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  1. yeah...while I am an animal lover I feel like if your going shopping leave your pet at home..Like Mrs G said I have seen all kinds of small dogs riding in a shopping cart up and down the meats and other foods..but I am just a little guy and my opinions don't make any difference to Wal Mart or other stores.
  2. maybe they need to issue a tag like Handicap license so they could have proof of service animals? JMO
  3. Mrskittycat


    Hello ya'll just wondered about something?? when the New P.com started how come our name was changed? Not that it's of any importance..when I joined years ago I was Mrskittycat but I changed my name to OSU because of my favorite football team But now i'm Mrskittycat again just wondered
  4. Yes the cold bothers me also, but for some reason and I think it’s the high humidity it makes my muscles feel like I have a tight band around my rib cage and someone pulling it so tight it hurts so bad...to bad we don’t have a happy medium...lol I should get a job as a weather person..I know when rain is in the area before they report it
  5. Ahh I can remember a time when I too loved hot weather...but age...errr ahh health caught up to me lol..now the hot humid days cause me to ache worse then rain..or cold weather does.
  6. This has been a strange season ...hot..hotter..hottest..then comes the humidity I don’t know about anyone else but I am so ready for Fall ..at least cooler drier temperatures and humidity. Anyone else feel this way?
  7. Just beautiful! I love gardening and a pretty flower bed..but sadly my old back tells me no ..Thanks for sharing!
  8. Fred's??? did someone say Fred's? I can't remember is that close to K-Mart..or the tunnel near the other end of town??
  9. My Dad was in the Navy ..now I know why he never liked to talk about the war...heartbreaking so many stories and so many lost..but my heartfelt thanks to each one of them.
  10. yes...they do doo in it too lol and they even make baby fishes lol
  11. . Lol well they named it right “Richman” they raised my taxes to help pay for it... and I am not a richman lol but we really do need the reservoir.
  12. Sadly this seems to becoming the “new normal “ in America...why and when did we let this happen? It seems nothing shocks us anymore ...so sad to see the world we hand over to our children.
  13. Just to throw in my 2cents have you tried Emory doctors? From what I hear they would be a good place to start when local doctors are left scratching their heads. From there I can just say I wish you well and pray you find answers for all this. Also did they rule out vertigo? I have had that hit so suddenly that sitting up to quick or even moving my head in a certain angle that its like a giant hand pushing me backwards and everything spins..again dont stop till you get your answers.
  14. . I’m reading a book called Orphans of Katrina...it’s about animal rescue after a disaster...some parts are heartbreaking...but so far very worth the read...Also reading Don’t Stop Believing ..Olivia Newton-Johns story also a good one.
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