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  1. That pony is insane. I'm sorry, air travel is not a right, there are safety issues in play here. Can you imagine that pony loose in the cabin if they hit severe turbulence? Of if it had been on the plane that landed in the Hudson? How you gonna evacuate if this freaking horse is injured and blocking the aisle??? Seems like unforecasted turbulence hits a plane several times a year. Just in July: That blasted Horse would have killed somebody if it had been on board. Even big dogs should be blocked unless the dog can be strapped into the seat.
  2. Atlanta United looked good, glad to have Josef Martínez back on the field. On to the Playoffs! The Braves had me worried, but came back like the Braves of Old! Up 2-1 on the Cards. The Falcons.... dang. How can team with so much talent do so poorly? I may have to become a Saints fan. They are winning with their backup quarterback. Quinn taking over the Defense hasn't seemed to much good either. Do we need to start a pool on when he's gone? The US Women's National Soccer Team tied South Korea as well. Busy Sports day.
  3. Unless the wall is full of metal, it shouldn't stop it much. Do the other devices like your PC work OK? I'm not familiar with Ring, but if they upload to a server somewhere and you have ATT internet service, your upload may be like ours and *very* limited and that's the problem, not your local wireless.
  4. it's possible that is the problem, if the ring is sending HD video ( I think they do) it takes a good bit of bandwidth. As the wireless signal strength drops, so does the bandwidth it will support. The type of router you have can contribute as well. If your is older, it may not support the high speed standards. There are several different devices that can do what want. I found this article interesting: WIFI BOOSTERS I have a problem with this as my UVERSE router is in the basement in the center of the house and both ends have crappy coverage because of that. I ended up with the 3rd option in the article, running Cat 5 cable from the UVERSE router to each end of the house and placing an additional router at each point running in bridge mode. You could just use a true wired extender.
  5. I doubt any vote was involved, the facility has always been available since it was built and It's always cost money to rent it on the weekend. We paid for the use of the large ballroom for our daughter's and a friend's graduation party in 2016. As I recall it was $400 or so for the day to decorate and use. 50K seems kinda high, unless that was for the entire year and for the entire building. The same thing happens when the school system rents the gym at a school for services. I'm happy that the county facility is being used.
  6. At another site, there is an active thread with lots of people in the newer subdivisions complaining about all the new subdivisions coming in. I wanted to point to the old PRD threads on here, to show how they are not the first to feel that way, but I can't find them. Are they toast now?
  7. Rather you didn't, it's bad enough with persons adding Liberal beliefs into the conversation that have nothing to do with the article. The article nor I said nothing of "Global Warming" and Rain Forest lost. I said poisons and I meant that: Zhang, Xiuying; et al. (7 August 2015). "Impact of Soil Heavy Metal Pollution on Food Safety in China". PLOS ONE. 10(8): e0135182. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0135182. PMC 4529268. PMID 26252956. Retrieved 13 March2017. As far as the original topic, what happened after WWII was very different than WWI. For the time frame that the article references, Germany was still officially at war with the allies, having refused to sign the treaty and refused to send ship to *pick up the offered food that would have prevented the starvation!!*. Why send food to someone who is still officially wanting to kill your citizens when they won't send ships to pick it up? Germany was still a threat to attack if they felt they had a chance. Japan and Germany surrendered at the end of WWII and esp with the division of Germany into zones, we took it upon ourselves to take care of our zone, including West Berlin, which the Soviets attempted to starve into submission with a blockade after the war was over. Totally different conditions. Thus we and our allies provided the Berlin airlift. (Granted, it was also a slap in the face of the Soviets, but there are often multiple reasons for doing things.) Then you have the conditions in socialist Venezuela with the starvation there. Our church has sent several pallets of food to the church mission there, VenezuelaNow. supplying thousands of meals to the desperate people and we are collecting food and medicine for 1 or hopefully 2 more pallets this fall from our church alone. Some may say that kind of support enables the idiots running the place, and it might in come cases, but I think the leadership there has already been proven to be driven by their own power only and the deaths of thousands of people will not bother them or turn them from their course. Therefore, I feel it's only moral to try to send help. At least these pallets are getting through rather than their government burning the goods the US tried to deliver.
  8. Let's see. Germany attacked it's neighboring states, causing the death of nearly 17 million people over the course of the war. Check. German leadership refused to accept that it had lost the war, so it preferred for it's citizens to starve so that it could keep it's merchant ships under it's control. Check. German leadership was willing to kill *more* people if they thought they could win in a restart, so refused to surrender. Check. Allies could have restarted the war, killing their way to the leadership, but rather than risking the lives of their own solders and citizens (who BTW, *didn't* start the war), promoted a bloodless blockade that would end when Germany surrendered and released it's ships to pick up the promised food. The leadership didn't finally give in until food riots forced them to. Note the Allies couldn't force them to, the people of Germany had to. Doesn't sound like a Allied issue to me, sounds like the German people should be more careful about who they elect to rule themselves. However, the Germans didn't learn that lesson, raising up the radical Hitler to once again start a war killing others that just wanted to live in Peace until they lost. No armistice this time, the Allies kept fighting until all the leadership was dead or captured. The Allies could have gone the blockade route with Japan, it being an island, but instead, Roosevelt decided to break them quickly and the first A-Bombs were dropped in anger. Lesson to learn is that losing a war of aggression is hard on the land and the people. I read the article and applaud her work in worker protections. There is a required balance between the rights of workers and the rights of employers and it had indeed gone way off balance in our country during those times. Even today, in parts of the world such as Mainland China and Venezuela, it is still out of balance as the government believes it owns the Peasants and can do with them as it pleases. They fill the air and water of their country with poisons. Unfortunately we in the US are willing to look the other way as long as the flow of cheap plastic decorations and batteries for our electric cars keep coming our way, no matter the damage to the foreign people and property.
