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  1. check the 'front' and answer the challenge ... Were you there???? I was and as the video shows, I made quite a splash. I remember that day quite well including the use of Vaseline, saran wrap and then normal clothes. Hell I remember thinking this could be like being the north sea on the Titanic. You can tell your son Austin that I forgot he was the one who, out of frustration, came up and slapped the target sending me into the drink. That was soooooo cold ... on his part Pat
  2. -I missed this one when it first appeared but it appears some folks are a little invested. My comment is that it is an extreme form of psychological abuse to force a child to kill any living thing; without a lot of teaching as well as forcing the kid to watch "The Yearling" four or five times.
  3. Apparently the ability of copper to act as a antimicrobial did not escape the attention of some 3D computer printer designers who've come up with an inherently copper-infused anit-microbial, re-usable N-95 mask. Since viruses can't tolerate the presence of copper, the designers created a 3D print medium that includes copper which kills coronaviruses including Covid-19. Because it is plasticized the resulting mask can be fitted to each individual's face by heating the unit, which gives it some remolding flexibility. Yep, it appears that relatively soon one will be able to buy some 3D printer filament and computerized design software (and a capable 3D printer) and print out this new kind of N95 mask that can be re-used many times.
  4. This Friday the public will be able to view the analysis of how the Covid-19 is progressing nationally on a zipcode by zipcode level using a somewhat randomly distributed internet app that uses data collected from two million Americans from a 'temperature' data pattern collected with a connected digital thermometer. The story about this development is here. The graphic below is an obviously not intended to show data on the county level and this may be an image using flu data ... but IF it is a close expression of how this is progressing, I'm seeing how it can show patterns. In any case, this KIND OF data set can be quite valuable as it may allow the maximization of limited resources. The link to the story is here: It includes numerous other interesting links. If you're using one of these, your data is what we're seeing. To maintain your anonymity, don't disclose your identity.
  5. This bit of fact came to me in one of the newsletters I get and I was fascinated by how it was first discovered in the old days. Of course the problem with copper/brass fixtures and surfaces is they oxidize and look 'dirty' as they slowly turn green. The article surmises "so what? ... it retains its anti-microbial properties regardless of whether it has been polished or not." The realization is that most folks never realized why door knobs and the like used to be commonly made from brass. Of course now, if you look at most institutions like schools and hospitals avoid the brass fixture opting for stainless steel. The belief, I guess, is because you typically make surgical instruments out of stainless steel (medical folks typically sanitize them by dropping them in boiling water for a few minutes), people think of these items as 'clean' while brass/copper items would likely oxidize and look 'dirty'. This effect of brass is so powerful, there is even some outfit suggests that you can use something like a 3 oz brass coin that you rub on and around your hands for a minute and it will 'saniitize' your hands to one degree ... i.e. it will kill like 84 percent of the microbes on your hand by this action of rubbing on your hands like a bar of soap. This is not perfect but obviously in the game of odds, killing 84 % of the covid-19 virus is better than not. I don't know if it would work, but I suspect that you go to your old penny jar, take out the coins older than 1980, and shove some in each of your pockets. Then, stand around and 'wash' your hands in your pockets with coins like you're a poor duck named Donald whose rich uncle is known as scrooge. There are going to be some new things that may help us out of this, if the folks in charge are smart enough to make it happen. More on that in a later post.
  6. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office and Jail will be closed to the public until further notice. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office will continue to respond to all emergency calls for service and will still operate our Jail. If you need to file a nonemergency report, please contact the Paulding E-911 non-emergency line at (770) 445-2117 and a Deputy will contact you back to take your report over the telephone. Our Jail will function as normal to include the intake and bonding processes. Although we will cease any on-site inmate video visitation, we will be offering one free off site video visitation per week for each inmate. For more information go to the online visitation website at https://www.gettingout.com/. Services that will also be impacted by this closure are criminal history checks, background checks, and all other non-essential functions that the Sheriff’s Office assists with. We will still be assisting victims with the Temporary Protective Order (TPO) process, however we ask that you call before you arrive at our main office. You will also still be able to obtain reports by emailing Records Supervisor Lisa Sheirling at lsheirling@paulding.gov. Some important numbers to remember are listed below: Emergency 911 Non-Emergency (770) 445-2117 Sheriff’s Office Administration (770) 443-3010 Jail Administration (770) 443-3030 Jail Visitation https://www.gettingout.com/ Sheriff Gary Gulledge stated, “This is an unprecedented time in our world. We all have to come together and abide by the standards that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recommended. Please remember to use Universal Precautions and if you feel sick or ill, please stay away from others and seek medical attention immediately. Unless it is an emergency situation, we ask that you please do not come to the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office and Jail.” If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call (770) 443-3010 and we will do our best to direct you to the best resource to help fulfill your needs. These actions were taken upon the recommendation of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and President Donald Trump. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office is taking steps to ensure the wellness and safety of our employees, citizens, and inmates.
