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    Is just me or has the Democratic Party become the most miserable party? Is anyone ever happy in that party. They complain all day every day. My goodness it’s time to come up with some new material.
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    This drink when made correctly will and can be used for infection, flu, viruses and pain. I am 72 years old and we used it for over 10 years and it kept the adults healthy. I can only tell you what we experienced and I did get a source for that and kefir which a homegrown probiotic drink that tastes good. The Kombucha tastes bad. That's why kids don,t drink it but they will drink the kefir and enjoy it. You can also get the mix to make your own cheese.. there is a whole world of healthy living without being deprived of anything except being sick. If you want some of the starter free of charge when I get enough grown to share send me your email address. I will keep in touch what have you got to lose. I broke my leg and through having to move and my grandkids moving me my cultures were thrown out as grandma's weird concoctions. I'm trying to start again and I live with my daughter. She has used them and she will ensure their safety so wish me luck.
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    As has already been mentioned, the new layout is very confusing. Need to keep it simple, and organize the forums so people can easily see and find them. There were some fumbles with the initial rollout; forums being added and deleted, constantly changing stuff around, and the decision to kill off politics was a poor move. I understand you've put a political forum back in, which will be a good thing so long as the mean and hateful doesn't get control of it again. There's far too much hate in this country right now and people are getting tired of it. We must learn to talk to each other without the hate (and we should start with congress). You had at least one moderator gone wild who was banning everyone she didn't like. I've been told she is no longer an owner, and if true that is a good thing. Frankly, it would be wise to keep everyone who was part of the previous ownership or management off the forum. They did a lot of damage that you guys are up against.
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    Thank you for coming forward with your concerns. I've court watched in Beavers court and spoke about the irregularities, abnormalities, questionable decisions and seemingly hidden influences for years and have been labeled a "Beavers Basher" because of it. The fact of the matter is if a judge gets it right 80% of the time or less, is it okay to be wrong 20% of the time, or more? When is it acceptable for a judge to deliberately or negligently get it wrong?
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    https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/paulding-county/taxpayers-hook-300000-settle-sexual-harassment-case-against-metro-da/RMENQG2RLVBFTJ4XJYMHPJGUBM/?fbclid=IwAR3f0q-4NsAP4K1btg-usF3AETNtpFFn3P2ZS-Fk9cIJTRjuI7PbBqMoPKY Taxpayers will cover nearly all of a $300,000 payoff to settle a sexual harassment case against a local district attorney. Since the middle of last year, the state-hired lawyer representing Paulding County District Attorney Dick Donovan had said they'd vigorously defend the allegations. Channel 2 investigative reporter Aaron Diamant has learned that the lawsuit filed in federal court will soon go away, but only after taxpayers take a big hit. Content Continues Below “I’m not at all surprised this case settled for the number it did and as quickly as it did,” said employment attorney Jenn Coalson. “I think that given the allegations, there really wasn’t much other choice.” The lawsuit, filed last year by senior office staffer Jamie White, claimed Donovan repeatedly harassed her and retaliated against her when she reported it. “I think the message here is people in positions of power have to be more sensitive to their employees,” Coalson said County Board of Commissioners records that Diamant obtained show how the $300,000 settlement breaks down. The state’s Department of Administrative Services will back $220,000 in taxpayer dollars. Paulding County will kick in $5,000. The county’s insurance company will kick in $50,000 after county taxpayers cover a $25,000 deductible.“In an office that’s so important for the people’s trust to violate that trust, and then have the taxpayers pay for it -- It’s crazy,” said William Perry, with Georgia Ethics Watchdogs.Diamant has already reported how an outside attorney, who the county paid nearly $18,000 to investigate White’s claims, found Donovan violated the county’s sexual harassment policy.Plus, the state hired another private lawyer to represent Donovan, while Donovan hasn’t shelled out a penny“I don’t think it should be on their backs. I think as an individual he should step up and reimburse the county and reimburse the state for this,” Perry said The county will also pay more than $6,000 in mediation fees.We'll learn more about any non-monetary things Donovan agreed to once the final paperwork is filed with the court.Neither the county nor White's lawyer would comment on the settlement.Diamant did not hear back from Donovan’s attorney.
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    Don't ever go near GD after he's eaten chili.
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    It wouldn't let me attach a link so, I just copied & pasted it here. I hope this is ok! Or could someone insert it in the right place for me? Thanks We hardly ever go to Douglasville anymore. It's NOT worth taking the chance!!!! This was from 2016, who knows what the rank is Now? https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/georgia/most-dangerous-places-ga/?fbclid=IwAR3fiStCi1doEK1A5RlaI_Ru8g5fgeswRk2iez8IqrCt0sJZKb6mdBLYli0
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    Hey, hope your having/had a nice day By chance do/can you have pics or description of reclining sofa chair?
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    Words CAN NOT do Robin Stern a.k.a. iluvmygeek JUSTICE! But, that is just how I BELIEVE in NEIGHBORLY!~ So much so, I took my lunch break to go make him a VIDEO and was back at the office in no time as travel INSIDE the county during work hours Monday - WEDNESDAY @ 3pm in the BAT COPTER is really, really QUICK! Hope you enjoy ARTWORK in Video! Caped
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    Remember: As it warms up today, watch for frozen pipes. They often don't leak until they thaw. Winter is not over, it is still wise to winterize.
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    I have tried so hard to like the new Paulding.com, but it still feels like a personal forum for the "team of 9".
