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  1. Happy Birthday, Pubby! I hope that you had a great one!
  2. Y'all go see Mary at The Endless Yard Sale today. There's not a nicer lady anywhere and you'll find LOTS of great merchandise there! And 25 percent off for PCOM members -- How can you beat that??? ETB
  3. Help out the local economy by visiting a small business today. If you haven't been through the directory lately (top left of every Paulding.Com page), then take a look at who-all is in the area and who-all needs your support. How about if a small business has lower prices than the nationwide chain stores? Would you go? If the quality is as good, or better, and the prices are lower -would you go? If the service is better - Is that an incentive for you to support small business? If the total shopping experience is better - why not support these businesses with your support, especially when they will put some of that money right back in the local economy by supporting other small businesses? Many times small businesses can have lower prices because they do not have the overhead costs that large corporations have! With a small business, you can talk directly to the person who is responsible for your satisfaction. See if the CEO of a major corporation will give you the time of day, even though you've been going there for years! Think of the things that you will be needing in the next several months. See if any of those things can be found in the top left directory. Let the business owner/manager know that you are there to support Small Business Saturday. They'll thank you for it! ETB
  4. Step on a back - Break yore momma's crack!
  5. Maybe "used" or "display samples" are an option, when there are money constraints?
  6. If you have any product or service that you want to promote, you can't do better than Paulding.com If you could invest a dollar and get a ten dollar return - would you do it? If the answer is no, then business might not be your thing! The great thing about Paulding.com is that once a merchant becomes a Biz Member(It costs about $150 or so), that merchant can come on here every day and place an ad for free for the whole year! Just as importantly - That advertisement goes out on the internet to anyone doing a search of those terms! So your advertisement isn't limited to just Paulding.com message board users. It goes out to anyone with a computer - And your advertisement will often go right up to the top because of the dynamic status of Paulding.com
  7. Johnny J is a really great guy to know in person! The world needs MORE Johnny J's! I'm wishing for a speedy, full recovery for JJ!
  8. What I'm hearing you say is that you read certain information right here on this board and you took it to be the truth. I think that I pretty well discredited the rumor that mods are interchangeable in my epic poem, "It's me, It's me - Ernest T." I'll add: I'm not Sam Drucker -- or Reverend Tucker! I'm not ANY of the other Mrs. OR Misters Not even one of the Bradley Sisters! I'll be happy to answer all of your queries - I hope that I named all of the folks in this series!
  9. Ain't nobody else Ernest T. Bass, I can guarantee you that! And I ain't never been nobody but Ernest T. Bass! It's ME, It's ME! It's Ernest T! Not Aunt Bea -- to that I can attest! Not Goober or Gomer (who makes citizen's arrests) Not Otis, the town drunk - not on your life! Not Andy, the sheriff or Bernard P. Fife! Not Sarah, or Opie, that cute little tike Not Thelma Lou, not Floyd or even Mayor Pike! I've never been John Masters, Rafe (not much of a talker) or that cute little druggist named Ellie Walker! Not Daphne or Skippy (the Fun Girls) and never Mr. Schwump! I've never been Malcom Meriweather or even Ms. Crump. For the record, not Clara, or Millie or Charlene Never been Dud Wash, Briscoe or anyone named Darling! Just me, just me, just Ernest T!!
  10. It's not real, a spam/scam/hoax. Topic Closed.
  11. Don't smoke them, JohnnyJ! Don't cave in to temptation the day after you decide to quit. That doesn't even qualify as quitting! '69? I vaguely remember '69! Let us know what you learn at school
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