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  1. If you are still having problems, feel free to PM me or call me on Monday morning!! R
  2. That is something that we do here at Iluvmygeek in the New Hope area. PM me or call me in the morning for pricing and availablilty!! R
  3. iluvmygeek


    The paperwork I got said it was going to be a 300 gigabyte limit. That is a huge amount of data people!
  4. my 9 year old has decided he wants to try Lacrosse. I have researched some of the costs and have determined he can only do this if I can buy some inexpensive used equipment. Anybody have some available that might fit an almost 10 year old? PM me if so. Thanks! R
  5. NO, I AM SORRY, THAT CLICKKKKKKKKKING SOUND IN YOUR COMPUTER MEANS YOUR PICTURES OF YOUR BABIES ARE NOT THERE ANYMORE!!! DID YOU BACK YOUR STUFF UP??? Just wanted to remind everyone out there to stop for a minute and back up your data to some other place besides your computer. It is just as heartbreaking for us to have to tell you this as it is to hear it. I personally have had to deliver this tragic news to 3 different families this week alone.... Static electricity is real folks... friends don't let friends forget to back up... BACK UP!!!! A flash drive (jump drive, thumb drive... all the same thing...), or an online backup service (mozy, or carbonite) can avoid much heartache. Contact us for more information and assistance, phone calls are free. www.iluvmygeek.com 678-685-9759
  6. Hello all, I need to find out where to get a replacement part for the gas feed on my wood burning fireplace. It has the metal trough style burner, with what is supposed to be a flat metal plate on top. Well it seems my metal plate on top is slightly warped...(go figure) and in need of replacement. I figure this is a widely used semi standard part from a builder grade wood burning insert fireplace from about 14 years or so ago. I will try to post a picture and some measurements soon, but as it is sub-human temperatures outside today, I am using the fireplace right about now. Thanks in advance. R
  7. I am still around.. Just been really slammed these days. Call me if you still need help. R
  8. iluvmygeek


    Do you ever look at the full color signs on trucks or are you more likely to read a simple text sign????
  9. Any transaction involving detailed information can be tedious and painful, however, I know people who stuck to the letter of the modification, faxed hundreds of pages to the mortgage company (usually because the bank misplaced it) and told the complete truth in the process. One guy had his loan extended, interest lowered, and part of his payment deferred, his mortgage is $230 now. I realize when you are struggling financially it can seem overwhelming, but stick to it and follow through, the banks don't really want your house, they want your money, keep plugging away folks, and good luck to anyone who is in this process now. It can work, hang in there.
  10. Thanks Laurie, I would love to be of assistance to anyone who has questions, I do onsite repairs starting at $79.99 and in shop from $39.99. I work from my home office off of Old Cartersville Road, and although I am slammed busy right now, if you have any immediate needs you could call or better yet TEXT me at the number below. I will help in any way I can. Merry Christmas everyone!!! R
  11. Having some work done in the basement, looking at the 12 yr old water heater and thinking "that will be hard to replace when the closet around it is built..." hmmmm anyone know a plumber that installs tankless water heaters? It is gas, and the existing heater has all the lines and exhaust pipes in place, please have them call me or pm me. thanks!!
  12. Getting ready to start a project, and I thought it would be good to get some random feedback from anyone who may have used these folks, or even if you know them personally. Please be nice, not trying to bash, just get some info before they start working in my house. Thanks!!
  13. Ok folks, here is the payoff.. Rick "TheFirewoodMan" was here within 45 minutes. The firewood is seasoned (that means it was split over 6 months ago and stored covered to dry) and it is probably 1/2 as much more then I have paid the same amount for in the past. I will follow up later tonight after we have had a chance to "light up"..lol Thanks Rick. R
  14. thanks guys, FireWoodMan is scheduled to be here within the hour. looking forward to some nice, toasty evenings this week!!
  15. Sorry if this has been discussed recently, but who is our PCom official firewood supplier? Time to stock up and need a name and number to call.. Thanks!!
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