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  1. I have been told the Grogans Store Building will be moved to a different location :-)
  2. Speaking of snow.... when is the Board of Edu. going to let Paulding teachers and parents know about make up days from our last weather related events? Being able to plan would be nice.
  3. Glad to see that there will be flexibility in the crct testing. If we don't make up the days we really need to push back the crct. The kids are two weeks behind on standards. If they don't push back the test, the kids need to make up at least some of those missed days.
  4. rcjofga


    Wish we could find out soon. Son has been studying for tests that will remain on schedule for Friday. If we won't be back for a week, I would like to give him a reprieve today.
  5. North Paulding/Cedarcrest Area has seen heavy snow and sleet most of the morning. Currently there is a light winter mix. Although roads are passable there have been reports of slick areas and accidents.
  6. To the older gentleman that lives across from Paulding Meadows (I think off Northside Church Rd) who offered me a warm place to stay and food ... thank you. Thankfully I made it home (5 hours later). I know all across this county people opened their homes and their cars to many a stranded driver.
  7. Cedarcrest Rd in North West Paulding. Kids are still at Shelton, Burnt Hickory, McClure, and North Paulding. Lots of neighbors helping with 4 wheelers but cars everywhere.
  8. Good snow shower off Cedarcrest in North West Paulding:-)
  9. Cobb County Closing early as well: https://www.facebook.com/CobbCountySchools
  10. Looks like the DOJ and the Department of Education are looking different at zero tolerance.... at least based on race. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/01/10/education-experts-blast-obama-administration-call-for-race-based-punishment/?intcmp=latestnews "The memo, jointly released by the departments of Justice and Education on Wednesday, urges public schools to ditch so-called "zero tolerance" policies the feds claim disproportionately affect minority students. The letter, which was sent to all public schools, said even well-intentioned policies are discriminatory if they end up being applied in greater proportion to minority children."
  11. I would at the very least call the health department in Pigeon Forge and also whatever governmental department regulates rentals in TN and file reports.
  12. North Paulding -21 Paulding - 0 End of First. Dont have east vs south.... sorry
  13. Accident at the soccer field curve. Car missed the curve and flipped. I think everyone is alright but cops were only letting one lane go through at a time
  14. Dabbs Bridge is really close to Cobb and Bartow.
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