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    Hey, It's Paulding County WalMart, be happy they don't bring possums in.
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    THAT IS AWESOME!! Thank You very much to these Businesses for being a drop off location and Thank You to “The Nine!” Helping Hands And myself, really do appreciate all of your kindness!! Our Community is in need and we need to be able to help them. Thanks Again! Show The Love
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    http://Remember the shetland pony on the airplane and at our own Paulding Meadows ther was a service Bearded Lizard.
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    I wonder if they will let us older more responsible adults go back to "crusin" like we did back in the day.Just sayin.......
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    Braves game was a nail biter very exciting ending. Hopefully the mojo will carry on today. Falcons are awful, have always been awful. King Arthur says he is not even considering a coaching change. Have not gotten into Atlanta United yet even though I played varsity high school and rec soccer. They seem to be a winning franchise so good luck to them. Go Braves, Go Dawgs, Go Atlanta United, whatever Falcons.
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    Parents have no idea their kids are vaping! The flavored stuff is scary. There are so many things wrong with vaping! And on another note, WHY is there advertising for vapes and not cigarettes? Those were banned years ago. Why not the vaping products? They have nicotine.
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    It has nothing to do with the species of animal. Forcing your child to kill his pet is child abuse. People who abuse children deserve to go to prison.
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