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  1. I hear there is going to be a big sale for Peking Duck world wide ... 20 percent off; 'cause there are too many fat ducks.
  2. I think what caped was suggesting is that just a little effort at communication might let this be a minor issue worked out between reasonable people in the matter of an hour. Considering you're looking at least at hours of research over several days; and as it is a civil matter, even if you pursue it with legalese-sounding letters and paying for public notices, etc., you could be looking at an investment of time and potentially money greater than you may want or anticipate. If nothing else, setting the stage for a low anxiety meeting of some sort (cookies work a lot better than anger-laced notes put under the wiper) to see if there is something easy to do. Two things. First you don't know if this guy is planning to move next month if he's renting. The second thing is that I suspect that the guy is a Fedex ground guy and that means, if memory serves, he's an independent contractor. That would suggest that he's either doing short haul work - from point A to point B (Atlanta to Birmingham or some such). Since most routes are done during the day, if the truck is sitting, it suggests there is not used for residential deliveries. As a general rule if that truck is sitting still, you're losing money. Heck, you neighbor may be on the verge of quitting that job altogether. The point is you don't know as much about the situation as you think and if you gain that knowledge through asking questions, you might save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and effort. I think what caped is really getting at is that we as a people have lost some of our confidence in our neighbors. This could be because of a variety of reasons that may include the manipulation of the public by corporate media. Social science tells us that even if we understand that all those cop shows we've watched for the past 30 years and the tens of thousands of 'victims' pretend killed, it messed with our brains making us a lot more fearful than we would otherwise be. The best part, though, is if it works, you'll consider it a miracle ... but if it doesn't, if you've approached the person right, you'll know more and better understand the circumstance. Heck, you're judgment might be to just blow it off because the guy is changing jobs next month. Who knows?
  3. Awww come on, GD. I don't hate the guy and I don't even think Bloomberg hates the guy despite his willingness to spend billions to defeat him. Some of us just reject the idea of president as king and an absolute ruler making self-serving decisions from the gut. Put a bit differently, we just don't put much value on personal 24k gold toilets that waste 60 gallons of water with each flush. As far as rights, you need to revisit history. When the new world was discovered there were no democracies and Kings were apt to have people's heads on a pike for petty disagreements. Oh, and the world was flat and the universe revolved around the earth and if you didn't buy that malarkey the preachers would dunk you in a pond, draw and quarter you or put you on a rack. So, where did those rights we have now come from? I would suggest they come from the hopes, dreams, wants and needs of mankind and those hopes, dreams, wants and needs change over time. I mean I doubt if George Washington had any notion of a man living on a space station and feeding the hope of at least some men to make humanity a cosmic being. And let me assure you that even on earth, with 7+ billion people and the advent of new viruses like the coronavirus and the chance of a pandemic, we might all hope that health care might become a right. (BTW, a simulation of a coronavirus run before the discovery of the one in China, gamed itself into a pandemic that resulted in the 'gaming' death of 65 million. Link) What is critical to the establishment of rights, frankly, are changes in circumstance. One thing we know is whenever you have a concentration of animals - take chickens - epidemics happen. Unlike a chicken farm, which when a bird flu or other disease 'happens' results in the extermination and burial of every chicken often counted in the millions. Common sense says you can't do that with people as they object. That is a key argument for universal health care and at least one of the arguments for health care as a right. You are welcome to disagree but then the consequences of valuing gold toilets will eventually be measured in millions more deaths from a pandemic. Bottom line, IMHO, what you may call conservatism - which is nickel and dime-ing public health and depriving vulnerable groups of healthcare - is failing to accept the collective responsibility mankind should take over the human circumstance in an increasingly complex world.
