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    This drink when made correctly will and can be used for infection, flu, viruses and pain. I am 72 years old and we used it for over 10 years and it kept the adults healthy. I can only tell you what we experienced and I did get a source for that and kefir which a homegrown probiotic drink that tastes good. The Kombucha tastes bad. That's why kids don,t drink it but they will drink the kefir and enjoy it. You can also get the mix to make your own cheese.. there is a whole world of healthy living without being deprived of anything except being sick. If you want some of the starter free of charge when I get enough grown to share send me your email address. I will keep in touch what have you got to lose. I broke my leg and through having to move and my grandkids moving me my cultures were thrown out as grandma's weird concoctions. I'm trying to start again and I live with my daughter. She has used them and she will ensure their safety so wish me luck.
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    Don't ever go near GD after he's eaten chili.
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    Hey, hope your having/had a nice day By chance do/can you have pics or description of reclining sofa chair?
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