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  1. I think I see some diet coke in the stock ... is there any DDP ... Diet Dr. Pepper ... cause I'm probably game for all the DDP you got. As far as the other poster, you paid for the privilege and they're just complaining about pcom which they love to hate. Why they'd travel across Georgia from the distant place at least one of them lives to give a high-five if they could run A&M off pcom. With the new board I've not quite figured how to 'disappear' individual posts (only topics) but if one of the other owners have the tool, I'd recommend using it. Anyway Brad, thanks for the heads up on the cola and don't worry about the negativity that these particular posters are famous for. gpatton
  2. Additional Arrest Made in West Paulding Arson/Murder (Paulding County, GA) On Thursday September 19, 2019 Detectives with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division and Agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) secured warrants on an additional suspect in the August 26, 2019 arson/murder of Austin James Nicholson (W/M, 24 YOA). Detectives and Agents charged Carlos Fredrico Hightower (B/M, 28 YOA) with the below offenses which are connected to the 2019 arson/murder. The 2019 arson/murder of Nicholson stems from the 2017 murder of Ronald Chadwick Morgan (W/M, 31 YOA) which occurred on Holly Springs Road. Carlos Fredrico Hightower (B/M, 28 YOA) 2019 Charges -Malice Murder (F) -Murder (F) -Arson 1st Degree (F) -Influencing Witnesses (F) (2 Counts) -Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon (F) (2 Counts) -Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime (F) (2 Counts) -Aggravated Assault (F) (5 Counts) -Criminal Damage to Property 2nd Degree (F) 2017 Charges -Murder (F) 2017 Murder on Holly Springs Road On January 20, 2017 Paulding Deputies responded to the area of 1680 Holly Springs Road Rockmart, GA 30153 (Paulding County) reference a shooting that had occurred. Detectives and GBI Agents ultimately discovered that Ronald Chadwick Morgan had been shot to death while riding a motorcycle on Holly Springs Road. Austin James Nicholson, Carlos Fredrico Hightower, and Magan Darleen Carroll were charged in connection with Morgan’s murder. Nicholson, Hightower, and Carroll were arrested on January 21, 2017. It is believed that the murder was the result of some type of dispute over property. On February 11, 2017 Nicholson and Carroll bonded out of the Paulding County Jail. Hightower, due to the fact that he had a Probation Violation, stayed in jail and ultimately went back to prison. Prior to Hightower begin transferred back to prison, he posted bond on the 2017 murder charges, but was never released from custody. Hightower was subsequently released from prison on April 6, 2019. When he was released from prison, he still had not been to trial on the 2017 murder charges. 2019 “Drive-by Shooting” on Winding Valley Drive At approximately 11:28 PM on August 25, 2019 a 911 call was placed to Paulding E-911 from 378 Winding Valley Drive Rockmart, GA 30153 (Paulding County / Country Walk Subdivision) reference a drive-by shooting. Deputies and Detectives immediately responded to the scene and confirmed that multiple rounds had been fired at the home from a vehicle in the roadway. Fortunately, no one was injured inside the residence. Witnesses described the suspect vehicle as being a black sedan which left the scene at a high rate of speed. It must be noted that this is the former residence of Magan Darleen Carroll who was a co-conspirator in the 2017 murder of Morgan. 2019 Arson/Murder on Vinson Mountain Crossing While Detectives were still processing the scene of the drive-by shooting, a 911 call was place to Paulding E-911 at approximately 12:48 AM on August 26, 2019 in reference to a vehicle on fire at 2172 Vinson Mountain Crossing Rockmart, GA 30153 (Paulding County). Paulding Fire/Rescue personnel along with Deputies and Detectives responded to the scene and eventually discovered that a badly burned body was inside what was later determined to be a black in color Acura TL passenger car. As a result of the forensic investigation by the GBI, it was later determined that the body inside the car belonged to Austin James Nicholson and that he had been shot prior to the car being set on fire. As a result of an extensive amount of investigative work, Detectives and Agents determined that Nicholson and Hightower had just completed the drive-by shooting and now Nicholson was dead. Deputies and Probation Officers were able to arrest Hightower in the afternoon hours on August 26, 2019 on a Probation Violation warrant. Hightower was booked into the Paulding County Jail and held on his probation violation charge until he was officially charged with the aforementioned offenses on September 19, 2019. Detectives and Agents believe that Hightower and Nicholson went to Carroll’s residence and conducted the drive-by shooting in an effort to keep her quiet about the upcoming 2017 murder trial. Detectives and Agents also believe that a short time later, Hightower shot Nicholson and then burned his vehicle to hide any evidence of either