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    As seen on Facebook... Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Thursday, March 26 at 1:48 PM The Paulding County Board of Commissioners signed a “Declaration of a State of Emergency” for Paulding County earlier today. Please take time to read the entire document so you will know what all is now going to be closed. #PauldingCounty Paulding County Today Thursday, March 26 at 1:00 PM · This morning at 10:35 am, the Chairman signed the attached Ordinance 20-03 “A Declaration of a State of Emergency in Paulding County” arising because of COVID-19. This Ordinance outlines the immediate emergency measures for Paulding County through the Chairman’s Emergency Authority. http://www.paulding.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9584/Ordinance-20-03-Decleration-of-Emergency-for-Paulding-3262020
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    This bit of fact came to me in one of the newsletters I get and I was fascinated by how it was first discovered in the old days. Of course the problem with copper/brass fixtures and surfaces is they oxidize and look 'dirty' as they slowly turn green. The article surmises "so what? ... it retains its anti-microbial properties regardless of whether it has been polished or not." The realization is that most folks never realized why door knobs and the like used to be commonly made from brass. Of course now, if you look at most institutions like schools and hospitals avoid the brass fixture opting for stainless steel. The belief, I guess, is because you typically make surgical instruments out of stainless steel (medical folks typically sanitize them by dropping them in boiling water for a few minutes), people think of these items as 'clean' while brass/copper items would likely oxidize and look 'dirty'. This effect of brass is so powerful, there is even some outfit suggests that you can use something like a 3 oz brass coin that you rub on and around your hands for a minute and it will 'saniitize' your hands to one degree ... i.e. it will kill like 84 percent of the microbes on your hand by this action of rubbing on your hands like a bar of soap. This is not perfect but obviously in the game of odds, killing 84 % of the covid-19 virus is better than not. I don't know if it would work, but I suspect that you go to your old penny jar, take out the coins older than 1980, and shove some in each of your pockets. Then, stand around and 'wash' your hands in your pockets with coins like you're a poor duck named Donald whose rich uncle is known as scrooge. There are going to be some new things that may help us out of this, if the folks in charge are smart enough to make it happen. More on that in a later post.
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    I'm a Christian and I don't think He meant not to take precautions from illnesses such as COVID-19. I think Christians who have symptoms of the virus should be responsible and stay away from the public to reduce infecting others.
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    Paulding cases jumped to 12 overnight. Ya'll be careful and stay home!!
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