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  1. I wonder if they will let us older more responsible adults go back to "crusin" like we did back in the day.Just sayin.......
  2. Awesome pics.We saw Chihuly Exhibit when it was in the Bahamas and again at the Botanical Gardens.It was beautiful.I hope to get back out to the Gardens before it turns cold this year.Looks like they have new stuff that I have not seen yet.
  3. It is really starting to look like the REAL Paulding.Com is back !!!.New and improved I might add.I have really missed you guy's.I would jump on here every time I passed my computer in the old days and when things got crazy on here I just passed on by and went on about my business.Have to say I got a lot more done around the house.But looks like I need to slow back down and spend some more time with you guy's again.I really miss how everybody got together and shared information or if someone was in need everyone got together and helped to get them what they needed.We all pulled together as one big family.I hope to see that again. WELCOME BACK !!! P.COM.
  4. Well said.I applaud you sir.Both of you.
  5. Don't you think this should have been moved to the political forum about 3 pages ago ?
  6. I guess he was a Cobb County Fireman?They had quite a drive back in those days....
  7. I lived at Mt.Tabor and Dragstrip ( now called East Paulding ).I heard it and just thought it was thunder as I knew we had storms in the area.My sister called and told me to turn on the T.V. My dad had left shortly before the crash to go visit friends in New Hope as he did everyday as they like to sit around and " have men talk" ( he was in his 60's ) so we were worried about him and we went to check on him.Thank God he was ok.My brother lived directly across from the volunteer fire station and was a fireman at the time and was one of the first to respond.He does not like to talk about it.I remember it like it was yesterday.Something you will never forget.
  8. So glad to see you posting again.Have not seen a lot of you posts for a while.You always had such good info and P.com needs all we can get right now. Now if we can get a few of the other old members back in here it might get back like the old days.lol
  9. Did you know they used that resturant in a Robert Redford movie a while back?I think it was "A walk in the Woods or something like that with Nick Nolte.
  10. Anybody on here from PCHS class of 79? I have heard that they are in the planning stages of the 40 year reunion....The date is supposed to be November 9th. for any that is interested and the class of 78 and 80 is invited to attend as well if they would like to come.You can go to Facebook to Paulding County High School Class of 79 and get information and make contact with other members and let them know you are interested in attending.We had a blast at the last one.It is going to be held in downtown Dallas from what I have heard so far.....
  11. fire911

    I am sad

    I have been missing the old P.Com for a long time and a lot of the old members.I have got to where I just don't come on here as much because of all the fighting over politics.I just don't want to see it.I miss seeing everybody getting along and talking about everyday stuff.
  12. Getting ready to sell a rental home. We are selling to my niece and we want to come up with a fair price for both of us.Not trying to get rich off the house,just want to get a fair price for both of us.
  13. Looking for someone maybe local that does home appraisal's.
  14. fire911

    RIP Elisabeth

    So sorry for your loss.It is hard enough to lose a loved one,but even harder to lose one around the holidays.Thank you for being there for her.Their is no greater privilege that taking care of the one you truly love and being there when they need you the most.
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