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  1. "Gotcha Looking Good" bees good people.
  2. Quite a guy, and a truly decent and moral man. You'll be missed Mr. Harvey.
  3. LOL It would make for good P'Com discussion anyway.
  4. Me and my buddy (the one with the pipes) are going to try for next week.
  5. Can you do a Valentine's portrait of me for my wife? Here's my last one.
  6. Subby's da man! He did a great job on my backpack blower, quick service and fair price. But now I have to go home and blow leaves.
  7. Don't make me tell stories on you....
  8. That sounds good, the Fritos and the chili produce an interesting blend of flavors. Sonic had quite a following with their Frito Pie, maybe you can get some of that business.
  9. Hmmm,I'll have to tell my daughter.
  10. Dunno who he is, but I thank him for his service to our country. Members of the US Armed Forces stand very tall in my eyes.
  11. I'm very sorry. I will pray for God to give your family peace and strength.
  12. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely bride. Hope Santa is good to you.
  13. Just wanted to say Hey Marc and Lisa
  14. Because the post office is years behind on updating the addresses here in Paulding. Use a GPS to get the actual coordinates to your building, and give them out to customers. They can enter that into their units and it should take them right to you.
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