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  1. You ROCK! This theft breaks my heart. Our son played baseball at South for four years. We were very active with the Booster Club, and aside from our own time, efforts, and contributions for the program, my heart is broken for the children this affects. It is devastating to South Paulding Baseball AND Softball. Please join our community in praying for the thieves to be brought to justice and for the programs as they rebuild.
  2. I am so very sorry you're in such pain. My constant prayers are with you.
  3. We're at South. I know it has been a nightmare in years past. We'll be there early, I just wanted to be able to tell the grands a certain time to meet at one of the other schools and shuttle over. (That would avoid them waiting for hours on end.) I am concerned for their health. And my sanity. Some of our parents are GRUMPY!
  4. We have a senior graduating Saturday morning. We know to arrive very early for parking. However, we have many elderly who want to attend, and they just can't wait 2 1/2 hours prior and sit through the entire ceremony, too. We know shuttles will be offered from nearby schools after the high school lot is full. Does anyone have any experience? I would love to be able to tell the grandparents how to plan and just catch a bus without having to wait too terribly long. TIA
  5. This place rocks! Great food, good friendly service, and a cool place to hang out (for all ages.) Make sure you stop by!
  6. South Paulding High School Baseball is playing at TURNER FIELD! The date is next Friday, April 20th at 4:00pm. SPHS and several area middle schools are allowing students to check out early without penalty if they have a ticket and a parent note. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Baseball Players at South. Very few schools were selected to participate in these exhibition games. We need to PACK THE STADIUM! Please plan to attend and support the team and our community. We've seen the community wide support for so many other teams and schools, so we'd like to see you jump on board with us here, too. Tickets are $10 each, and they include a ticket to the Braves vs. Washington Nationals game on September 16th (Sunday at 1:30pm). Kids 12 & under get to run the bases after that game! This is a really cool event, and we want everyone in Paulding to show their support. Contact me for tickets! 404-376-3284 GO SOUTH!!!
  7. We are excited and proud to announce....South Paulding Baseball will be playing at TURNER FIELD! Make plans now to attend. The Spartans will host the Woodland Wildcats, Friday April 20th at 4:00pm. (South Paulding High School and many middle schools are allowing students who pre-purchase tickets and bring a parent note to check out early with no penalty.) Tickets are on sale now for only $10, which includes admission to our high school game, and a ticket to Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals on September 16th! (This is a Sunday 1:35pm game. Children 12 and under get to run the bases after the game!) We can also offer your group a great fundraising opportunity through this event. Contact me for more info. This is a fantastic opportunity for our young men and our community. It's also a great way for you to show your support for them (and take in a great Braves game in September. Don't forget Chipper Jones will be retiring after the 2012 season. You'll want to be there for one of his last games.) I have tickets. Let me know how many you need! Call 404-376-3284. This is Why We Chop.....Go SOUTH!
  8. I'm not buying him anything! I am handing him the credit card. He's buying a big TV (that he found for a steal!) to build the media room we never finished when we built our house. We love watching the Duggars on the BIG SCREEN!
  9. In a link to a timeline on the site listed by the OP, it said that the mother's other children were turned over to DFACS after the abduction. Why?
  10. I just looked at the crime reports on the Patch. There were two burglaries in your daughter's neighborhood Monday. I'm sure one of them on the report was hers. You may want to look and ask some of the neighbors near the other house if they know any more. ETA: There was also a burglary at a house on Dallas Nebo Rd which is across the street from the entrance of Camden Woods. Same day.
  11. So sorry for your daughter's loss. Losing the items is hard enough without the violation she now feels. My house backs up to that subdivision. Someone tried to burglarize our home in May. Thankfully, we have a good alarm system, and the glass break sensor scared them away before they actually gained entry. Now, we have an even better system. And a dog.
  12. Funny, I was really aggravated by the "driving techniques" I saw this morning, too. And I did NOT appreciate the dude behind me who felt it was safe in the rain to follow me so closely that I couldn't see his headlights. NOT COOL!
