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  1. ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you wouldnt believe that has made my day not having to go all the way around or take them back roads i am soooooooooo excited Thank you for letting us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P
  2. I heart these gunshots all the time yesterday son and i were trying to take a nap, and someone just kept shooting it was making me mad. I live off Mulberry Rock so i just figure it maybe the same dude. I am so glad your son and hid friend are ok Thank God
  3. I give u my condolences but that story is an inspiration to all of us. I just lost my grandmother after battling breast cancer that moved to her liver. Grandparents had been 2gether 57 years. I will keep your family in my prayers and I ask if u would do the same. My grandfather is not doing well, he had back surgery 1 year before the breast cancer came. Just remember them always and i will always look up to their love and devotion.
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