  7. Foxmeister: I'm no fan of China and I'm aware of the millions who were killed by intentional flooding in the period after WWII when the commies were taking over. They've done some horrible things but you do know the colonists and Spaniards were known to lace blankets with small pox and, in the end, native Americans (from the artic circle to the antartic) were nearly exterminated. Hell, we were still being hit with "the only good injun is a dead injun propaganda in the 50's. Obviously you're in the minority in your thinking that all men are islands and communicable diseases developing into full blown pandemics are a figment of our imagination because 'evolution' doesn't exist meaning that there is no such thing as a novel coronavirus. As far as our government putting people first; you got to know that it was the owners of multi-national corporations that were being put first because they could avoid the high cost of labor for their products here and simply told their bought and paid-for politicians to make it even more profitable to move jobs to other countries. These moguls of American - not multi-national corporatism - wanted the extra profit and were willing to tax the American middle class to create a military big enough to play policeman for the world so they could exploit the labor and resources of those in other countries. Read the book by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler "War is a Racket" sometime. Written in the time Al Capone, he compared the penny-ante rackets of that mobster with the acts of then corporate America saying with the power of the US Marines as his muscle, he could teach Capone some new tricks. I say these things because they are true and I am hoping to get you to drop the propaganda. It is BS. EDITED TO ADD: Ran across this story in vice news (based in NYC) which if you go deep, will tell you how destructive false information is or can be and how to recognize it. Here is the link: How to Stop Your Boomer Parents From Spreading Fake Coronavirus News
  8. Yeah, that's it, blame it on China because as we all know that Chinese culture, which dates back four-thousand years, literally venerates one's ancestors as a key element of their national religion so they'd be the first to murder their elderly. Oh, and DJT and the GOP (remember GWB) have been doing their best to cut social security for the last 15 years and, indeed, however Covid-19 evolved to be, one might suggest that "incompetence as a conspiracy" because it conveniently creates a blameless path for culling the sickest people on social security ... especially if introduced into nursing homes where there the impact would be greatest in terms of cutting medicare and medicaid spending. As far as the impacts on the economy, this is the kind of thing those who foster GOOD GOVERNMENT like to plan for so the most STUPID things that could happen, won't. You know like that NSA Pandemic section that Trump killed the budget for thinking these folks are smart and they know I'm a fake so get rid of them. Same at the CDC and for that matter, The USDA has had much of its scientific expertise literally fired because science is a form of truth that is incompatible with the fantasy world Trump, the GOP Senate, the Fox propaganda machine all orchestrated by the true believers in fantasy whose religious practice is often intertwined with the prosperity gospel. If you want to call the world-wide reliance of international trade as well as the JIT dynamic that allowed reduction of inventories held by manufacturers and distributions as mistake, at least have the intellectual honesty to recognize that so called American corporations (most are multi-national corporations) and their greed, as a expressed in lowing costs (JIT, out-sourcing of goods, etc.) is the justification. Corporate presidents just wanted a few more points of profit when they calculate their margins and if they could get them by shipping fabrication to China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc. they did. BTW: This has transformed the world and raised the vast majority of humanity out of abject poverty. Considering half of humanity was living in abject poverty in 1960, that is an amazing improvement. That prosperity is what "we the people" did for the world that makes the United States so great. And if you think this was some kind of "US government" plan to ship jobs off shore, please get real. Governments did what these moguls of multinational corporatism dictated and, with the Republican definition of 'honest politician' becoming operative ( "An honest politician is a politician that once bought, stays bought - Simon Cameron Abe Lincoln's first Secretary of War.) they did it with the money they saved cutting taxes meaning it was 'free for them' to do so. I actually think it will be a lot more productive to lay off the politically inspired conspiracy theories.
