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    According to an article in today's AJC, Rep. Tom Graves has announced he will not be running for re-election to Congress from Georgia's 14th Congressional District. There is some speculation that the congressman may choose to run for one of the two US Senate seats that voters will select next November. Rep. Graves is among a large number of GOP congressmen, now in the minority after the GOP lost the 2018 mid-terms, who have chosen to leave the US House of Representatives.
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    Yes, I stole this picture from FB!
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    A few years ago, I would have said that Cornucopia would be work related however looking back me staying in in my son's life instead of running around the country I would consider my greatest Cornucopia as I was able to watch him grow up and become the young man that he is which I must say I am absolutely proud of him! Also in the same breath I will say that as long as I’m allowed to stay close to him I will guide him to the best of my ability as I am his earthly father and I am thankful that he knows his heavenly father! Here is an EXCERPT from Preacherpollard's article Called Christian Conucopia (LINK INCLUDED) However, that is not to say the cornucopia is simply another symbol originating in paganism. Although some specific symbols and depictions would have come from their own imagination and practices, the Old Testament often shows the “horn” as a symbol of power. Thus, David exults God for being the horn of his salvation (2 Sam. 22:3). Repeatedly, in the Psalms, David speaks of God causing the righteous man’s horn to be exalted (cf. 89:17; 92:10; 148:14; etc.). In Daniel’s, Micah’s, and Zechariah’s prophesies, the horn appears in visions as symbols of power and strength.
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    Good deal! I wasn’t sure if it could be done or not. I’ll keep my eyes open, for the old threads. Thank You!
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    Brings back some memories of the good ole days.
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    A prime example of what happens when a business sits on their haunches and doesn't change with the times. Sears was once a retail giant who practically owned the catalogue sales game (the precursor to internet sales), but the world changed around them and Sears refused to change with it. And now they are dying because of that. To make it worse, they bought another company who was equally inept (K-Mart), and then started selling off they brands that kept loyal customers coming back. Craftsman tools were once as good as it gets, but now they are Chinese crap. Sad, but they did it to themselves. Short of a miracle, Sears will likely be nothing but a memory within 5 years.
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    I'm happy to hear that Greystone Power is offering this option to allow electric vehicle drivers to further lower the cost of fuel. The down side is a much-higher rate during peak times on Summer afternoons, when your air conditioner is using a lot of electricity to cool your home. Another important equation is calculating how much electricity you expect to use to charge your car at a slightly reduced rate versus how much electricity will be used inside your home during peak summer times at twice the regular rate. For over 5.5 years, my daily driver has been a Chevy Volt. The car is intended for short commutes with an electric range of about 40 miles before using the gasoline-powered range extender (i.e., generator). It has worked out great for me as I rarely use any gasoline. I have looked at the EV rate from the power companies over the years. However, since the battery capacity in the Volt is equivalent to one gallon of gas, I don't believe the savings from charging only at night would offset the higher rate during summer afternoons. If I had a fully-electric vehicle that would need much more electricity to charge and if I needed to charge every day, I probably would have signed up for a EV rate plan. For now, I'm still enjoying the freedom to charge at any time of day. BTW, one perk of driving an EV in Las Vegas: Several casinos have free EV charging stations in their parking garages, usually right next to the casino entrance. Free fuel and VIP parking! https://www.greystonepower.com/content/rates
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    I just hate reading old threads like this because all I hear is a bunch of hate for mamas. And I wonder how many had actual issues as my ex would say all those kind of things about me but none of them were true(they were projections from his wife) they had zero evidence against me but had shown the kids nothing but hatred for me for so many years that once they became unruly teens, (with 2 girls over 14, sister went to not split them and she was only 10), they just promised a party life and like their baby sister says, "they left us like last weeks shoe sale",(I have no idea where she got that, she is a very creative writer). I never in a million years would have thought they would have handed my kids to the most unstable couple I have ever known in my life, removing them from a stabile loving, education promoting household and allowing them to be a part of a 9 member household in a 3 bedroom rental house where my 14 year old was frequently used as a babysitter for her dads 90 year old grandmother, requiring her to change her diapers. I could not get them to change a baby diaper, or their dad for that matter, but a 200 lb. geriatric, and suddenly she is game? But anyways, MJF, I wish my kids step mom would have been like you. As far as your knowledge of alienation and its affects on the child, you sound like you would have been an asset. The woman I was stuck with did everything she could to make my kids hate me. I was very accommodating, I have always been a people pleaser. To hear her talk you would hear her describe herself with every word she claims about me. The woman was a bartender at Hiram Station for years and then again for years, later on. Of course most of her time was spent harassing me, while I was working my ass off for 9 years, but she never tried to get a real job to where they would not be too strapped to pay child support(I never turned him in for) she waits until after they steal my kids for both of them to finally get real jobs, of course after they got their default and a ridiculously large award of child support, then they go making all kinds of money and collecting life insurance on the grandma and she got my daughter wasted on moonshine and the first I hear her voice in 3 years and she is threatening me with jail time and saying they will never want to see me again if I don't get a job and pay child support. The stepmom was in her ear. She kinda made that obvious by texting my phone simultaneously while talking to me on my boyfriend's phone. But my daughter told me later. The woman is severely mentally I'll from PTSD, as they met in Iraq when we were still married and he got her pregnant. I hate this life. I don't trust our government. I am terrified to leave the house because of how horribly unjustified this entire ordeal continues to be. I am the innocent victim in all of their crazy hateful drama and I never had a say. It doesn't take an expert on parental alienation to see what my ex and his wife did, but they didn't care, it was all about money, and now my kids dropped out and started making babies, got charter school diplomas which lost them the memories that they would have cherished from high school. They never let my girls even mention seeing me without biting their heads off telling them it would waste the money they spent on the attorney. Which they were awarded lawyers fees so it was nothing and he used them to save thousands of dollars and commit welfare fraud, and my girls still dont see what happened. I don't think we will ever see them again. He is in the middle of secretly moving them up to Michigan, and this will be their second unannounced move, first was to Carroll county. But I only have one 17 year old left with him and they are gonna make me pay this hideous man that caused me to lose everything I struggled to gain for my kids, for the rest of my life it seems. Even with 2 being years out of his household. It has been 6.5 years and they are all I think about every waking moment and the few I finally sleep, it is so horrible living without them, I feel like I will never again be happy. My heart goes out to every mama separated from her babies, and I hope none of the ones on here are separated because of selfishness and control of their kids' father and his wife. Pray for my family and for my kids to see one day, even with only their toxic influence. It all makes me so sick. I just loved being their mommy. That never should have been taken from me. I will never see our justice system the way I once did. I was raised in a good christian family, I had no idea about divorce or court, neither did my folks. But I did everything like anyone else did and they really manipulated the entire thing, between mean attorneys and their absolutely atrocious satanic attorney that could not have been more misogynistic as a female attorney. The amount of evidence I have against them while they just have lies that they create with zero evidence, but I could go on all day, I just had to say something for those who have lost their voice. If I can even still comment on this old thread. And adam&Jessica I am sorry for what she put you through and your son. It seems there is always an aggressor who will take advantage of how you love your children every chance they get. It is very painful feeling like you are partially to blame for ever trusting someone who can not grow up and put your kids first. Parenting just doesn't affect everyone profoundly like you think it would. And the kids suffer. When we got divorced was before the parenting class was required. They should require they pass that class before changes in custody for parents with old divorces, steps too. I just had this misconception that my ex would have matured and grown a parent but I forgot that the man i knew never came home from iraq.
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