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  1. The story so far is that his death was due to severe injuries to his neck. Short of hanging, and considering what was available in a jail cell; how does a person self-inflict such injuries to their own neck? Blunt trama is right, the sniff test isn't going well. Now, I shed no tears for the scumbag, but until he was afforded a trial and found guilty (and I have little doubt he would), he was innocent according to the law. This should not have happened. Regardless of who was involved of behind it, the American people deserve answers. This reeks of the things that happen in 3rd world countries.
  2. Top right of page, click on your name, click on Ignored Users, add user you wish to ignore.
  3. Delete your old bookmark to P'Com and clear your cookies and cache. Your computer is likely directing you to the old "Current Topics" page, which no longer exists. When you get to the new main page, make a new bookmark for it.
  4. Breitbart is absolutely a partisan site. But it is not a hate site. There are far worse that should have been mentioned. The fact that a conservative site was singled out concerns me.
  5. Need to get Geraldo to investigate it. (Some will get that.)
  6. He was banned because he admitted he came there to get banned. And the fact that he cannot debate in a civil manner.
  7. Caped - you and I met a few years ago at the Sam's gas pumps, if memory serves. I'm sure you know I'm one of the admins at another forum, but since we've chosen not pursue a commercial venture at this time, we're not in competition with you. I have always taken you as being a good guy, so I'll wish you well on your new venture.
  8. Thank you. Being a father is one of the greatest honors of my life.
  9. Vision Center at WalMart. Don't worry, they are not part of Walmart, they just rent the space there. The eye doctor there, I'm thinking her name is Dr. Lynn (not sure about that), she's excellent. My vision is such that I need a doc who really knows their stuff, and she does.
  10. He really does have some kind of perverted obsession with me. I'm starting to wonder if it's some kind of gay thing with him. I realize the guy probably hasn't had any in decades, but he needs to understand that I'm a happily married man who doesn't bat from that side of the plate. But he's a liberal, and liberal guys aren't real men anyway. And now he wants to send me photos. Creepy!
  11. You really have no idea what I do. And that is not one of the degrees I hold. I'm in the commercial and industrial part of the trade. It's a whole different animal. But please continue to demonstrate your envy and ignorance. It's pretty entertaining.
  12. I did, in fact, drop out of high school. Sometimes young people make poor choices. And then some of us find a way to move past those mistakes and get an education and become successful. After I quit high school, I earned my diploma another way, went to tech school for two different courses, then I took a six month course at Georgia Power followed by several online classes and manufacturer's training schools. I hold four state professional licenses and occasionally work as an engineering and design consultant for several manufacturers and as an expert consultant and investigator for several law firms and insurance companies. That's on top of my day jobs. Stop by my office some time and I'll show you the licenses, diplomas and certificates on the wall. A lot of people here know most of that, so you once again made a damn fool of yourself. But, that's pretty much a frequent thing for you, so no surprise there.
  13. The joke, pubby, is Pelosi and the gang claiming that they want to do anything to help Americans. The Democrat's entire agenda right now is to take down president Trump, and they are completely willing to do great damage to our country to accomplish it. They have lied, fabricated charges, and they continue to do so over and over. They have nothing, and they know it. This is why they continue to fabricate lies and foster hate against the man. They are not going to take Trump down because they have nothing that will stick, and they know that. Trump will almost certainly be reelected and serve another term, and they know that too. If they really wanted to do what's right for this country, they would drop the fabricated charges and investigations and work with the man and the other party to get something done. They have pushed and pushed to the point where Trump is fighting back with his own investigation. And you're not going to like where this goes. Some of your precious Democrats are going down, maybe a lot of them. And it will be because of REAL corruption and REAL obstruction. This next phase is of your own creation, and I think it's going to be fun!
  14. Well, there's the typical programmed partisan response from the brain dead loyal Democrat. What your party worship has taught you to believe is that anyone who doesn't get on board with your politically slanted junk science is a denier and wants to poison the planet. The irony of this is that most of you with your heads up Al Gore's but actually know very little about science. Here's a good article that really nails what is happening because of the radical, junk science agenda that liberals are pushing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2014/02/28/the-insiders-liberals-are-destroying-the-planet/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.5ac55b144526 The left is actually damaging the planet because they insist on politicizing the issue and driving their extreme claims such as we only have 12 years left. As usual, you polarize the electorate into two warring sides instead of encouraging Americans to meet in the reasonable middle and use real science to find real solutions. The Democrats don't give a damn about the planet, they just use the issue to appeal to the emotions and ignorance of their supporters. If you really knew anything about science, Cain, you would also know that recent findings have shown that the math used on some of the studies often cited was bad. There are also some good indication that many of the metrics used were flawed. There was a study just weeks ago that shows most of the previously accepted studies simply don't add up. I would link them for you, but I keep hoping that you and some others where will someday take the initiative to open a search engine and look for themselves to find the answers. And I mean real answers, not just what supports your politically motivated beliefs. BTW...I will remind you once again that when you venture into issues of climate change and other matters involving science, you might want to realize that you're bumping hears here with some people who are engineers and/or trained in many areas of science, including thermodynamics. Put another way...be careful of spewing the Democrat's BS talking points against people who actually know what we're talking about.
  15. You're arguing with people who have zero understanding of economics. One of them can't even run an internet forum.
  16. That wouldn't change my opinion. I have a deep rooted belief that an unborn child is human life, and that it's wrong for us to take that life. Most of the women around me agree.
  17. Even I struggle with the rape and incest issue. I still think it's wrong to kill an unborn, but at the same time I feel horrible for the women who are victims of such. I never claimed to have all the answers, folks.
  18. It's not about telling someone what they can do with their own body at all, it's about the life within them. IMO, we don't have the moral right to terminate an innocent life, even if it is inside a person.
  19. Please explain in detail how your gun control will help this? On this particular shooting, the only thing different about the weapons used from hunting rifles was the bump stocks. Made legal by Obama, BTW, and recently outlawed by Trump. Ooops, those pesky facts! The vast majority of the other shootings were done with legally obtained weapons. To be clear, even one child being unnecessarily killed is too many. But let's look at some real numbers here. In 2018, which was one of the worst years for mass shootings, there was a total of 113 people (adults and children) killed by shooters. In the same year, there were 638,169 aboortzions. 113 vs 639169. How dare you compare the two just for the sake of partisan politics! Especially when a change in law can make a huge difference in the number of aboortzions, while more gun restrictions would make little or no difference in mass shootings. What will it take for you to realize that mass shootings are a mental illness problem, not a gun problem? Oh that's right, it doesn't fit your politics.
  20. Since the SCOTUS has not yet rulled on similar laws, we really cannot say they are unconstitutional. Lower courts have thrown them out, but part of the reason states keep passing them is because they want the Supremes to eventually hear the case. Many legal scholors feels that a heartbeat equals life, and that would give an unborn baby protection under the First Amendment. I tend to agree with this belief. How can anyone justify killing an unborn child with a heartbeat? How is that any different from killing a human being who is outside of the womb? This is about whether or not we respect and value innocent human life, folks. We all need to think about this. Agenda? Like protecting innocent life? When murder and manslaughter were made illegal, was that imposing an agenda on someone else?
  21. Given that today is World Naked Gardening day, I thought that might be what this thread was about. Heh
  22. Supposedly, they knew each other, and the argument started outside and spread to the inside. One report I read claimed that the shooter fired in self defense. I'm sure more will come out.
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