  4. Let's consider for a moment what you said, GD, about rights. Are you really ready to argue that your rights change based on where you are? So where you are determines your right to life, liberty and property and it ends at the border of the town, county, state and nation. So, do you might have a right to a jury trial in Georgia but not Alabama ... or to go back to the 1950s, you might have the right to marry the person you love in California or New York but not Georgia or Alabama? Rights, if you bother to spend just a few moments exploring the logic, tend to exist independent of where you are. That was the problem with Jim Crow is that when you crossed the mason-dixon line and you were of a specific color, your rights changed. And rights are really independent of other things like money or even education. Understanding the universality of human rights doesn't mean a rich person stuck on a isolated island doesn't have a right to health care, for instance. Indeed, that person, also regardless of how much wealth or how impoverished, would have the 'same health care access' on that deserted island with no doctors and hospitals. (Kind of like southwest Georgia these days) The only point is that just because you are local you are not stripped of your rights and, notably, denying the things that you have a right to have by local authorities is wrong. So the question revolves around to what one's right's are ... and the understanding is they are, or should be universally protected and available. The only thing I can surmise is that you confuse rights with responsibilities and performance with prerogatives. PS: Bloomberg will not be the democratic nominee. Regardless, he sees the unstudied, gut-feeling approach of DJT as stupid and dangerous and given he has the cash to change it, he has stated his willingness to spend what it takes to assure the defeat of DJT. PPS: Bloomberg in an interview, talked about his conversation with donny right after his election. Bloomberg said he advised #OURcurrentPRESIDENT to hire a bunch of people where were smarter than he was and take their advice noting that is what he did when he was first elected mayor of NYC and enjoyed basically two very successful terms of office. Of course #OURcurrentPRESIDENT replied, "I can't do that because there is no one smarter than me." That is the last time the two men talked.
  5. Apparently there is a bill introduced in the Georgia General Assembly that will give Rep. Doug Collins a better chance to displace Sen. Kelly Loeffler by requiring that the race be included in the existing party primaries; a change that would take all candidates off the general election in November, according to a report in US News. Sen. Loeffler was appointed to replace Johnny Isakson who resigned from the senate because of health reasons. Current law calls for an all-comers general election in November that could have three, four or more candidates that would allow for a run off between the top two finishers regardless of party. Because of DJT's support for Collins vs. Gov. Kemp's support for Ms. Loeffler and the strong showing of democrats in 2018, the democrats are hoping for a binary choice, hoping to take advantage of the obvious divide caused by these factions in the GOP. Bottom line, DJT's support for Doug Collins; one of his most vocal supporters in the US House will divide the GOP along lines of sex with the more moderate Republicans as well as those Republican women who are not fans of DJT's philandering siding with Loeffler. The faction backed by DJT believes they can put Collins in the race and the Democrats believe they can appeal to enough moderate Republicans and Republican women to win the Senate seat now held by Ms. Loeffler. I suspect that the DJT clique on pcom will be full bore supporters of Doug Collins. Notably, the US News article referenced above suggests that Gov. Kemp, who obviously is at odds with the DJT Cabal who want Collins, has suggested he may veto the bill. One wonders if you add the die-hard DJT supporters in the general assembly with 100 percent support of democrats to overturn the veto, will be the needed 2/3rds of both houses to make it law.
  6. I should add that the wall to wall negative ads against #OURcurrentPRESIDENT are already being booked by the Bloomberg campaign for September and October and he's smarter than the 'genius' in the white house whose main claim to fame is he is a great - really - one of the greatest CHEATERS to have ever lived. His personal motto is "winners cheat and cheaters win." As I gather, Bloomberg is going to roll DJT like a dandy in central park with billions and billions more than Donny boy.
  7. It is fairy tale, not tail. I know because I know the difference between monkeys and people, something that obviously escapes republicans. I'm so glad you're calling out Bolton for treason, although it seems to be for what I would consider a patriotic act. Obviously the real challenge right now is to have witnesses for the 'impeachment trial' ... unless you're also believing #OURcurrentPRESIDENT LIES that the call and all his actions are 'perfect'. You and everyone else around here know that 'perfection eludes us all' ... except, of course for the spawn of orangutan in the oval. (#OURcurrentPRESIDENT sued Bill Maher for suggesting such and lost because he is such a winner.)
  8. Yes, Caped, in one of my favorite card games, Spades are #OURcurrentPRESIDENT. That is not what our partner wanted, I'm sure as saying "Spades are #OURcurrentPRESIDENT" might really upset our white nationalist friends PS: While you and I could make the change, I kind of like using Lord Voldemort as a synonym for Trumpy so I'll leave it to our anonymous partner to go in and edit/delete this word substitution. I might add that I don't object to the notion of the hashtag substitution, but maybe if we could have control by defining an exact substitution for xTrump that would do that substitution.
