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  1. I drove by there also. I was one of the last cars that got through before the police blocked if off at Lake Road. The tree, and it was a big one, had fallen on the back seat part of the car and it was smushed. Ever who was driving that thing was very lucky. I'm talking inches.
  2. From 11Alive.com Two people were killed Monday in a two-car accident that took place on Highway 61 near Old Cartersville Road in the Dallas area, the Georgia State Patrol reported. The wreck involved two vehicles and some of the victims were entrapped. The victims have not been identified and the accident is being investigated.
  3. My husband picked up our daughter at 2:30 and did even mention any commotion over there. Wayside Lane comes out on 278 two times. I know he went in and out the same way. When he left Poole he went left towards Wally World. So it must be happening and the other end that comes out across from that sub-division.
  4. My daughter had a little bus issue last year in High School. We called her a cab to pick her up from school and she paid the fare. Needless to say she was embaressed but the teachers who got to witness this had a good time. Haven't had a problem since then.
  5. Kevin went to McEachern HS but he lived in Paulding.
  6. The viewing is Tuesday at 5-8 at Clark Funeral Home. The funeral is Wednesday at 2:00.
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