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  1. Thank you both for dropping by. I appreciate your support of the site.😍😍😍
  2. I can also be texted with issues my number is in my profile.
  3. As long as you don't reference it like that. We are watching to keep it out of those ditches.
  4. I know right. Some people just live too large😂
  5. Right there with you. I am not into change. Unfortunately the old board was kinda of broken you just couldn't see it from this side. We are all still learning almost every day. I am glad you were able to figure it out enough to make a post about produce day.
  6. I have a neighbor on Braswell mountain I buy as much of my produce as possible from. He works really hard on his garden. Of course it is not his only income he could not live on what he makes from the garden. They can a lot so if things got rough the grocery bill could be supplemented. I try to support local as much as possible. I learned during the recession that some areas fare better than others in recessions. For Paulding, the housing, retail and restaurant do poorly in recessions so we will be hit hard.
  7. I remember the last recession and how sad it was. Many of my friends lost their jobs or a spouse did. No more dinners out, lunches, shopping. Everyone tightened their belt. Many lost businesses and homes. I don't think many ever recovered emotionally from it. I just don't think our generation has felt truly financially secure since. We are not going without, but our expenses especially insurance right now are so high that a reduction in income is a scary thought. I am appalled that Americans are not rallying around our farmers. Between tariffs and climate change a recession might be the the death-toll for many farms.
  8. You will notice tabs across the top. Browse Activity store support pages to refresh and see all threads and new post click on the activity tab to the far left will be All activity this is basically your recent topics button To start a new thread go to Browse then forums To the far right you will see start topic. A pop up menu will bring up forums list, choose the forum then your dialogue box will pop open and you will be familiar with that, Most everything works the same.
  9. I like it tooo But others could chew nails when it gets this hot!!!🥵 Takes all kinds I suffer when it gets cold.🥶
  10. We may be hit by strong thunderstorms to night. Make sure to close the umbrellas and get the pets in. I am going to put the thunder shirt on my nervous little Chi. It works wonderfully.
  11. Mrs Surepip and I are hugging the AC via propped in the bed watching TV and eating. We are going for a night swim in a minute the water is too hot for day swimming. We would love for you to come hang with us. We are bored with my car in the shop. Mrs'Pip even broke down and had an adult beverage.
  12. Hey Bumplette! so good to see an old timer back! Let the fun begin!!!!🤣😂😍🥰
  13. ☺️Welcome☺️ to Paulding.com Feel free to join in, if you need assistance just ask anyone. You can also click my profile picture and give me a call.
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