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  1. Randy was a great person. I'll be at the memorial that you guys plan. Love, Angela
  2. To Debi and Sage, I got my first tattoo from Randy at the shop in Dallas almost 8 years ago. I just recently got one in his Marrietta location on October 19th. I asked about you guys and He told me about your kids (Sage) and had nothing bad to say about you or your mom. No matter what I know he loved you and your mom. Randy was one of those people you loved them as soon as you met them. He made me laugh and almost cry with my tattoo. Debi you had to come in the room and do the lines for me on my first one but Im sure you don't remember. I called the shop to speak with one of the girls I had known for a long time. When I found out she wasn't there I then asked for Randy. That's when I found out. Anyways I'll stop rambling now. I know you guys don't know me but I love you guys and take care of each other. Randy was one of the top notch best and I will miss him so. Take care, Angela Harp If you guys need anything PLEASE e-mail me angela_harp@fnanb.com
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