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  1. I remember folks buying a home near The Dragstrip. Then at the next meeting wanted it shutdown. What has evolved years ago was a homestead of 10 to 15 acres, then ask for paving, water, sewer and police protection and the list went on. Well things have changed and even the voters.
  2. Will not happen soon. Have you ever checked Charlotte Airport and then up the street you have Concord, NC I am not going to give stats on this but this is a similar situation to Paulding. I was reading the New Era and Tony was taking credit for Richland Creek and other projects. One page over ad was for no airport. Todd promised early on for new fire station and 911 center at airport, and then we congest traffic by building center near present jail. The Watson property is finally being built out, downtown Dallas is stagnant but the deals were made. I just wished I owned the property. I don't think Chamber got every vote. There are folks that moved in from airport cities and want closer. Three commissioners obsessed with keeping one project down will get you defeated down the road.
  3. Do you Really believe that she will! I do agree to disagree but we can cross this conversation in Nov. Stone Mountain is not going to be Sand Blasted! Just a thought!
  4. When she is on record of Sandblasting Stone Mountain! Just how many folks are going to vote for her. Had she not said that might have gotten a few more votes. Folks did not want Cagle to continue the Deal machine running for 8 more years. Kemp will be the next Gov. Isn't it interesting that the candidates today all have a little baggage.
  5. Shall we say some change is coming. That thrills me that we can move forward. In my years i have never seen one issue take such a priority that other issues put to the side. Thrilled and let the chips fall as they should.
  6. We would have someone in this county disagree with building a business in this county. Whether backed by bonds, tax or whatever.
  7. I am really worried about a snail darter....the trout in Racoon Creek are dead usually by the 4th because of warm water, I guess we need to have them change the temperature of the water....
  8. Ok, now we have the fewest voters deciding to replace two commissioners so we will see if it will be a circus, or really nothing done period. It is awful that one issue with the roads and other items, that the airport is number one. I cannot wait to see the full disclosures of Mr. Crowe and who donated to his to his campaign. Folks, Paulding County is in trouble....we are going to be the laughing stock of the South. Just watch as we move backwards.
  9. Mrs G, when I moved here there were 18,000 residents.....almost 40 yrs later see what it is, and with projections of another 50,000 in the next 10 years.....so just get ready, more are coming....
  10. I will never forget Dr. Goodman talking about wanting a private runway for his plane. Wow, we had one on Nebo years ago for Joe Jones, and nobody really said anything about it. Dr. Goodman's quote was "these folks think I am going to land a 747 on this runway" that sounds so funny today, but for some of you this is old news about an airport. Back then it was a pasture, and they are prevalent everywhere, and most of you pass one on the way to Lake Weiss, but never mention it. Oh well, keep arguing and wasting time, it is what it is. And the transparent filings of commission cadidate just is so funny.
  11. You know, when I want to laugh I do not have to watch SNL, or any late night comedy, it is right here on PComm, we have Surepip who I know got a raw deal, we have Tony Crowe who alledged not to file his donation list, and then a PAC sends a flyer endorsing him, but who are they? Transparent? Don't think so. We have Howard Maxwell, sending PAC from the National Board of Realtors in Chicago. We have Bill Heath who is worried about guns, and the latest polls show Georgians are 56% against this latest law. And the airport, well it is here, get over it. Vote for who you want to. I have figured that if each of you spent time working rather than on PComm the Gross National Product would be increased 1%. Is this really all you have to do? Let me say Boring.....and that is really not strong enough. So I did vote early, and acually changed a vote due to PAC money. Hope that all of you spend your Sunday finding ways to hit PComm strong.
  12. Well interesting, local politics, as normal....get a flyer from Howard Maxwell.....guess what...came from National Association of REALTORS Fund in Chicago, Il 660611 and says Paid for by National Association of REALTORS Fund and not authorized by any candidate's committee. Makes me kinda want to know why we need Chicago Folks advising us who to vote for. Yes, I know about PAC Funds but this takes the cake.......
  13. I wish I had the time that Whitey does, I respect his views but I have found that once you get into office, then no one listens at all. I do not think one thing has been mentioned about the Courthouse being built and putting the tag office on top floors, and yes we will have to replace the elevators next, with all the vacant space. Then we go to the bank building to put in another separate office in. Those concern me more than arguing and not being able to do anything about it. Mr. Graham is very smart. Mr. Crow does not showup for the people to hear and need I go on and on. Oh, now we have a new playground in front of the courthouse...just great, just what we needed.
  14. You know the funny thing is that everyone knows now that Aragon is a speed trap at 45, so what have folks done, tell everyone and I have actually seen their revenue go down. And by the way, at one time Aragon owed the IRS for taxes, that's pretty bad for a city. But hopefully everyone going to Aragon will know 45.....
  15. I thought that attorney's had to take continuing education, of which one section consisted of ethic's. Two things, either they do not require it or they did not listen to that portion of the course. I am disappointed in the whole situation, and basically if they can live with it so be it. James will have his retirement, and Elizabeth will have to find clients that trust her do to their case ethically.
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