  9. We can remove your membership but as a general rule we have never excised ANY former member's comments/posts. Usually, folks just leave if they wish. You do have some options; you can remove your graphic ID and change your posting name.
  10. I started getting notices from my server software alerting me to the rapid sending of email (presumably spam). I've disabled the 'vision@paulding.com' email account which is used to send notices to folks. Some other email that bounced back (other than the text grass statement) was to bad emails where the former member was interested in the obits posted on the site. Notably, I'm guessing today was the day that greener grass pulled the big push because the act "spammed" pcom itself as the list he sent had 5000 bounces (bad emails). As you folks know, last summer I gave up management of the site and turned it over to the local businessmen. So, while we allowed the board to automatically email folks notices, when I was in charge I refrained from any mass email campaigns. So let me say the new management will need to ask me to open up the email port as it is a server-level adjustment that was made. Beyond that, if you are used to getting notifications, you may not be notified.
  11. The reference above of a 50-50 chance is something I saw on one of the news channels and I can't verify its veracity. I do suspect it was mortality for those with underlying health conditions like heart disease, COPD or diabetes. The chart below sets the mortality by age range which still looks pretty dire for those 70+ ... particularly on the older end of that scale. The above is an image captured here. I think it important to note that this is based on early data and while the sample size is pretty large (I understand in the tens of thousands) it is still subject to change for a variety of reasons from seasonality of the malady to relative health of elderly Chinese vs. American's or other nationalities. I think it also important to know that say the typical seasonal flu that kills about 35,000 people annually and its overall mortality rate is about 0.15 overall while Covid-19 is about 2.0 percent. That would imply that if it spreads and infects as many people as the seasonal flu, the resulting death toll could be over a half-million people if we don't get a handle on this. Considering how younger people seem to have few symptoms, it is going to be a very BIG challenge to keep this from spreading rapidly everywhere.
  12. When I was researching the above bit, I ran across this World Health Organization page and I present the link. FYI, this page was part of the opening standup about the virus on the Late Show with Colbert. It provides some good tips and exposes myths, like rubbing one's body down with alcohol will not cure anyone of the virus. Of course Colbert turns that into a joke with his taking a shot of whisky as the punchline.
  13. Coronavirus Covid-19 will be the worst thing for most folks ... Including me. Personally, I'm 69 Years old and like most folks over 65, this puts me at not just risk, but high risk of dying from this viral infection. I mean this virus apparently can strike down doctors (like those in China) at the age of 35 and I've seen mortality rates for those over 70 with other underlying complications (heart disease, copd, diabetes, etc.) in the 50-50 range. This virus may well take a lot of us. The good news is this is a race to keep this virus under control for about another 16 months which is about the earliest one might see a vaccination available at any level of supply. I.e. if you are an old folk like me, if you can hide from the grim reaper until then, you may get through this crisis. What is worrisome to me is that this new virus appears to spread like the common cold. There is a real effort to contain the virus and we should be supportive of those efforts. Still, that is going to be tough because here in the Atlanta area, we're going to feel the economic impacts of this from other locations. Delta airlines, as we know, has (or at least had) direct flights to China, Italy and South Korea; which are either highly restricted or cancelled. While there is no 'community infection' ... i.e. a case of infection that seems to come out of the blue ... the danger is minuscule and most folks will be able to continue with their daily lives much as they are. It is recommended that everyone start washing their hands, stop picking their noses and biting their fingernails (not to mention rubbing their eyes). Indeed, if you wash your hands and only do those things immediately before and after washing your hands (and I mean a good 30 seconds) you'll probably be alright. When and assuming if we become a hot spot in the next 16 or so months, then we can expect some quite radical changes for a period of time ... you know school closings and possible disruptions of many kinds. In some ways, some efforts like grocery shopping services, restaurant delivery and the like will probably flourish as engaging the service - especially if we're at greater risk - will lower the individual risk for elderly as avoiding this infection, especially for them, is worthwhile. Caution is an attitude that can be quite valuable but don't overdue it until being cautious is not overdoing it. Me, I'm hoping to be lining up for a vaccine sometime in May 2021. Until then, I'm keeping my head down and thinking about how this will impact us. Anyway, that's where I am ... So how about you?
  14. I hear there is going to be a big sale for Peking Duck world wide ... 20 percent off; 'cause there are too many fat ducks.
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