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  1. So very thankful for this news!! Way to go Spencer with God's help!! Merry Christmas! Mrs. Mobley
  2. My father in law was there several years ago when it was the Brian Center.. He got great care and we had full confidence in their staff!!
  3. This is Mrs. Mobley. Praying for better test results and that Spencer can make this trip. Please give him my love!!
  4. It was very interesting. It is not a movie for entertainment, it is a very thought provoking movie. There is so much in there. I would have loved to pause it and just think about what I saw and heard.
  5. My husband and I saw the movie Runaway Slave this afternoon. Everyone who loves America should go see this movie. It doesn't matter which party you support or don't support, this movie is a must. Right now it is only playing at the Barrett Commons in Kennesaw. Go see it!!
  6. So.......What is wrong with Hannity serving on his board? BHO served on boards with William Ayers but, wait...we were told that didn't matter.....Right?
  7. What is up with Skelton not running, then running and now not running???? That is so strange. Does anyone know the reason for his back and forth? I am pleased to know that Richard Manous is running for his seat!! Richard is a fantastic person. He will be a great addition to our school board. The citizens of Paulding will love his honesty and integrity. That is something sorely missing in parts of our board and hierarchy of the system. We need to right this ship for the good of our community and more importantly the students of Paulding County.
  8. Excuse me, I do not know this kid nor his family BUT what does building a pool on their property have to do with this discussion? It is none of my business nor any one's business what this family chooses to do with their money. Their son and others made a big mistake, just like other graduates apparently did in the past. These went overboard with it, but others in the past were smart enough not to go overboard and received no punishment from the board or officials.
  9. We just came by and I have never seen so many paulding cars and gsp in my life. We saw a gsp running in the yard. We passed two more Paulding cars after that. Do you know what is going on?
  10. So sorry about your loss of your cousin. I began praying yesterday for the family as soon as I saw this on the news. Such a sad situation. It reminded me of how Blake G. got killed in Douglasville serving a warrant.
  11. Sorry to see this. I will keep you and Froggy in my prayers Critty.
  12. Thanks for the information. My husband and I knew it was big because of the number of sirens we heard. I knew I heard the fire truck from the Pine Valley Station but could not figure out all the others. I hope no one was injured.
  13. My husband and I both have a Kindle 3. We love them!! They are very easy to use, and the books are not expensive. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoy having ours.
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