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  1. No, the current card expires 2015. The original post was made last year (2014). I did see someone selling these cards, this year...I think they were $10.
  2. May want to google if it's the same place (compare names, owners, business licenses, ect). If it's the same crooked people, there is no telling what they did. It's OK ~ Karma, tbird, Karma. I have a few older laptops (Dell) that will need work (not sure if it's even worth it) but if you need one, let me know! ***Edited because the place I was thinking about was at 120/Dragstrip. The place you are talking about was in 381/Dragstrip. Although, I thought it was called Paulding Networking.
  3. weren't they located at the end of Dragstrip Road, in with the West Metro Driving School? If so, they ahve moved to the center infront of walmart. If they were afiliated w/ West Metro Driving School, it doesn't surprise me. That place will NEVER get my recommendation!
  4. **CrossesFingers** - hoping that Coach Wilson will apply for/get the position. He is AWESOME and ALL the boys respect, listen and love him. He would be a GREAT head coach!!!!
  5. Well, I asked a question at one of my daughters school "meetings", about her already being a few grades behind in a certain subject and the answer I got was "well, she has until 21 to graduate". Gotta love Paulding School System.
  6. If it's an Aflac policy, I don't beleive they have a cash value. The only policies I've heard of having a cash value is a paid up life insurance policy (and those are more worth it to hang onto for the "little" money you get). Good luck!
  7. Wow~ I had no clue all this was going on with the field house....definitly "smells" of something rotten. I know that this year has been one of the worst years to date. When my child started playing at East, he LOVED it. Ever since Goddard "took over", the team has gone down, down, down. Goddard has taken the players "self esteem" and tossed it out the window, he has taken the "fun" out of being a player...he treats the kids like they are in the NFL and tells them how they are "not committed to the team". Honestly, a BUNCH of kids have left the team, due to Goddard. My kid has played since he was 4 YO....it's sad that the past 2 years he doesn't care if he's on the team or not. I could go on and on about that POS, and the evil he has caused/done/said. The athletic director was no better (last years). That man does not even deserve to be working with children. The best thing they can do for the TEAM is get rid of the Coach ~ get one who is there for the boys, build their self-esteem back up...make them believe they CAN win because. Karma is all I have to say. Sadly, the ones who have caused most of the heartache will be gone when the train hits.
  8. Yeah, what mrnn said. I was rear-ended back in 2009. I called to ask my insurance company what to do (the ticketed party wanted to pay for the claim out of pocket). Next time I was shopping around for insurance, and asked if I had been in any wrecks/had any claims in the past 5 years, I answere "no". I got my quote, and was ready to switch insurance (cheaper rates) and when we finalized everything and they pulled our insurance record, my rates went sky high becase a) I had a "wreck" and I "lied" about it!!!! I was very confused and didn't even realize what they were talking about, until they gave me the date! As far as the car depreciation, was there damage/repairs to your car? If there was no damage/repairs to the car, then it won't be reported as being in an accident (via VIN). If there were damages/repairs it will be reported. HOWEVER, you will get a check from your insrance company for that "depreciation value"
  9. I'd love to see Coach Wilson move to head Coach. The boys give to him, what he gives the them. UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT. **keepingfingerscrossed**
  10. You only get treated as you treat others. My son has played since age 4, and NEVER had a problem w/ any coach until this (explicit word) became part of the team. I won't type what kind of a "man" he is in my book. I normally agree with you, but, on this one, we will have to agree to disagree =
  11. WellStar pulled that on me too, in the beginning of my payments (a few years ago). I had to get a copy of the check to prove it cashed. Once I sent them the copy (front and back required), they researched THEIR end of the deal and guess what ~ oops, they applied it to somone else's account. THANKFULLY, I keep up with my account balances and check my monthly statment to catch errors. MANY people don't....I'm sure that Wellstar is making a bunch of money off "clueless" people. Good luck!
  12. Hope it doesn't have anything to do with Wellstar! I found out that I "bounced" a check with them. They NEVER informed me that I "bounced" the check, they told me it was MY responsability to KNOW I bounced the check. Problem was, MY bank never bounced the check (funds were there), Wellstar's bank (Bank of America) returned the check to Wellstar (they state "something" is wrong with it - "return to maker"). Wellstar takes NO BLAME on the issue, AND charged me a $30 NSF fee. I spent over 5 hours between the bank and hospital trying to clear up the mess. The hospital wants me to PROVE the check cleared my bank (which it hasn't cause it was never PRESENTED to my back), the bank can't give me anything but a letter stating such. Wellstar won't accept the letter. It's a mess!!! I bet Wellstar is making LOTS of money off people who don't notice thier monthly statment has gone up by $30 (NSF). What I have learned from this whole situation is that Tanner is only about a 30 - 45 minute drive from my house, and whenever services are need again, it is Tanner (or Emory) I will go. Hope your mess ends easier than mine
  13. One could only hope Goddard would leave Paulding.
  14. Try County Dental ~ they are actually offering some kind of deal. My husband just went there and they did AWESOME work and treated him very kindly!
  15. pcshopper

    Apple Store

    Yes, it is near the bookstore (or it was around Christmas)
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