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    You are MrsB… I'm Caped Crusader...It's been a while... in my best war games voice!
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    Thems were the good ol’ days, LR! MrsB here, not sure why my email shows up and not my “name”, lol.
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    Free reclining love seat. Must pick up.
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    Thankful that there were NOT any Serious Injuries
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    I’d like to nominate the Lighthouse Food Pantry. I’m not sure if Charlie and Darlene still run this but, the food pantry has been taking place for many years!! They do a lot of good for this County!! Way To Go Lighthouse Food Pantry!!
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    I'm NOT a fan of any of them, really!! Most especially Donovan, right now!!
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    Sorry, I did not respond earlier. Been out of the office and I have to remember to click the lil GREEN Reply Button! I used Russ Tibbits a few years back and I did NOT get any GRAY Hair with working with RUSS... in other words He was really, really easy to work with. His number is 404-886-3199 Caped
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    Had the PLEASURE of Playing a small role in this in past years! Talk about LIFE CHANGE... not just for me but for the PROM Participants and their families! Please share this info with folks that you may think would like to either volunteer or has a family member that would like to go to the PROM. Dreams Do Come True right in OUR Backyard! You can Call Westridge at 770-222-2125 or visit the link below the picture to register! If you would like someone to come along side and help you, heck you can call or text me and I will do my BEST to connect you with the people to make it Happen. Caped 770-833-2175 cell/text
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    I saw a listing of hate groups in Georgia on the news tonight. Don't remember the exact total of all of them but I do remember that they reported and highlighted that the number 2 group was "White Nationalist" with a total of 5 groups. What they didn't mention was that their chart showed 16 "Black Nationalist" groups. What are we missing here?
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    Do you know 12 years ago I believe I made this video I just came across it night before last when my son was showing me a video which I’m going to try to figure out how to put on here that we were laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing at a place called Ruby Tuesday’s !!! I hope you enjoy this video! if not I’m very sorry but call me on my phone. My number is somewhere on this website and I’ll be more than happy to see if I can help restore your joy! If you have NOT had a true belly guy laugh in a while maybe we can break bread one day in the near future and see if we can’t raise your ENDORPHINS!!! ps. I’m using Siri sitting in the parking lot in Hiram I just went to Sam’s which by the way they have NEW buggies! Sounds like they have sand dune rails or something!!!! ha ha Baja ha ha Peace be with you
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    You know what is getting real? Grass Envy!
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    Is it just me or is Nancy P in need another drink? Maybe she drank to much of the cool aid.
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    Some people have smile lines... Nancy and Maxine have frown lines. They also have RBF
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    By Nancy’s own words.... I guess her beloved Bill Clinton will always be impeached!
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    That is the best looking grass I have seen in a long time... I am Envy with GRASS I mean I’m grass envy!!! By the way Paulding.com is secure, it’s just it will always read not secure unless we get people’s personal information just so you know in case you’re reading this an inquiring minds wants to know . In other words you can still be anonymous here on Paulding.com if you choose LUCY you got some Splane in TO do What you talking about Willis I say, I say, I say, who made your banner awesome awesome awesome ! ( in my best rooster voice )
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    Looks like all the media fear mongering about WW3 was for naught. Though it may still cause a revolt in Iran.
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    I had the privilege of driving past the gravesite while they were performing the service. I'm humbled by the turnout for this man he was very beloved by our community! VID_20200115_144816478.mp4
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    Say HELLO To Birdie! 779 Industrial Blvd N (4.92 mi) Dallas, Georgia 30132 Get Directions (770) 445-1511
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    I have never been a fan of Tony's...
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    The politics pretty much drove me away, and not to mention the new board, I do not like this new board, I have met some wonderful people on this site, and still consider them friends. This site has had it's knock down fights, and down right ugly. but it has also brought people together in time of needs, we have cried, prayed, laughed with each other and for each other. we have said goodbye to dear friends we have met on here. but when every comments turns in to something ugly, or an argument, then personally I have a hard time with that. I always liked the news from the county, but that slowly went away. I would always come here to see what was happening in paulding. There is more to life then politics. and being ugly. I still visit here from time to time, but not near as much as I use to.
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    We are listening
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    "Will beer send you to hell?" If you're drinking one while snorting a line off a strippers behind that you cut up using a laminated picture of your wife when lightening attracted by the strippers piercings strikes you both and kills you..............mmmmmmmmmaybe.
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    The Bible says don't be a drunkard, but doesn't say you can't drink. Wine was part of most meals back in Biblical times because they had no refrigeration, so juice was fermented as a means of keeping it from spoiling. So most drank alcohol in Bible times. The Bible simply warns of drinking it in quantities where the alcohol could impede your judgement and make you susceptible to temptation. I am a Baptist, but sometimes the Baptists get a bit fanatical about it or confuse scripture with man's law. But we aren't all like that. OK, that was funny!
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    it is written ; Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Unless it's Natty Lite in which case you are definitely going to Hell.
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    You could also try West Ridge Church. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughter. I hope you're able to find help for her. ((((hugs))))
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    Okay, I have lived in Paulding for 15 years and just found out about The McGarity house today, it is beautiful. SO, that got me to thinking, what other "little-known" things exist? I would like to play a game. List either a person, place, thing or event that is or has been in Paulding that is not well known. I have 3 things that are OFF TOPIC, PLEASE do not mention: the tunnels, airport, or Ms.Jessie. THANKS.
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