  9. That's easy SG: He could have NOT SAID, "Russia, if you're listening, there are 30,000 emails out there on Hillary's server you ought to go hack," ... or not say that next week you expect to have real dirt to spew about Hillary (this is the weekend after the meeting with Don Jr. at #OURcurrentPRESIDENT Tower} But the real point is that is going back over the Mueller Report. Oh, and we're not supposed to know that the effort to get an announcement of an investigation into the so-called alternate fact that Ukraine, not Russia, was responsible for the 2016 interference (Apparently that 400 lb hacker turned from pixie to Ukrainian at the direction of the Russian spy service who was really doing the work for the now out-of-office Ukrainian president who was a secret lover of Hillary.) Your question about Netanyahu is more difficult. First I'm unaware of anything anyone in the current administration did to harm his re-election; quite the contrary, He whose name is replaced with a hashtag (Maybe we should call him Lord Voldemort ) instead did a lot of provocative things in favor of Netanyahu like moving the embassy to Jerusalem and endorsing the land grab in the Golan Heights (Until Lord Voldemort took office we stood against the use of military force to expand national borders as a matter of principle but not anymore. This SEA CHANGE THAT PROMISES MORE WAR will eventually be used by Lord Voldemort to let Putin overrun Ukraine and probably some other countries like Latvia, Estonia and Belarus which you have to know Vlad wants badly and #OURcurrentPRESIDENT, I mean Lord Voldemort, wants to give him in exchange for a personal favor. I heard a news report that Bolton's new book will also spill the beans on how Lord Voldemort is passing around favors to folks like Erdogan, MBS and some other dictators. Aren't you so proud of him since I know you don't care what kind of perks he acquires acting as our ... Lord ...
  10. Earlier today I learned that one of the group of nine who now operate Pcom came up with an idea that could have a dramatic impact on conversations about card play and other things. Yep, the use of #OURcurrentPRESIDENT cards are integral to parlor games like Spades and Bridge. Imagine for a moment, a quiet moment in the personal living area of the White House. In that space is Ivanka #OURcurrentPRESIDENT, Ivana #OURcurrentPRESIDENT, Barron #OURcurrentPRESIDENT and Eric #OURcurrentPRESIDENT. These four Trumps are undertaking the task of teaching young Barron #OURcurrentPRESIDENT how to play Spades and explain that having a spade is to have a #OURcurrentPRESIDENT card and in spades, all spades are #OURcurrentPRESIDENT. That brief story setup should be adequate to show that the word #OURcurrentPRESIDENT should not automatically be replaced by: #OURcurrentPRESIDENT. This is a classic example of unintended consequences. I mean it really gets bad when you think of Donald #OURcurrentPRESIDENT Jr. The new word replacement regime should change if for no other reason there is Donny Jr. is not #OURcurrentPRESIDENT Jr. let me add what this looked like when I typed it:
  11. First, it has been illegal from as long as I've been alive for a candidate to accept aid from a foreign entity - person, state, company, etc. ... period. That is what was so disturbing about the 2016 election ... Putin heaped massive aid on #OURcurrentPRESIDENT presumably independent of the campaign and #OURcurrentPRESIDENT as Mueller could document no specific conspiracy. I was about six paragraphs into a long explanation when I realized that it is a complex case, like most important cases; and your broad question on which there have been books written. Let it suffice to say that inviting foreigners into your campaign (remember the interview with Stephanopolus where the "Don" said he'd take dirt from any foreigner and might tell the FBI?) it is kind of like when your daddy said if you're out running around after midnight, you're automatically in trouble. Bottom line, #OURcurrentPRESIDENT cheats to win and I don't want him anywhere around government. In my opinion his efforts at cheating have lost him the privilege.
  12. I was talking to my wife earlier about Bernie while we were watching the view. Megan McCain started hyping Bernie - I'm thinking he's the GOP chosen candidate now that the slander plan for Joe Biden has been exposed - and said she thinks people like him because he's the inverse of #OURcurrentPRESIDENT. I replied, "Yea, he's the Joe Stalin to Donald #OURcurrentPRESIDENT's Hitler imitation" Kind of apt, actually. PS: I'm not sure I like this hashtag thingy.
