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  1. never mind someone told me.
  2. This group helps supply clothes to kids who are going in to foster care. so if your cleaning out your closets for your kids new school clothes and you have some that is in good condition that your child has out rown. please consider this organization. https://www.facebook.com/faithhopethreads/
  3. it will be called Elliano's it is being built between waffle house and chick-fil-la hwy 278/hwy 61 should be open August 1, it will be drive through only. https://ellianos.com/?fbclid=IwAR1-o8DwG60ToTFGllvEg-Z6GMC47L1nWoTbLI9s-nADC7bgNllzJTPvmPU
  4. who are the team of 9 you can referring to?
  5. try Bobby's cheeseburgers. they fix them when you order them, and the fixings for the burger on a bar. we love cheese burger bobby's.
  6. prayers for all involved. the family from paulding was on their way camping. the 3 children that survived will have a hard time of it.
  7. the last time were there it was not open. I love fort mountain. really just about any park. we also like Alabama parks.
  8. we pulled our first maters the other day. (red) they were so good on that sandwich lol
  9. Postman's correspondence covert condescension, PCOM COMMUNITY CHEST PCOM COUPON CLUB Paulding Music Scene Relay For Life 2012 THE GARDEN SPOT Health and heathly living Projects Club News Features coupon clippers there is more but that is enough to get you started lol just about everything is posted in the internet cafe.
  10. i hope they never see day light. paulding has a drug problem, as with any other county, but I live in paulding so my concern is paulding. cartersville also has a huge drug problem. and we get a lot from cartersville, which they get it from flordia, detroit, WV.
  11. I read the start date on project is next year, it is has been delayed.
  12. sounded like a dag war zone here lat night, and it started around 6pm today. uggh...
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