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  1. Yep, multiple times... thought there was a WATER Spout
  2. when I opened the DOOR to get out to take the picture! It was on steroids!
  3. I know right! that was the first thing that jumped out at me well, not really if you count the mosquitoe the size of a A few years back when Glenn Burns did that weather spotting class over there at Mustang Park.... I learned how to weather spot ! 😎 So I thought that was a waterspout in the cloud! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ LOL
  4. What jumps out @ YOU?!?! πŸ‘€ Peace πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ
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  6. Thank YOU! ANYONE want to meet for LUNCH with MOBIL DEvice or Laptop and SWAP knowledge on the NEW Paulding.com shortcuts with the new board! LPPT.... If you or ANYONE wants to start a NEW THREAD please do as I am EXAUSTED! Good Night
  7. I was talking to a client who is a PEACH farmer... SAD They have been calling AUDIBLES ALL YEAR LONG! AMAZING of their resilience! That is getting ready to bring me to an article I’m going to put on Paulding.com about the best peanuts in Paulding County Georgia, boiled peanuts that is! Out of all seriousness at least this local produce vendor takes his time to pick out the best the Crim Dela creme of what he can buy! Which is as local as he can do from the local market and bring them out to Paulding County Georgia !
  8. When The Holy Spirit Talks...do "YOU" listen? The picture below represents not fewer than X amount of words on how the Holy Spirit spoke to me as I TRULY BELIEVE a PICTURE is Worth 10,000 WORDS! I hope you enjoy, Peace Be With You I’m exhausted Because a SENSOR kept throwing an ALARM Code ALL NIGHT LONG and it was blowing up my phone! (Running on 3 HOURS Of SLEEP) I called to get the situation handled and the EMC Tech (Sam) told me there were only appointments two weeks out. I said "Well let me go ahead and make an appointment because that sensor has already caused me so much aggravation!" (Just I lost my JOY, I'm HUMAN) As Sam was starting to make an appointment for 2 weeks out I said, "It’s a shame that I can't pay an extra $25 like I can with Amazon PRIME for quick shipping. Then you would be knocking on my door within the next 2 Hours." Then Sam proceeded to tell me "hold on and let me see what’s available." I was thinking he meant in the next two weeks. When Sam came back on the telephone line he said, "What if I could do better than Amazon? I’ll have a technician out there between one and three!" At first, I thought I Heard the Holy Spirit telling me to tell SAM, "WOW! that’s the Holy Spirit, brother." (Then I Hesitated,2nd Guessed MYSELF, allowing the enemy CREEPIN into my MIND) (I took a deep breath and gave praise to GOD!!! Amazing what flashes/goes through your Mind in an instant we ALL do it) And Out of my mouth I blurted SAM, "WOW! that’s the Holy Spirit, brother." After that, Sam proceeded to talk to me about fishing and I didn’t even really bring it up. He told me about a new fishing reel they make in Japan. It is a BFS Baitcaster that people can go fly fishing with on a CREEK BED w/o catching a BUNCH of SQUIRRELS! How cool is that? ps. the ENTIRE call to EMC from START to FINISH was only 5 minutes and it AMAZES Me how GOD continuously Speaks to "US" even though "WE" don't always deserve it! Every day is a STRUGGLE for ALL of "US" not to lose "OUR" Joy! Amen
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  10. Congratulations to Rev. Donald R. Voyles! ericschief, please post pictures of the CELEBRATION as a PICTURE is worth 10,000 words!
  11. I'm sorry to have not closed the link after the live broadcast was over. It started at 9am Glad to know it will re-run in 27:20 ... SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE
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