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  1. Hey Cain Please explain in detail how the bad billionaire hurt you?
  2. What liberals don't realize is that this generally creates government jobs and temporary jobs. Neither of which give lasting support to economic strength, and often becomes a liability. The shear number of government jobs today is one of the factors that is strangling us. Government jobs yield little, if any, net increase in the economy. All they do is add to the debt and/or taxation. The huge number of people employed by the government is also hindering us in finding a solution to our spending problem. We can't cut spending nearly as fast as we need to or the resulting job loss would throw us into deep recession. And that is why, as I have mentioned many times, our only solution for now is to grow our way out of this mess. Problem is, we don't have the workers to do that.
  3. The tariffs have definitely caused some pain. I would assume that he expects eventual results that will make up for them, but he's playing a dangerous game.. Several of us conservatives here have expressed concern over this. As for the tax cuts and regulation rollbacks; there is little question among experts and economists who aren't politically biased that they are absolutely a major factor in the economy surging and job creation. Most business leaders will emphatically agree as well. A study of history will also prove that tax cuts and regulation rollback will almost always spur economic growth, while higher taxes and increased regulation will typically show the economy. Other factors such as interest rates can have a significant effect as well. This is pretty much Economics 101. Many of the Democrats know this, which is why they renewed the Regan and Bush tax cuts multiple times.
  4. Technically, you are correct in regards to private sector jobs. But a president's policies, as we as those of congress, can make it easier or more difficult for the private sector to create jobs. Trump, with the help of the Republicans in congress in some areas, has absolutely removed some of the barriers to job creation and allowed employers to create or expand their businesses which results in private sector job creation. Changes they made include the rollback of excessive regulations and tax cuts, as well as a more business friendly environment in general. The concept is not new, but much of the political left have abandoned such free-market policies in favor of their Socialist beliefs. If you go back and read up on JFK, he was very much in-line with the policies Reagan and now Trump use to grow the economy and create jobs. So though Trump might not have created jobs in the technical sense; his policies have.
  5. By participating in the discussion? I and others stayed away and the place was a ghost town. You see who made it ugly here and went on the attack. Same as always.
  6. You must have figured out that RM lost this debate, because as usual, you resort to attacking other posters instead of presenting facts to support your side. That shows your true self
  7. Any other sinister theories you'd like to float? I stalk no one. But I do take issue with ignorance and lies. If that correlates to stalking you (you've made that claim as well) and RM, then that should tell you something.
  8. Just stop! No one is piling on RM. She started a thread, which just happens to be extremely petty, and we're debating with her. If you think she's too fragile because she's a woman, then that's your own sexism at play. Now that's rich that in the same post, you criticize me and EZ for debating RM (and politically, I will add), and then you jump on Shan. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  9. Ummmm, healthcare is a major line-item on his budget, unknown illegals on his payroll is not. Any CEO/manager/etc worth their salt will be all over their P&Ls (that's Profit and Loss statement for you non-business people) at least on a weekly basis. Your comparison is so far from valid it's laughable, and only shows your lack of business knowledge.
  10. So you approve of using double standards based on who you like or don't like. Gotcha.
  11. OK, RM, let's bring it home. The mods here have stated time and again that they can't read every post, and if we don't report posts that break the rules, they might not know about them. For the record, I agree with them, being a mod myself. We depend on the membership to "call 911", so to speak. So applying your criteria here; pubby (the CEO of P'Com) is to be held directly responsible for any and every post here, whether he is aware of them or not. Do I have this correct?
  12. It could. Would you expect a CEO of a 500 company conglomerate employing 22.450 people to be aware of every single detail that goes on? If so, you have high expectations. I employ but a tiny fraction of that, and I can't possibly know every little thing that goes on.
  13. The Apostles Creed is more of a Catholic / Lutheran thing. It's usually not used in Protestant worship. Trump professes to be a Protestant, so it's very reasonable to assume that he would not be familiar with it. The media is just looking for things to gripe about. Kinda like certain posters here.
  14. I don't need to spin this into hate, it's clearly already that. You and Cain just jump at any and every opportunity to slam the guy, no matter how petty it is. There are some legitimate reasons to criticize the man, but this is not one of them. Held accountable for what? Your own article states that there's no evidence that Trump or his people knew the lady was illegals, and she admits that she used fake papers to get the job. She lied and falsified her documents. If Trump knowingly employed illegals and allowed it to go on, that would be one thing. But there is zero evidence that Trump was aware of this, and the indications are that he was not aware of it. So what are we to hold him accountable for? Not being perfect?
  15. Donald Trump owns approximately 500 companies and employs 22,450 people. Yet you expect him to personally investigate every one of them and be 100% sure that they are pristine? From your own Article: This is just more of you haters looking for ways to justify your hate.
  16. Cain - The thread is about the passing of George H.W. Bush, not Trump. You can't even refrain from hating long enough to honor a great man who has died.
  17. Honestly, I don't have any more assurance of the outcome of this than you do. But if I had to guess, I don't think anything damming will come out on Trump. Nothing illegal, anyway. Both the Trump and Clinton camps had contact with Putin's people leading up to the election, but parts of that was just normal preparations since one of them would be our next president. People have tried to make something of those types of contact, when they were likely no big deal. Just kind of a "here's what to expect should I win" kind of stuff. I do know that a couple of things have come out in the last few days that strongly suggest Hillary is under the microscope more than we have been led to believe. So I dunno for sure what's coming, but I have this feeling in my gut that there will be some surprises.
  18. Pubby Just what if... What if Mueller's probe implicates the Clintons and not Trump?
  19. I absolutely am. Unlike you, I didn't make a crude insult for no reason at all. But I would like to be clear on what we're discussing. Be clear as to who "her" and "he" is, etc. Clearly state what accusations we're referring to. Explain exactly what "due process" "president birther" did not get. Use complete sentence structure so his questions are clear. Then I might be willing to discuss it if discussion is warranted.
  20. Or he could just use a sentence structure that makes sense.
  21. Put that in intelligent English and we'll discuss it.
  22. You aren't capable of having a civil discussion, are you?
  23. Well, some of us would like to wait for real facts to come out before going off the deep end. This could be legit, or a political hit. I doubt we know yet. So forgive me if I wait a bit before crucifying the man.
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