The Postman on 2/19 "Walmart earns over $15 billion per year in pure profit and pays its executives handsomely. In 2011, Walmart CEO Mike Duke – already a millionaire a dozen times over – received an $18.1 million compensation package. The Walton family controlling over 48 percent of the corporation through stock ownership does even better. Together, members of the Walton family are worth in excess of $102 billion – which makes them one of the richest families in the world." Oh my, my. Imaging a company making a profit. Wal-Mart had a great idea and is making a profit. God forbid. I bet you are one of those that think companies shouldn't make a profit. Continue in your present occupation because you basically don't understand how and why businesses operate. How many jobs have you created? Probably none. Just keep complaining about people with brains that are free-enterprise companies.
  17. What kind of sauce do they use.......tomato or mustard base? Do they put the sauce on after the meat has been cooked or while it is cooking. No one or place has touched bar-b-q like South Carolina low country. Pulled, sauced as cooked and mustard base. Sonny's cooked meat and poured on sauce and called it bar-b-q. Not.
  18. A meteorite hit Russia and did a lot of damage. Video shown looks scary. Is that a prelude to the asteroid hitting? Scientist say the asteroid will come within 175,000 miles of earth and may disrupt cell phone service and weather satellites. They say an asteroid hit earth 4 million years ago and it may happen every 4 million years. DUH! Do you think it may hit (10 AM today) and the government isn't telling us? I figure if it will hit and they know it they wouldn't tell us or there would be wide spread panic. Only thing to do is to loosen your belt, drop your drawers, lean over and kiss your a$$ goodbye. Not much you can do to avoid a direct hit. And if didn't hit this side of earth it could cause years of soot and debris in the atmosphere blocking out the sun causing lower temperatures. If so it won't be that bad because Al Gore says we are in global warming. So one cancels out the other.....lol.
  19. PO and his henchmen have been saying they have been creating thousands of jobs but anyone with common sense knows it's a lie. They say the economy is better now than when Bush was President. That's another lie. He and his press secretary lie with a straight face. Problem is people believe it. Every time PO speaks he lies. I sure hope those that are seeking employment find work. Thank God I have never been laid off or fired. Had two years of college up front and then got married. Took park time work at MW to get ahead. Went to college night school and did succeed after many years. I made the choice to improve my lot in life and not whine and think someone owed me a living. Some think the gov't. owes them something. Help but not total support. Question is of all those looking for work and complaining did you vote for PO? If so then you made your bed and see what happened. For those that didn't I pray you get a job soon. If I had a business I would seriously consider hiring you because I have found people on P.com are hard working and honest. Raise MW and lose workers. Raise MW and you are asking for higher prices. Vicious cycle. Businesses operate to make money to pay dividends to stock holders. It ridiculous to say businesses shouldn't make a profit.
  20. No, he was just tired of hearing the same old lies. I counted 8 lies and then quit counting. To sad some people believe his BS.
  21. I thought this was about the winter storm and not about where you yankees lived. Glad you are down here with us in the land of milk and honey............oops, I mean bourbon and grits. You could at least post experiences of snow when you lived there. Just to let you know I've visited upper New York in the summer and it is beautiful. Also Rhode Island, especially Newport where our daughter lives. She has been preparing for snow since Monday. Remember when Bloomberg banned salt at schools and restaurants? Banned 16 oz drinks? Banned snack machines? Made restaurants post calories on menus? Banning assault weapons and 30 round clips? Remember hurricane in northeast causing havoc? Now comes the blizzard. I think someone or something is trying to send a message to the northeast and specifically New York. Guess we will be sending our tax dollars millions to help them AGAIN! Haven't heard if they have set up warming shelters for elderly and homeless.
  22. At least Pappasito's is not 'typical' Mexican food. Most Mexican restaurants if you order #12 and then go to a different one and order #12 they are the SAME thing. No imagination. Same for Asian joints. And neither get very high health scores.
  23. 21 calories is for the 'bimp bam thank you ma'am' crowd. As for me, I'm a horizontal miler. Have you heard of the beach music song 'Sixty Minute Man'? My theme song. Also my ring tone on my cell.
  24. Did a tornado hit any where in Paulding? We had super prayers going on over here off Old Cartersville Rd. We had them answered. Just pray no one has been injured in Paulding.
  25. You left off Lash Larue and Hopalong Cassidy. One of my best Christmases when I was young was when I got a Hoppy cowboy hat (white) and two Hoppy gun and holsters. Back then we could go to a movie, get popcorn and a coke for 25 cents. Man I'm telling my age.
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