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    Helping Hands Of Paulding Co.is having the Produce Day on 8/20. Which is next Tuesday. The ONLY restrictions are that you must be age 55 or older!! No Income restrictions or Residency restrictions, either! There are NO Public Restrooms so please take care of business before you get in line. We never know what we’ll be getting until the truck has arrived and is unloaded, the earlier you get there, the more you’ll get. They have a limit of two orders of food per car. Don’t forget to bring your ID, they will be checking them!! Get there before it gets too hot, for sure!!
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    Apparently that will be “moderated” away.
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    And now the Bill Clinton painting in the blue dress and red heels comes out. Totally bizarre.
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    Hello everyone! Just dropped in to see what this new Paulding.com is all about.
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    The new paulding.com is a quiet peaceful place to hang out....
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    Thanks for offering up that option.
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    These type pools/programs are also in place for automobile and worker's comp insurance, although specialty auto insurers have pretty much made insurance available at some price level in the voluntary market for all consumers.
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    Dow drops 800 points https://abcnews.go.com/US/dow-drops-600-points-roller-coaster-markets-continues/story?id=64969484
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    There's many reasons this could have happened. From soil investigation, to design, to materials, to site prep, to construction. Most likely each one a different entity. Knowing the type of footing would give a narrowing of potential causes. Fixes could run from minor (minor in this case will still be expensive) to partial demolition. Probably be some firming of the lawyer full employment situation.
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    I could not agree more BUT this is how I’m hoping it will play out. Once the few that are actually promoting hate leave or are forced to leave, and perhaps with the threat of the personal attacks and bullying gone, the reasonable, community focused folks will come back. While it has been posted that the left minded folks are the reason that folks left the site, I don’t believe that at all. While I’m sure there are a few that left because of personal axes to grind with certain others I don’t believe that is the majority. I think the personal insults and completely unnecessary bullying is the main reason that people have left. I mean, at the end of the day who needs that? JMO.
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    Someone posted this on fb today, and it sure makes me question things. Now, just so you know, I hate guns! I don't own one, nor do I have any desire to do so. I have always thought that we do need gun regulations. For example, I think it should be a law that "all" guns be equipped with child safety locks. I also think that we need thorough background checks, and require people who are purchasing one to take some basic use and safety classes. I also can't understand why an average citizen would ever have a need for an assault weapon. But, I do understand why many don't want them banned.
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