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  1. They have good food and the people there are very nice. Definitely worth trying!
  2. Yesterday, we decided to have lunch at the new Cookbook Eats & Treats restaurant, where the Bumble Bee Bakery used to be. We both got the Philly cheese steak sandwich, and it was REALLY good!! It came with fries and cole slaw, and was just under $7. The sandwich was actually two 6" sandwiches. We should have just gotten one order and split it, because we both just ate half, and brought the other half home for lunch today. The fries were really good too! They were crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Check it out!
  3. Chinmom


    Seems like every time we drive by the Martin's restaurant in Dallas, there is a line of cars clear out into the street, especially in the morning hours. We are just wondering, what is it that everyone is lining up to get?
  4. Thanks, but he is not ambulatory enough for this facility.
  5. I need to find a nursing home for my 85 year-old father. He is not mobile enough for an assisted living center. He is in the WellStar Cobb Hospital right now, but will be released soon. My husband and I toured the Wellstar Paulding Nursing Center in Dallas today and were NOT impressed. I would like to find someplace with a private room, or at least a large double room. Recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it!
  7. LOL..., Thanks, I didn't know that he posted about this too. I'll give her a call.
  8. My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in November. We are thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. I have tried looking around online to try to figure out where to stay, what to do, where to go, etc., But the more I look, the more confusing it is. I would really like to find a travel agency that I can go in, sit down, and discuss our options with a person. But, all I can find are online booking agents. Anyone have suggestions?
  9. The address is 5886 Wendy Bagwell Parkway, Suite 307, Hiram. It is in the shopping center behind the new RaceTrac station. Retha
  10. They have coupons, (buy one, get one for half price), in the "Savey Shopper" and "The Little Coupon Book" that you can pick up on store counters. This is a FAMILY OWNED and operated business, not a big company owned chain store. Please support these enterprising people!
  11. Wow..., sounds like they need to schedule their trips so the kids can be back at school much earlier!!
  12. Why did students having a field trip cause such a clog in traffic? When we left Kroger, we got as far as the fire station and stopped. It was nothing but a line of cars for as far as we could see. We turned around and went up to Nebo and back down.
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies! Maybe I can get him to go check them out one day next week. He tells me that he is a "loner", and doesn't think he would enjoy going, but I think making some new friends would be good for him.
  14. My 83 year-old father has just moved here from Arizona to live with us. I am wondering what activities might be available to him? Is there a senior activity center where seniors gather during the day to play cards and stuff? He has trouble with his legs, and can't walk very far without needing to sit and rest for a few minutes. So, outing type things would not be anything he would be interested in. I am just trying to find someplace he can go for a few hours to sit and interact with people his age, and maybe make some new friends here. We live in South Paulding, between Dallas, Hiram and Villa Rica.
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