  13. I recently increased the size of the member's storage allocation although if in the last couple of years you went from a premium to a regular membership (I've not looked it up), the difference would be great (and smaller) with the regular membership. LR: The not secure is something that has happened on the web in recent years. This is something the new management will have to address as it will require getting and paying for a "recognized' security platform. To explain it, if you look in the browser address bar, you'll see Pcom still uses "http://" A year or so ago, largely because all these other folks are tied into facebook, google, etc. (we're not really) and those folks are wanting to make it possible for you to click, not on an ad but to go directly t o your wallet and take your money, they've moved toward a broad standard that requires encryption. This is primarily to make the data they suck up from you 'proprietary' which they can do when it is encrypted so they want all data to be encrypted which means they require the use of "https://" - the "s" meaning there is data encryption. When I was running the site, I considered the https:// thing an expense that was not necessary as we really don't collect data. Anything dealing with a transaction went through paypal and while we did collect and use your email address for identity (and encrypt passwords) and the site still records your IP address ... those two data bits, while important, are not direct paths to your bank account. I also know that once folks register, they've been known to change their email or create a special on-off email for use on social media. Of course being 'not secure' sounds bad but let me assure you that considering all the data those multi-national near monopolies like Facebook, google and amazon collect, it is a lie and a joke to call them 'secure' ... Seriously.
  14. Know that the majority of the people in the United States of America trust that ex-lax aided fart more than they do the liar in chief. You do know that when the out-of-office corrupt Ukrainian Prosecutor demanded that the US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch be moved - This is before the new Ukrainian President was elected on an anti-corruption pledge - because she would punish Ukraine if the corrupt old regime tried to frame Biden was #OURcurrentPRESIDENT taking a bribe. That the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor couldn't deliver on the goods because of his ouster by the new guy just meant that #OURcurrentPRESIDENT didn't get what his payoff. What is really funny though is this "opinion piece' on FOX NEWS. Here's an excerpt: The issue right now is witnesses and documents. What has been suggested is that #OURcurrentPRESIDENT ordered McConnell to 'wrap this up' before the super bowl because he will be being interviewed on that occasion followed a day or two later by the State of the Union which is where he wants to say he is exonerated. . What you have to know is a 53-47 acquittal will not end this anymore than O.J.'s acquittal of murder was the end of that sordid story. I don't know anyone who can unsee a high crime of this magnitude. PS: If you don't see a high crime in Trumps' self-serving effort to cheat to win the 2020 election, which goes back to the decision to let a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor to have an effective US Ambassador with a reputation for exposing corruption in places like Ukraine get his wish - that she be removed; which happened in May, 2019. PS: I have a feeling that there are many, many more 'illegal' quid pro quo's that will ultimately come out regarding the outrageous corruption of this administration. And it is not a joke!
  15. I first met Bruce when he was a state trooper covering Paulding and I was doing the police beat at the MDJ and later general reporting in Paulding. What Bruce brought to the SO was professionalism. As a former teacher it is a given he was a college graduate and in Paulding of 1987, when the population was closer to 35000 people than today's 160,000 +, the old, old regime was in place and that included a sheriff who had to allegedly cut a few corners because the county wasn't funding a retirement in those days. Yep, this was the time of the county with its sole stoplight and the Walmart is where the Publix and Big Lots is in Dallas. Bruce was elected in 1992 after four rather odd years in which the 'first Republican Sheriff" in Paulding in something like 130 years was ending his first term. That sheriff was playing the Republican game with Newt, who was our congressman at that time, getting him publicized on programs like the "700 Club" etc. I'd come out in early 1989 just after Perry Grogan had become that first Republican Sheriff and was doing some rather strange things that me being a reporter with some cop beat experience, felt was problematic. I mean I didn't want to blow his 'dope' cases so I didn't print that I was left in the meeting room converted to a property room with the evidence in a couple of marijuana cases. I was very uncomfortable being left alone in the room. That didn't end Sheriff Grogan's problems with 'evidence' ... especially after his bail bondsman was caught on tape making a deal for a $5000 payment to secure the release of a person charged with dealing cocaine and later the 'case' against that person was dismissed when the paper bag with the cocaine went missing during the move from the old Jail (Where Helping Hands is