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  1. iluvmygeek


    iluvmygeek is your one stop tech source for Paulding County and beyond! See us first for the best pricing on computers, laptops, and home electronics!
  2. We are open to serve. If you have a repair you need or an upgrade you want done, we can help. We also have loaner computers if you need, copy of your photo id and some contact info is all we need. 30 day loaner with extensions available if needed. Stop in or call or text today! iluvmygeek.com 678-310-5136
  3. This forum was created to give the local advertisers a place to promote business and communicate with their customers. If you have some great stuff to share, this is the spot to do it. Come on Paulding businesses, give us your best shot and let's make some $$$!!!
  4. I had the privilege of driving past the gravesite while they were performing the service. I'm humbled by the turnout for this man he was very beloved by our community! VID_20200115_144816478.mp4
  5. In the news today is an announcement from the NSA saying they found a huge security flaw in Windows 10. Please update your computers today, hit the four squares in the bottom left, the gear icon, update and security, and then check for updates. This is a critical flaw and needs to be patched asap. Microsoft issued a statement yesterday. Here is a pic of the updates that should install, and a link to the article. Restart your computer after. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jan/14/microsoft-rolls-out-windows-10-security-fix-after-nsa-warning If you need any help. Call iluvmygeek.com and we will assist. R
  6. Michelle. To enter, create a screen name and post it here in this thread. That's how this deal works. R
  7. We have a standard fee of $150. Mount is $99. As long as there are no wires to move, that is the total cost. If they need power or coax lines moved that is additional and we work with ABC Alarm to do that part and they bill separately.
  8. Please don't waste your time at BB or on the phone with tech support. Let us look at the issue and we will have an estimate of price and time within minutes of you walking in our door. Buy Local - Grow Paulding!!!
  9. Sorry folks, we posted the results all over but neglected to put it here. Congratulations to Ron Goodnow from Dallas on winning the iPad. Thanks to all who participated. R
  10. Let us help with your new toy setup. Taking appointments now. Open until 6 on Tuesday and 8 am to 6 pm on Thursday. Merry Christmas everybody!! R open__dec_24_and_26.mp4
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