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  1. Thank you, this is so sad. I cannot imagine the parents grief. My heart goes out to them.
  2. Prayers said for family. So young.. does anyone know what happened to this innocent little boy?
  3. So sad! Atleast he is free of pain and no longer suffering. Prayers said for all his family & friends and continued prayers for the Wright Family!
  4. My Dad is a Deputy for Douglas County so I know how you feel. My Mom says she will never get used to all the time! God Bless your husband & family!
  5. That is sad! Thank you for the info! God Bless this family!
  6. I cannot begin to imagine this family's pain! My prayers are with the Vickers family! How did this young man pass away?
  7. This is so sad! My prayers go out to the family. I wonder what happened to this poor little girl. God Bless this little girl & her family.
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