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  1. I’m here too. Just not as much as I used to be.
  2. It’s beautiful Laurie! Congrats!
  3. I live in the same area and I will keep my eye out.
  4. You know I’ve always read that low income families suffer from all the known side effects from eating badly so this is really a great, beneficial program which is readily available to the folks that really need it.
  5. Heck Cape, I don’t know. Guess I’m not really THAT cool. I can’t even use my emojis! I just wondered if you knew about the screaming thingy.
  6. Cape, I’m sure you know this already but most people are screaming when they type in all caps. You said that you did it because you’re not real keen on typing but I wasn’t sure that anyone had given you the 411* on the ALL CAPS thing. * See? I’m cool ‘cause I used the 411 thing
  7. If I were to walk from the house to the mailbox, I’d pass out!!
  8. I could not agree more BUT this is how I’m hoping it will play out. Once the few that are actually promoting hate leave or are forced to leave, and perhaps with the threat of the personal attacks and bullying gone, the reasonable, community focused folks will come back. While it has been posted that the left minded folks are the reason that folks left the site, I don’t believe that at all. While I’m sure there are a few that left because of personal axes to grind with certain others I don’t believe that is the majority. I think the personal insults and completely unnecessary bullying is the main reason that people have left. I mean, at the end of the day who needs that? JMO.
  9. If you have an opinion about a particular issue and you post it, you also must post a source for your information. IOW, just because you thought it was true doesn’t make it true. Post your source so we can make the an opinion on your source being truthful or not.
  10. Maybe this is a gag kind of joke. Maybe it’s meant in a lighthearted way?
  11. Seems to be a good bit faster. It will take me a little while before I can really figure out what’s different.
  12. Watching GMA and they just had a story about a special paint that keeps the paints surface cooler than regular pavement. Hope you liked blue cause that the only color it comes in.
  13. You both have had your own vehicles in the past. So now you will share? How will that work?
  14. Something American made that’s comparable to say a Highlander?
  15. I have been following this on the sidelines. I knew you and Frank would figure out what the heck was going on with him, one way or another. Glad to hear he is doing better. I know you both are very relieved.
  16. Some moving companies might have something you can use.
  17. Happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed your day.
  18. Laurie, you always have the prettiest flower garden around. I mean just beautiful! I know, for sure, that you gave put hours and hours of back breaking work into it and that you completely enjoy them. I hope the fruits of your labor come through the other side of these storms in one piece.
  19. The ones I saw were all in the water and we were on horseback so that’s why I may have been hypo-sensitive to looking out for the snakes. Don’t let that ruin your trip, it so beautiful you will be blown away on how beautiful it is and that lodge rocks!
  20. We used to all there all the time on trail rides. They have stalls for the horses and pretty nice little cabins that they rent. If I remember right the trails were pretty good too.
  21. My favorite state park would be Fort Mountain. But the last time I was there there were so many snakes it pretty much turned me off.
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