  9. The pool just got warmed up to usable temperatures. I'd like it to last a bit longer. However, August in unpredictable here, (like most of the year). I remember several years ago we never got in the pool in August as it was just too cold and rainy all month.
  10. For real. I might add a car salesman and a vacuum salesman to that. (Long stories both of them)
  11. Why would people be leaving because of the Political forum when you have to go turn it on to even know it's there. (Well, on the old software that was true, here you see the topics, just can't get to them. Wish that could be fixed) If someone didn't like it, they could turn it off. It seemed more to be when politics got brought up in the Cafe.
  12. Yea, this is forever old, but I never knew you responded here. Anyway: Well, you make some good points, but I'm still not convinced. There are two types of flyers since de-regulation. The business flyer and the personal flyer. The business flyer for the most part wants options and wants to get to the destination ASAP. The personal flyer just wants to get to the destination as cheaply as possible. I couldn't find an actual statistic, but I'd be surprised if business travel wasn't over 60% of the traffic at HJ. Maybe as much as 80% for some airlines such as Delta. When 1/2 to 3/4 of the plane are premium frequent flyers, you know that almost all of them are business travelers. Business travelers want options in case their their plans change. One or two flights a day ain't going to cut it for them. One or two a week is right out. Add in that our airport would be an extra 30 minutes+ extra driving for 90% of them and they are not going to use it. That cuts your possible traffic down quite a bit. Add in that Delta has direct flights to most major cities from here and that's where I'm going to fly. So, looking at the personal flyers, there are a lot of them, but who are they flying? That's right, the cheapest airlines at HJ, Spirit, jetblue, and Southwest (well, SW is getting some business travel for their higher fares that assign seats) and their like. So the airport here will be fighting for traffic against the cheapest flights in Atlanta. Going to be hard to undercut THEM by enough to make it worthwhile for someone to drive to Paulding down 278. (Since we don't have an interstate) I just don't see it working. PS I've noticed signs on 75N that Chattanooga is putting out about flying from there instead of HJ saying its a better commute. Google maps estimates from my house show it to be only a little longer to get there from here, than HJ, but I looked an most of the cities I fly to are connecting flights. For business travel, that's a killer. The only thing worse than getting stranded at your destination is getting stranded at an intermediate stop where you know no one and no body. No thanks.
  13. OK, didn't know this option existed. Went to look and most of it pretty old, but it might be a solution for those posts that were just trolling for an argument if they could get an audience. Might want to post a sticky post somewhere to "Check out our Blogs for more National and World Discussions" or something.
  14. Note I'm not saying there shouldn't be moderation. Good moderation is critical to a sites success. If it was me running a community site? It would be when personal attacks start or discussions get liable. You can argue about the opinion, but leave the person/group that has the opinion out of the response and you can't discuss anything that would get the site owner in trouble. I might not like, say, ... EPA rules, but if instead of saying *why* or *what* about a particular rule I don't like, I start bashing the supporters of rule in some way, (They are idiots, or ignoramuses, etc) that doesn't make for a constructive conversation. Even automatic gainsaying, ( Saying "No it isn't", without additional discussion to a comment), while annoying and pretty useless discussion wise, would be acceptable under this definition. However, banning topics, just because certain people don't like them, calling them "hate speech", is just censorship. Trying to wrap it up in velvet as "protecting" people from "bad things" means you end up with a bunch of people who can't handle reality. And those people are scary as crap as you never know what they do in defense of their ideals. (I assume we all know someone that you don't ask about certain topics without them flying off the handle) That said, if the owners want to create forums *for* this kind of thing, like the "Marching Left" forum, then that is a choice too. I'd like to make a one for the other side as well, "Correcting Right" or something, and if the rule is that the other side is not allowed to post anything that conflicts with that side, then you can let the dedicated persons scratch each others back to there hearts content. However, I seriously doubt even those forums will be conflict free, as you still have the problem of the difference of levels on both the Right and Left. On another website I was on, one member got upset because most of the rest of "were not dedicated enough" to the right. Moderators were lucky, he ended up leaving on his own, but it started getting heated before he did. So even with separation into large groups, their can be conflict. And of course there is the "Yelling 'Fire" in a theater" type comments. Start *demanding* or *supporting * violence against a person/group, that can be liable to the owner and should be nuked from orbit just to be sure. Now *if* the owners want to limit the site to specific topics, that is fine as well. I'm just saying, they should have specific rules about what gets posted. It's up to the owners to decide what the rules are and they should be plainly stated, and MUST be evenly applied. <---- Critical to keep tempers from flaring too much. 'Just my opinion. It could be wrong.
  15. Sigh. And thus the Freedom of Speech starts it's decent into oblivion. Again, who decides where that line is that the "99%" knows it's there. You are not going to be able to have the entire country vote on every post now are you? Thus, the "elite", usually the owner(s) of the site, will really decide where that line is and you know they are going to inject their ideas into it. There goes the idea that the "99%" have anything to do with it. It's one, or maybe 9, people's opinion and the heck with the rest. That's the owners prerogative, they own the site, but don't try to sugar coat it by calling it banning "Hate Speech". Call it what it is: Censorship to meet their ideals, they do not want Free Speech on their site. i may not agree with some of the opinions expressed on here, heck I may get mad as hell about them. But I will back their right to have those opinion and speak on them.
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