now) and the soon to be 'old' jail out off North Industrial. Anyway, Perry did have some accomplishments and was pretty popular amongst the old Paulding Republican Party who had gotten him elected. Most of the county offices were held by Democrats at that time and a good part of the community was still aligned with the Dems ... even Bill Carruth was running for Post commissioner as a Democrat. The local GOP leadership changed dramatically after Bruce won re-election in 1996, beating Perry Grogan in a rematch - although the race was not nearly as close. Seems that Perry was also facing charges of child molestation for some acts he did when sheriff the first time ... but didn't come out. Bruce switched to the GOP after Tom Murphy was defeated in the 2002 election. He was also a big backer of Bill Carruth's run for State Senate when he challenged Bill Heath. That was the last time I saw Bruce. There was one instance, when I think I helped Bruce a lot. I think it was when he was being criticized for mowing his lawn by the Atlanta media (TV) but it may have been after the Silver Comet murder or some other big case. Anyone could tell that Bruce never fancied himself a super-confident public speaker and always seemed just a bit uncomfortable in front of a crowd. Anyway, he had called a press conference where all these folks press, Marietta and Atlanta papers and me up there for Paulding.com ...So, Bruce exits the building and doesn't stop behind the microphones, but sees me in stead and comes over and gives me a hug. I was surprised but proud that I apparently gave him a boost of confidence.
  16. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office mourns the loss of retired Sheriff Bruce Harris. Sheriff Harris passed away surrounded by his family at Kennestone Hospital on Sunday January 12, 2020 at approximately 7:40 PM. Sheriff Bruce Harris was a native Paulding Countian and loved his home and the people of Paulding County. He graduated from West Georgia College in 1969 with a degree in Education. He later returned and earned an add-on degree in Criminal Justice when it became available as a degree program. After he graduated in 1969, he worked as a teacher in the Paulding County School District. In 1975 Sheriff Harris realized his true calling and went to work for the Georgia State Patrol. Sheriff Harris graduated Trooper School in 1976 and eventually came back to work as a Trooper in Paulding County. Sheriff Harris worked for the Georgia State Patrol for nearly 18 years. In 1992, Harris ran for Sheriff of Paulding County and was elected by the citizens. He took over an agency that was in desperate need of professionalism and reform. Sheriff Harris took office as the Sheriff of Paulding County on January 1, 1993. Throughout his career, Sheriff Harris helped modernize the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. One of his first tasks was to create a standard operating procedure when there was not one before. He went on to overcome many obstacles in his career which helped shape the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office into one of the largest and most professional Sheriff’s Offices in the State of Georgia. Sheriff Harris is directly responsible for the creation of the following units/programs/events during his tenure as Sheriff: -S.W.A.T. Team -Crisis Negotiation Team -Honor Guard -K-9 Unit -Youth Services Unit -D.A.R.E. Unit -School Resource Officers -Crimes Against Children Unit -Technical Services Unit (Crime Scene Investigators) -Polygraph Unit -Silver Comet Trail Patrol -Haralson-Paulding Drug Task Force (HPDTF) -Training Division -Field Training Officer (FTO) Program -Office of Professional Standards -Public Information Officer -Sheriff’s Office Social Media Pages -DUI Task Force -H.E.A.T. Unit -Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) -Inmate Workforce Unit -Cops for Kids Christmas Shopping Program -Cops for Kids Golf Tournament -Lamar Hunton Memorial Motorcycle Ride for Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes Sheriff Harris served in many different capacities on boards and organizations during his career. He served on several boards within the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association and numerous others both locally and statewide. At the direction of then Speaker of the House Tom Murphy, Sheriff Harris served on the Georgia Board of Public Safety for many years. Sheriff Bruce Harris served as the Sheriff of Paulding County from January 1, 1993 until he retired on December 31, 2008. Harris served four terms (16 years) and is recognized as the longest serving Sheriff in Paulding County history. He was the 47th Sheriff in the county’s 188 year history. Bruce, as he was called by many, was beloved by so many people in Paulding County. He was always available and seemed to listen to his law enforcement radio both day and night. He would show up on a scene regardless of whether it was on a holiday or even in the middle of the night. He was a Sheriff for the people and was an excellent leader. Sheriff Harris’ funeral arrangements are being handled by Clark’s Funeral Home in Hiram, Georgia. He will be laid to rest in the Dallas Memory Gardens Cemetery near his home in downtown Dallas, Georgia. We will never forget the path he paved for those of us at the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. He made Paulding County a better place because he was the Sheriff. Sheriff Bruce Harris “01”, will forever be 10-7….10-42.
