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  1. Why not? How long have these pirates been operating in those waters? It is in the newspaper, radio, television, internet and twitter. Yet they still decided to go into those waters. So they should share some of the blame as well. Now they have put their children in harms way. This in any other situation would be child endangerment. Two wrongs does not make a right. Either they go with an escort with fire power (not military, unless they pay for it), go in groups, or take a longer route or simply stay at home. Do not get me wrong. But common sense would have prevented this from happening. What is disheartening is that the UN is not doing squat. Do you even know what the root cause of this is, how/why it started? G. Wolf
  2. Appears to be for revenue generation. Looking at the list, the independent auto shops will be put out of business. G. Wolf
  3. You are welcome. I know there are people out there that does not give a care. Now you have the county's thoughts on the matter. You therefore are now armed. An anonymous copy of the rules in the mail to your neighbors should go a long way... especially for those that burn at night and during windy days. G. Wolf
  4. http://www.paulding.gov/FAQ.aspx?QID=71 Is outdoor burning permitted? From May 1 to September 30, the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) issues a burn ban which prohibits all outdoor burning in Paulding County. You may direct questions or comments concerning the burn ban to the EPD. From October 1 until April 30, however, citizens may burn natural wood products under the following guidelines: * For all commercial burning (any burns larger than 8' x 8') citizens must call the Georgia Forestry Commission at (770) 443-7821 for permits and instructions. * Your fire must be attended and under control at all times. * Your fire must be at least 50' away from any building. * You must have a water hose or fire extinguisher nearby at all times. * You may only burn during daylight hours. All fires must be extinguished one hour before dark. * Wind speed at your burn site must be low (under 10 miles per hour). * You may only burn natural wood products. Burning other material that is hazardous (such as tires or motor oil) is illegal. * You are responsible for any damages caused by your fire, as well as any costs that may be incurred to extinguish your fire. * Call the Burn Line at (770) 505-BURN (2876) to listen to the burn safety message prior to conducting any outdoor burning. G. Wolf
  5. Even if you did delete the FB. It maybe "cached" on another server and still available. May take a while to totally go away. G. Wolf
  6. I know at one place of work. I was able to see different computers. I was able to access their drives and folders. I saw a lot of music files, we are talking thousands (more than likely illegal downloads, which would put the company at risk of lawsuit from the recording industry). So with this being said. I could look at the log file of your browser and see where you have been. Now this was a wired network. "File Sharing and printer" was on and we where in the same "work group". So I would guess as this to be yes and should not be any different for a wireless network. "File Sharing and printer" would have to be on. Firewall port open to allow the share. Also, need to know the name of the history file for your browser. This will show where you were. It would take remote access or a application to watch you in real time. If any other network gurus are out there, please chime in... G. Wolf
  7. Just a side note. For those that do access myspace, FB, web mail or even paulding.com from a work computer. You have already given them your passwords. The password is sent in clear text and any network admin can capture the password. I have used a sniffer before for debugging a network line. Amazing what can be seen. G. Wolf
  8. I would like to see the CEO of "Big Blue" do this undercover thing. However, it is my opinion that he would not have the guts to do it here in the US. I certainly can not see him helping some poor India person get a new elephant. Oh wait he is opening call centers left and right in India and starting a city size cloud computing center in China. G. Wolf
  9. Once they remove the thermometer from Al Gore's butt maybe we can find out... Lol G. Wolf
  10. Welcome back. Maybe, you can show the state/county on how to do it right at the corner of Merchant Drive and Nathan Dean. Talk about a waste of taxpayers money, a rough turn and will have to do it again when they already had the equipment out there to fix correctly the first time. G. Wolf
  11. I guess you did not read the "Wives handbook of marriage."? I did not give you permission to speak. or One more peep out of you and off it comes... or and you eat worms with that mouth... or you are right. that is some pecker... G. Wolf
  12. I still have my hands on my ankles. But, I just can not say "thank you Obama, may I have another". The equation is simple : CREATE JOBS : JOBS give Health coverage: Jobs allows to buying and KEEPING a home. Homes are created and taxes are paid. So the FRAKINg solutions is JOBS HERE. Not in INDIA or CHINA. G. WOLF
  13. The Postman, I am a Christian most of the time and today is Sunday. So, I am telling you to have a great week. G. Wolf
  14. Riograce, They know that you could have posted on the internet to try and embarrass them. I find that it is easier to catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Taking the time to write a letter, will let the hot head to cool. Also, while complaining, offer a solution. G. Wolf
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