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  1. I’m thankful you got that picture brother that was beautiful as this is all I could capture as it’s against the law to multitask while you’re behind the wheel!
  2. I was parked...even though I am certified! here is the video with the entire message scrolling.... I believe if GOD were in charge of programming the "MESSAGE" on the sign and NOT a Human the "MESSAGE" would stay a split second longer. IMHO
  3. Wow! Sorry to have MISSED the Opportunity, Thankful "WE" have Hardy in OUR Community!
  4. Hey, that is really COOL, took Great yesterday @ Rodney’s BBQ also at the Owner’s Meeting! on Gabe’s Business... we need to sell him a banner/member ship thank you for posting... I’m shifting gears again... We hit the NITRO button yesterday GET READY... better Eat Your
  5. Man I am so thankful that you have this group I learned so much from it I look forward to attending God willing on a regular weekly basis thank you so much for thinking of the community my friend! you are the bomb! Not only do I love you but iluvmygeek too!
  6. A few years ago, I would have said that Cornucopia would be work related however looking back me staying in in my son's life instead of running around the country I would consider my greatest Cornucopia as I was able to watch him grow up and become the young man that he is which I must say I am absolutely proud of him! Also in the same breath I will say that as long as I’m allowed to stay close to him I will guide him to the best of my ability as I am his earthly father and I am thankful that he knows his heavenly father! Here is an EXCERPT from Preacherpollard's article Called Christian Conucopia (LINK INCLUDED) However, that is not to say the cornucopia is simply another symbol originating in paganism. Although some specific symbols and depictions would have come from their own imagination and practices, the Old Testament often shows the “horn” as a symbol of power. Thus, David exults God for being the horn of his salvation (2 Sam. 22:3). Repeatedly, in the Psalms, David speaks of God causing the righteous man’s horn to be exalted (cf. 89:17; 92:10; 148:14; etc.). In Daniel’s, Micah’s, and Zechariah’s prophesies, the horn appears in visions as symbols of power and strength.
  7. Giving of Thanks Westridge Church 9:am Service OMG!!! At the 9:00am service of my home church WESTRIDGE, our pastor Paul delivered such a powerful message! Thankful I was listening with my and not my ’s In case you missed it I will post a link later once it becomes available! Here is the video of the Message with the HORN of PLENTY! ENJOY and please, if you feel led to respond in this thread, do so and share it with people that you know who are a Christ follower as well! TRULY thankful of being able to share the Gospel Freely! ENJOY!
  8. yes mam Hope you can make it Wednesday Dec 4th at 9:30 at Rodney’s for a owners meeting
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