  17. SG: The new folks eliminated all the personal premium memberships and with it, everyone's maximum storage, image library, etc. was truncated to that of regular members. I doubled the size of store-able content from five to ten megabytes just for convenience sake. I also increased the byte-size of a post from 250kb to 450kb.
  18. The identity of the 65 year old Paulding man who died in a fire last night at his home at 244 Trace Road is being with held pending notification of his next of kin. At 11:04 pm on Tuesday, December 31st, Paulding County Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a residential structure fire located just around the corner from the fire station on Mt. Tabor Road near E. Paulding Drive. The initial 911 call was placed by a neighbor who indicated an elderly male, the only resident, might be at home. Approximately 3 minutes after dispatch a Paulding County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on the scene and reported a fully involved 2-story residence. Paulding Fire units arrived 4 minutes later and began suppression efforts, including an interior fire attack. Engines 3, 8 and 1, Truck 11, Squad 1, Rescue 3 and several command officers responded. During search & rescue operations the roof collapsed, forcing crews out of the home and into defensive suppression mode. The fire was declared under control at approximately midnight. Unfortunately, during overhaul operations, units discovered the body of a 65 year-old male inside the home. As a result, Investigators from Paulding Fire requested assistance from the State of Georgia Fire Marshall’s office which is standard protocol for fires involving fatalities. The cause still under investigation. No personal information for the victim has been released yet pending notification of next-of-kin. For any further information on the investigation please contact the State Fire Marshall’s office at (404) 656-0533.
  19. I started working out here in 1988 at the Neighbor Newspaper. I remember being on the four-lane at 92 when Speaker Tom Murphy opened 278. In 1990 and for almost that entire decade of the 90s half the 00;s, Paulding was one of the nations top ten fastest growing counties in the USA. The real problem with growth since the recession is the understanding that sprawl is not going to be an efficient format for future development, particularly in the area of transportation but also having to do with water, sewer and utilities. Simply stated, the greater the population density, the lower the required investment in infrastructure. Local folks would do well to renew and expand their interest, planning and politicking for alternative forms of commuting. I saw where the entire region is 'rethinking' its road building formula for development. What folks don't realize is that the issue is not just time of the commute. If folks are okay with a one-hour commute (Paulding has one of the longest commutes in Georgia) that could be cut in half if, for instance, there were a monorail system that whisked folks from the Dallas Trailhead to downtown Atlanta in ten minutes at high speed. That would mean homes within walking distance of the monorail station would 'magically' live as close to downtown as those in Buckhead as they would have about the same commute time.
  20. Convicted Sex Offender Arrested on Child Pornography Charges (Paulding County, GA) On November 13, 2019 Detectives with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Investigations Division arrested Richard Wayne Biester on one count of Sexual Exploitation of Children (Possession of Child Pornography) OCGA 16-12-100. Denied bail, Biester remains in jail. Detectives followed up on a CyberTip which was received from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Once search warrants were obtained for Biester’s residence, his person, and all of his electronic devices, Detectives continued their investigation. As a result of the search, Detectives located child pornography as well as corroborating evidence from the original CyberTip that was received from the GBI. Biester was placed under arrest on the scene and subsequently transported to the Paulding County Jail where he is currently being held without bond. Richard Wayne Biester was already a registered Sex Offender as a result of a 1997 conviction for Child Molestation. On December 5, 2019 Biester went in front of Paulding County Magistrate Judge Lisa Baty and his eligibility for bond was denied. If you have any information about this case, or any other case where a child has been victimized, please call our Juvenile Investigations Division at (770) 443-3016.
  21. Just got off the phone with a former biz member whose membership expired in August 2019 ... Given the circumstance, I thought I'd just post their ad flyer gratis. Oh, and Curt, call her again :) gpatton
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