crime. Hightower’s girlfriend, Akeyla Xemaja “KeKe” Philpot (B/F, 23 YOA) was arrested on September 12, 2019 and charged with Murder (F), Arson (F), Influencing Witnesses (F), and VGCSA Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute for her role in assisting Hightower in this case. Although Hightower has not been cooperative throughout the course of this investigation, Detectives and Agents believe that he was trying to silence and/or kill the co-conspirators from the 2017 murder of Ronald Chadwick Morgan. As this investigation unfolds, Detectives and Agents are discovering a very tangled web of criminal activity with some of the individuals involved in these cases. Detectives and Agents want to encourage anyone who may have additional information in these cases to please call the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at (770) 443-3015 or Crime Stoppers Atlanta at (404) 577-TIPS (7477). Remember, you can always remain anonymous when you make a tip to the Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers.
  3. You are mistaken, my intent was never to turn this political.
  4. I don't know about religion, but semantics is in full bloom. RE: foxmeister. True, a decade and a half ago, the Brazilian rain forest was being destroyed at a truly alarming rate. It is true that landowners; if you can call them that, were clearing the land at an unsustainable rate in 2004 and before as they were owning the land by destroying the forest and claiming the land. This is how agriculture was expanded for eons. You burn it and then a year or two later the remaining ash combines with the dirt and you've got fertile soil for a few growing seasons; then you have to go on as the land is incapable of regenerating its capacities for productive growth. (Only 3 percent of the land being claimed can be used for soybeans, according to the article.) The point is there was a massive effort by the intellectual interest in saving the world from ancient and destructive land development practices and they worked ... until Brazil's president decided that short term profits and more for him and his friends trumped the long-term health of the planet. Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got till its gone - Joni Mitchell If you don't know it, sustainability is a project that we as humanity are just learning about in the greater context of the health of the planet. Unfortunately those who acculturation was based on the preeminence of the individual, have a hard time grasping this broader, more imposing reality has already proven that mankind will have to take a broader view of our role in this physical world ... or it will surely come back to bite us hard. Said differently, Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got till its gone - Joni Mitchell gpatton
  5. Yes, I used to work hard at this. gpatton
  6. SG: Even today in parts of the world (why limit it to mainland China and Venezuela) people are methodically burning the last remaining rain forests and pumping out oil, gas and coal in an apparent effort to see if Co2 levels reach 6 parts per million in the atmosphere, will we self immolate. It is doing this not because they want to immolate themselves or the government thinks it owns the peasants and can immolate them if they please, but because private industry is in many cases working hard to reinforce the ignorance that has led us to abuse of tobacco, opiates, energy and chemistry for fun and profit. I think the real lesson is not in the pleadings for various goods or services as essential (some are and some aren't) regardless of their side-effects but in the understanding that the German people - rightly or wrongly - were 'united' by their common enemy that literally starved them. No matter how justified or unjustified it is any people whose hatred is cultivated by this kind cruel treatment will seek revenge and follow an idiot like Hitler in their quest for it. I think, regardless of any other option chosen other than starving kids, if not starving the kids would have avoided WWII, it would have been worth it. "Is this blockade, with its starving of innocents only justified if the country being so-punished is responsible for a devastating war like WWI?" Is what is going on in Yemen currently, therefore unjustified? I think the real point here is whether it is ever justified to do that? And, if you think about what happened to Germany at the end of WWI and WWII and judge it based on what was going on 20-years after that even, one might see proof of the Christian notion that is far greater to give than receive. Twenty years after WWI when we punished the Germans with starvation, we were at the beginning of WWII. Twenty years after WWII when we went in an rebuilt Germany with the Marshall Plan, we were in a space race to get to the moon. Understanding those two outcomes through those two responses, I think, is critical. gpatton