  13. When discussing an upcoming ballgame, my children would say, "Who do we verse this week?" I thought it was kind of funny, and corrected them that VERSUS is not the plural of verse (which is a noun.) I had never heard it before my kids. Now, I hear it misused frequently. Not too long ago, I actually heard a sportscaster on ESPN say, "Georgia verse Florida".
  14. My son had them when he was 4. Now that children are vaccinated against chicken pox (rather than actually having the disease) we will see more and more young outbreaks. Thankfully, young people bounce back much better than the elderly. Unfortunately, once you have shingles, you are more likely to redevelop in the future.
  15. about the time change! Set your clocks back this weekend. I can't wait!
  16. I, too, have given negatives by mistake. I like being able to see, but (if it is to be like Facebook) I wish there was a way for me to fix my mistake.
  17. This has me bothered too. I came by there Friday night and saw a car pull into the parking lot. That church doesn't usually have a lot of traffic, so I noticed that it was out of the ordinary. Now, I'm concerned that it was the car mentioned here, and that I should have stopped.
  18. What an incredible story! Your wife (and you) and incredibly selfless people. Thanks for sharing!
  19. If you don't have one....GET A SECURITY SYSTEM! Someone attempted to break in to our home last week. We have glass break sensors, and as soon as they tried to bust the glass to get in, the alarm sounded and scared them off. We, and our possessions, are safe because of our security system. And since this happened, we've had some upgrades. We're ready if they decide to come back! By the way, we use Ackerman. GREAT service!
  20. You can do that?! Instructions, please! My BFF and I have always said this is what would make FB perfect. I need to put my peeps in "boxes". LOL
  21. It was frightening to come home and find that our home was *almost* violated. I say that, because the intent was there, and had it not been for our alarm, the intruder would have come in. I still feel violated, and I'm ANGRY!!! We WILL find who did this!!!
  22. This is awesome, but it's not all that Sheriff Gullege and his deputies have done for the officer. I've been following for the last couple of months on Facebook. They have arranged donations for an Ipad so that he could communicate with family and friends. They have taken their off-duty time to visit him in Atlanta so that he is surrounded by support. We live in a GREAT community!
  23. This thread makes me sad for so many reasons. Here are some of my thoughts (for what they're worth!): 1.) Baseball (insert soccer, football, karate, etc. here) should be FUN for the kids. This is something we ALL know, and yet every season, these types of discussions are had. 2.) Parents get out of line. Coaches get out of line. They shouldn't, but they do. We, as parents, need to get it together. We don't need more rules, better administrators, assertive umpires, etc. WE need to take responsibilities for our own actions and DO THE RIGHT THING! 3.) BASEBALL (or any team sport) has so many benefits for our youth!!! We don't need to give up on our programs here in OUR OWN COMMUNITY and walk away because we don't have time for the drama. We need to be proactive in making it a better place, setting good examples, etc. 4.) Established teams are VERY beneficial for children who are good at what they do and DESIRE to play at the next level. We need to find ways to incorporate established and "new" teams to make it work for ALL players (and there are people here with really good ideas! ) 5.) With a draft, you have no control over who your child plays for. You don't know the coach or what his expectations, coaching style, etc. are. When you are able to sign up in our county, you have a lot more choices and decisions about your child's baseball experience. As a parent, that's important to me! 6.) Coaches with established teams build relationships with their players over time. Just as someone here said, they sometimes say things that from another perspective may seem harsh. But keep in mind that they know their kids, and they know what works for each of them to get results. 7.) My kids have had good and bad coaches. They've learned many things from both! From the good coaches, they've learned fundamentals of the game, encouragement, leadership, love of the game, etc. From the bad, they've learned to respect people they disagree with, that people have different personalities and all people aren't nice, that every adult doesn't always make good decisions, and that we have to overcome difficult situations. My family loves baseball! It's not for everyone, but it's great for us. I don't think any one sport or activity is better than another, I just think it's important for children to be involved in something, and for them to know they have their parents' support! Paulding County's recreation baseball isn't perfect, but let's all work together to make it better! There are good people - parents, players, and coaches - in our county!!!
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