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  1. For real. I might add a car salesman and a vacuum salesman to that. (Long stories both of them)
  2. Why would people be leaving because of the Political forum when you have to go turn it on to even know it's there. (Well, on the old software that was true, here you see the topics, just can't get to them. Wish that could be fixed) If someone didn't like it, they could turn it off. It seemed more to be when politics got brought up in the Cafe.
  3. Yea, this is forever old, but I never knew you responded here. Anyway: Well, you make some good points, but I'm still not convinced. There are two types of flyers since de-regulation. The business flyer and the personal flyer. The business flyer for the most part wants options and wants to get to the destination ASAP. The personal flyer just wants to get to the destination as cheaply as possible. I couldn't find an actual statistic, but I'd be surprised if business travel wasn't over 60% of the traffic at HJ. Maybe as much as 80% for some airlines such as Delta. When 1/2 to 3/4 of the plane are premium frequent flyers, you know that almost all of them are business travelers. Business travelers want options in case their their plans change. One or two flights a day ain't going to cut it for them. One or two a week is right out. Add in that our airport would be an extra 30 minutes+ extra driving for 90% of them and they are not going to use it. That cuts your possible traffic down quite a bit. Add in that Delta has direct flights to most major cities from here and that's where I'm going to fly. So, looking at the personal flyers, there are a lot of them, but who are they flying? That's right, the cheapest airlines at HJ, Spirit, jetblue, and Southwest (well, SW is getting some business travel for their higher fares that assign seats) and their like. So the airport here will be fighting for traffic against the cheapest flights in Atlanta. Going to be hard to undercut THEM by enough to make it worthwhile for someone to drive to Paulding down 278. (Since we don't have an interstate) I just don't see it working. PS I've noticed signs on 75N that Chattanooga is putting out about flying from there instead of HJ saying its a better commute. Google maps estimates from my house show it to be only a little longer to get there from here, than HJ, but I looked an most of the cities I fly to are connecting flights. For business travel, that's a killer. The only thing worse than getting stranded at your destination is getting stranded at an intermediate stop where you know no one and no body. No thanks.
  4. OK, didn't know this option existed. Went to look and most of it pretty old, but it might be a solution for those posts that were just trolling for an argument if they could get an audience. Might want to post a sticky post somewhere to "Check out our Blogs for more National and World Discussions" or something.
  5. Note I'm not saying there shouldn't be moderation. Good moderation is critical to a sites success. If it was me running a community site? It would be when personal attacks start or discussions get liable. You can argue about the opinion, but leave the person/group that has the opinion out of the response and you can't discuss anything that would get the site owner in trouble. I might not like, say, ... EPA rules, but if instead of saying *why* or *what* about a particular rule I don't like, I start bashing the supporters of rule in some way, (They are idiots, or ignoramuses, etc) that doesn't make for a constructive conversation. Even automatic gainsaying, ( Saying "No it isn't", without additional discussion to a comment), while annoying and pretty useless discussion wise, would be acceptable under this definition. However, banning topics, just because certain people don't like them, calling them "hate speech", is just censorship. Trying to wrap it up in velvet as "protecting" people from "bad things" means you end up with a bunch of people who can't handle reality. And those people are scary as crap as you never know what they do in defense of their ideals. (I assume we all know someone that you don't ask about certain topics without them flying off the handle) That said, if the owners want to create forums *for* this kind of thing, like the "Marching Left" forum, then that is a choice too. I'd like to make a one for the other side as well, "Correcting Right" or something, and if the rule is that the other side is not allowed to post anything that conflicts with that side, then you can let the dedicated persons scratch each others back to there hearts content. However, I seriously doubt even those forums will be conflict free, as you still have the problem of the difference of levels on both the Right and Left. On another website I was on, one member got upset because most of the rest of "were not dedicated enough" to the right. Moderators were lucky, he ended up leaving on his own, but it started getting heated before he did. So even with separation into large groups, their can be conflict. And of course there is the "Yelling 'Fire" in a theater" type comments. Start *demanding* or *supporting * violence against a person/group, that can be liable to the owner and should be nuked from orbit just to be sure. Now *if* the owners want to limit the site to specific topics, that is fine as well. I'm just saying, they should have specific rules about what gets posted. It's up to the owners to decide what the rules are and they should be plainly stated, and MUST be evenly applied. <---- Critical to keep tempers from flaring too much. 'Just my opinion. It could be wrong.
  6. Sigh. And thus the Freedom of Speech starts it's decent into oblivion. Again, who decides where that line is that the "99%" knows it's there. You are not going to be able to have the entire country vote on every post now are you? Thus, the "elite", usually the owner(s) of the site, will really decide where that line is and you know they are going to inject their ideas into it. There goes the idea that the "99%" have anything to do with it. It's one, or maybe 9, people's opinion and the heck with the rest. That's the owners prerogative, they own the site, but don't try to sugar coat it by calling it banning "Hate Speech". Call it what it is: Censorship to meet their ideals, they do not want Free Speech on their site. i may not agree with some of the opinions expressed on here, heck I may get mad as hell about them. But I will back their right to have those opinion and speak on them.
  7. So who's supposed to pay off the bond if they don't use those proceeds to do it? The tax payers I would assume. So now, they want to throw more money at the authority when they have already shown they make bad choices. No, I don't think so.
  8. The problem becomes who decides what is hate speech? It’s a Slippery Slope. What’s hateful to one person may be just truth to another and just idiocy to a third. If i declare to be triggered by any discussion of something. Will it be banned?
  9. I'm assuming you mean in typing in the URL in the address bar. Your browser may be remembering the link to the old page that showed all the topics. (Mine will finish URLs for me sometimes.) I had to reset my history to get rid of the old links.
  10. My past username/password was recognized. No issues.
  11. If both sides have meant for it to be a joke from the beginning it's one thing. Or if it's between two regular members. However, when an authority has information that another has asked for, but instead of supplying it in a helpful manner, that authority hides it and misdirects the requester, IMHO, it begins to move from fun to bullying and reflects badly on the authority of the website. JMHO. Also, the old site would hide active threads from the activity page if you had not entered the password to or did not have access to the forum. This one is showing me a thread under activity --> Unread content, but doesn't say what forum it's in, or the thread name just that I don't have access to it. I have to click it to find out it's in the "We are Paulding" forum and the password to that is not been released. Is there any way in the new software to make those threads hidden automatically if the user is not a member of that forum? I think you are going to confuse and annoy many new users who can't figure out why they see it, but can't get to it. Just a thought. Cheers!
  12. There are plans to widen Macland, at least on the Cobb County Side. They purchased ROW from our church several years ago.
  13. Interesting. Lots of effort and money to have him taken out and then put back. OTOH: I thought this was going to be one of those joke question posts. Like: Question: Who's buried in Grant's tomb? Answer: General and Mrs Grant... no credit for half answers.
  14. I've only very rarely used cashback at a store. I don't use ATMs much either, and when I do almost always they are from my bank and free. However, I will say that it seems Kroger is working hard to reduce the crowding in their stores by running off customers. So be it. If there is anything the NW ATL area has in excess it's Grocery stores. It's not like I don't have other choices.
  15. I have been exceeding blessed that I have been able to work from home since 2010. The 2 hour commute (each way) to Alpharetta was driving me crazy up to that point.
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