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  1. so glad you received one, I have not received any, even for you! lol, you owe me one, j/k, glad all is well. We need to catch up.
  2. That may be because in the era, many people did not smile for photos, if I am not mistaken.
  3. blondie is correct, i am also working from home for myself, and have referred several people, blonde being my favorite, I would not recommend working under any other company it is too easy to get your own business started.
  4. If I am not mistaken, you also need xbox live if you want netflix on your system.
  5. Yummy I am going to your house!! Lol How are you doing with your new job?
  6. Ya'll beat me to it!!! Bring on the Snow!!!
  7. Not sure where, but when I found out I will let you know!
  8. I work for ATT online sales, you can add a new line and receive a free phone, I would suggest any messaging style phone, they do not require a data plan, but if you have an unlimited messaging plan, The family messaging plan is only $30 and includes free calling to any wireless phone, such as sprint verizon ect. for free. You can add unlimited web for just $10 more. If you order on fri-mon they generally have waived activation and free overnight shipping
  9. I am so happy for you!!! You will have so much fun working on your own!! I am here if you need me (you know that!) If anyone needs any information, pm me and I will help you anyway I can. I would recommend working for on your own, rather than under another company, there may be different requirements, that may not be if you have your own llc.
  10. Stoneham, MA, another Masshole
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