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  1. Kombucha (also tea mushroom, tea fungus, or Manchurian mushroom when referring to the culture; botanical name Medusomyces gisevii) is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly consumed for its supposed health benefits.
  2. Looks like all the media fear mongering about WW3 was for naught. Though it may still cause a revolt in Iran.
  3. Lost a 12" pine in the back. Had no idea it was half rotten at the base, the bark had covered the damage. Only damage was it landed on three of my tomato cages. They will never be the same. Neighbor down the street lost one about the same size, hit the power lines and broke them. Greystone was able to fix it about 3:00 am. A huge thanks to the crews working all night long. Most of us are very used to our electrical conveniences!
  4. Ok, the board is telling me I've used all the attachment space I'm allowed when attempting to post on a topic. If I click on Manage Attachments to free up space as directed, I get a list of 14MB worth of attachments, but no way to delete them that I can find. Somebody want to tell me how to delete them? I can't go to the post and edit it, because when I click on the post link, i"m told that I don't have permissions to view those posts. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K Somebody want to explain how to do this? (or wipe out all my attachments if no one can see the posts anyway?)
  5. I think it's going to be a shootout and the last team that scores wins.
  6. As well, most of the cheap develop able land is gone. It's a natural order of business, growth cannot continue forever. You run out of good places to put homes. Roads can't keep up. Next big boom will be in roof, A/C and Water Heater replacements as all those crackerjack box homes put up with "builder's grade" equipment in the last 15 years begins to fail. School system can use the break, that 1300 homes is over 1300 kids on average added to the school system every year. $$$ for new schools.
  7. Nah. Iran killed one too many US Citizens in Iraq and we caught the man responsible while he was in Iraq. (note: NO attack on Iran has happened, he was in IRAQ planning the attacks) Iraq did a face saving "vote" to evict us, then freaked out when one of the marine commands agreed to leave. Iran got their hand slapped and have done a face saving "attack" sending missiles that hit nothing into another country. However, you know Iraq is not going to attempt to retaliate, so should be back to business as usual terrorist attacks in Iraq soon.
  8. What we need is businesses providing good jobs here, so more people don't *have* to go out of county every day to work. It would have another benefit of those businesses generating property taxes *without* generating any kids for the school system or anywhere near the public services needed for an equivalent number of homes. If the BOC would quit trying to make a mint for themselves by making new business a county exclusive and work on making the county attractive to new business, instead of homes for Cobb and Fulton County workers, we'd be better off.
  9. What spice to you use on the chicken? I use lime-Pepper seasoning sometimes, others I use some Cajun seasoning.
  10. I moved here in April of 2000. I though it felt a little more crowded now. Imagine what it would have been without 8 years of Recession!
  11. It’s a mental health issue now for sure. The conductor and engineer on that train will have the view of him and his wheelchair vanishing under their windows in their minds for the rest of their lives. It will haunt them as it does any crew who has someone die in front of their consist.
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