  7. I'm thinking of getting an ebike for my birthday later this year. These things come in a variety of 'styles' and I'm expecting something kind of like this: folding full sized bike. I'm just curious if anyone else here has one; whether the SO will bust you for riding it on the Silver Comet Trail and just what folks think about these things for exercise; considering they can run at about 20mph without peddling at all and go as far as 25 miles with some peddling (and go as fast as 25mph to boot with peddling.) Oh, and does anyone have a map of Paulding's bicycle paths (other the SCT) gpatton
  8. Just read a story in today's NYT about Harvard's first female professor, Alice Hamilton. She was apparently hired in the 1920s because then emerging public health field of industrial toxicology because: Alice Hamilton came to prominence because of her efforts to identify the health effects of free-base acids in the air, mercury milkshakes and the always unforgettable lead ingestion that was seemingly an elemental part of the manufacture of anything. The industrialists of the age were seemingly stupendous advocates for their factories by pointing out to authorities that what's a few dead workers compared to the magnificent factory that employed these dredges of society. Really it is a good and interesting read that actually gives that missing actuality that helps explain how the German people were radicalized to the point of embracing Hitler. The history of the victors admitted that a key cause was the draconian terms of the Versailles peace treaty sighed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month ... What this story tells is that the report of Ms. Hamilton denoting the policy of the west in forcing Germany to sign the treaty included months of a British blockade that starved literally every man, woman and child in Germany as pressure to sign the treaty. It was during that shared period of starvation that radicalized the German people. I still find that quote above - especially the misogynist part that suggests that real men look down on the needy and starving and consider their travails trivial and concern for them either a commie reaction or at best feminine sentimentality. Of course there are mitigating circumstances but the plain fact is that the blockade of Germany after the armistice lasted from Nov 1918 until June 1919 with over 100,000 Germany children starving in the interim. (the blockade had been in place since 1914 and Germany refused to allow its merchant ships to be used to deliver food aid until late March 1919. Wikipedia: Blockade of Germany. gpatton
  9. Not really ... There is a vision here and you are welcome to help realize that vision. My vision when I founded the site was to have folks imagine a big bulletin board on the Dallas Square where everyone could post messages and read them. Then the folks, like some of the group of nine, saw in paulding.com the ability to reach out and help folks. A lot of the time, pcom was only the organizing nexus, like in the relief sent to the victims of Katrina. But when it comes to making this place rock, the most the most important part of their task is to inspire you folks to interact. That can be done by investment in news, investment in promotion or just divine acts of kindness that renews hope and progress in a time where such items are in short supply. And we ought not forget the technical aspects of bringing anything this ambitious back, which is what I understand is the goal of the new management. The point is that the software is really capable of lot ... but getting to the point the management can utilize it is the challenge. They are working on it; they've got full time jobs and they haven't been doing it as long as some people I know. gpatton
  10. Scientists and Philosophers have been asking that question for eons. Some believe we are the way we are because of our genetics; others feel that nurture - i.e. culture, education, etc. determine each of us as unique, self-directed beings. Still others see everything in the world as determined including the decisions you make two minutes, two days and two months from now. (Actually, some claim the individual ultimately has no control over anything as this line of thought says all things have been predetermined, including the time you woke up this morning.) Contrasting with that is the more common belief that we are agents with free-will; able and capable of both knowing and doing good and bad and choosing one act over another for moral or other good or bad reasons ... but with that agency comes guilt, crime and punishment. While there is strong empirical evidence that a persons decision to a particular incident may 'feel' independent, study of the impulses flowing through the body in moments before a decision is consciously rendered, science has proven the outcome came long before the conscious grasp that a decision was needed or made. I.e. the notion of free-will is shaken to its base by this research. So, if all that is true, and there is no free will, then the answer to t he question of "Why are we the way we are" is simple; it is destiny. gpatton
  11. That is one helpful little mutt. ... and too bad there was no meat in that vegetable soup. .... When daddy spills the soup, it is not a problem 'cause he has lots of friends. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. gpatton
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