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  1. Does anyone know what all the smoke in the air around Cedarcrest Road and in Acworth is from? Mandy
  2. I have heard "suicide" in conversations around campus today, but nothing from an official source. Very sad. When I arrived at school this morning parking was a nightmare. I didn't find out until later that the deck was closed because of this. Now I feel bad for complaining. Someone's having a much bigger problem than my little parking issue. Pray for her family... Mandy
  3. Nevermind, found out it is because they are moving a house. I was worried...
  4. Does anyone know why all these Cobb PD and PCSO Officers are blocking Cedarcrest at Highcrest Drive? There were about 5 Cobb and 1 PCSO cars blocking the roadway just after Cedarcrest/Highcrest intersection.
  5. In my experience they count a book by the pages. For example, 100 pages equals 1 book. You probably need to go to the teacher and talk to her about what is going on. She may agree to allow 2 Junie books to count as 1 book or somthing like that. Once she gets comfortable with the Junie books though, she should challenge herself a little with somthing harder. Another thing to consider is have her read books that are also movies. My daughter could not get through Twilight (and all her friends could). After she watched the movie she breezed through t he book. It just made it easier to understand. Its not a substitute to reading but it can be helpful. How old is your daughter? If she is older and you are not opposed to scary stuff look into Mary Hahn books. (Not super scary, just spooky). My daughter LOVES them. If she likes Junie B Jones she may also like Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (the Fudge Series), American Girl Books. Another thing you should consider doing is calling the schools library. They know ALL the good kids books. Good luck. I know it's hard to have a child struggle, mine does. Slow and stead wins the race.
  6. I passed the accident. It was really bad. Two ambulances were there, state patrol, a fire truck. It was an older car (maybe a chevrolet) and a suv. Both cars were pretty much totaled.
  7. I too was up late last night. After everything that happened in front of us, my adrenaline was so high that it was well after 1:00 before I could fall asleep. One minute you're riding down the road talking about your kids and the next minute it looks like an episode of 24 in front of you. It really really scared me. The more I have thought about it the madder I have gotten. That jDoes anyone know why this guy was running in the first place? Is the person in the wrecked car okay? I do have to say that the car that the bad guy hit must have good crash test ratings, it really looked fairly okay, it was just sitting on its roof. I want to know what kind of SUV it was. It really looked like the passenger area was uncompromised. Anyone know how the person is? Mandy
  8. We got caught up in the tail end of of this police chace that ended directly in front of us rounding a corner of Cedarcrest. The bad guys hit a car on causing it to flip, then the bad guys crashed into a ditch. Little did we KNOW these were bad guys until about 10-15 cop cars come barreling round the corner skidding to a stop 20 feet in front of us. They jump out of their car and the bad guy jumps out of the car and runs into the neighborhood beside us. Then I saw a police kind of backing up really quick with his gun drawn and I nearly had a heart attack!!!!!!!! We real quick maneuver into a mans driveway, at this time there was nowhere else to go as cops surrounded us. I am trying to get into the floor of the car, Scott, my husband, is just staring at all this going on while I am screaming at him to either get the heck down or to get into that mans driveway which was the furthest away that we could get. 5 seconds earlier and we could have been the ones that got hit. We were coming back from Bible study and made a detour through Kroger to get cash from the ATM to pay the babysitter. In the parking lot when I went to grab my wallet I realized I actually DID have enough money to pay her and we real quick made it through the parking lot towards our house. It was that 5-10 second ATM hesitation that kept us away from being directly involved in the accident... We sat for about 20 minutes and then we saw a gap and they let us out to go around the other way…. All I could think about was that 5 seconds earlier and we would have been the ones hit head on, and not only that, but there could have been an exchange of gun fire and we would have been in the middle of it all. I hope the people in the car that was in front of us are okay... What would posess someone to put so many peoples lives in danger? Mandy Skogebo
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