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    Well, you sure spend a Hell of a lot of time babbling a bunch of made-up propaganda about the President of the United States. I'd hate to see what would happen if you DID hate him.
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    I think what caped was suggesting is that just a little effort at communication might let this be a minor issue worked out between reasonable people in the matter of an hour. Considering you're looking at least at hours of research over several days; and as it is a civil matter, even if you pursue it with legalese-sounding letters and paying for public notices, etc., you could be looking at an investment of time and potentially money greater than you may want or anticipate. If nothing else, setting the stage for a low anxiety meeting of some sort (cookies work a lot better than anger-laced notes put under the wiper) to see if there is something easy to do. Two things. First you don't know if this guy is planning to move next month if he's renting. The second thing is that I suspect that the guy is a Fedex ground guy and that means, if memory serves, he's an independent contractor. That would suggest that he's either doing short haul work - from point A to point B (Atlanta to Birmingham or some such). Since most routes are done during the day, if the truck is sitting, it suggests there is not used for residential deliveries. As a general rule if that truck is sitting still, you're losing money. Heck, you neighbor may be on the verge of quitting that job altogether. The point is you don't know as much about the situation as you think and if you gain that knowledge through asking questions, you might save yourself a tremendous amount of time, money and effort. I think what caped is really getting at is that we as a people have lost some of our confidence in our neighbors. This could be because of a variety of reasons that may include the manipulation of the public by corporate media. Social science tells us that even if we understand that all those cop shows we've watched for the past 30 years and the tens of thousands of 'victims' pretend killed, it messed with our brains making us a lot more fearful than we would otherwise be. The best part, though, is if it works, you'll consider it a miracle ... but if it doesn't, if you've approached the person right, you'll know more and better understand the circumstance. Heck, you're judgment might be to just blow it off because the guy is changing jobs next month. Who knows?
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    Can we wait till we get that hour back in the fall?
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    I see that the forum software is still setup to replace the President's name with OURcurrentPRESIDENT. Seems pretty childish to me.
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    I truly believe you mean well, but I have to ask some questions: Are we to actually believe that the founder of this forum who is still an owner with admin access will go to time out? Respectfully, sir, I doubt it. As long as he posts his hatred here and slanders members and posts his ad hominem attacks on us, it will be extremely difficult to have civil discussion. Many of us want to, but the hate in his heart makes him incapable of playing nice. You have decisions to make, my friend, if you are to protect your investment.
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    As has already been mentioned, the new layout is very confusing. Need to keep it simple, and organize the forums so people can easily see and find them. There were some fumbles with the initial rollout; forums being added and deleted, constantly changing stuff around, and the decision to kill off politics was a poor move. I understand you've put a political forum back in, which will be a good thing so long as the mean and hateful doesn't get control of it again. There's far too much hate in this country right now and people are getting tired of it. We must learn to talk to each other without the hate (and we should start with congress). You had at least one moderator gone wild who was banning everyone she didn't like. I've been told she is no longer an owner, and if true that is a good thing. Frankly, it would be wise to keep everyone who was part of the previous ownership or management off the forum. They did a lot of damage that you guys are up against.
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    I hear there is going to be a big sale for Peking Duck world wide ... 20 percent off; 'cause there are too many fat ducks.
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    Well, this devolved into a pissing match, didn't it?
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    But can you pee for distance? Don't answer that. Haha
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    JMHO - Let's face it, someone can find something that is "lowering property values" pretty much anywhere if they want to. Ask anyone who lives in an HOA community with zillions of "rules" which they will quickly claim are "to protect our property values!" Ever leave your garage door open for more than 2 minutes? You are lowering property values. Have a non-standard rabbit statue under your hedge? Nope, remove it! You are impacting Property values!! Next they want all the boats and campers removed from the property because they are impacting property values. Then your car can't be over 5 years old, then your kids can't leave their bikes in the front yard for lunch without getting a notice. Bah. Unless you are in the process of trying to sell, the only thing higher property values get you is the ability to give more money to Paulding County Govt in property taxes to spend however they want. We've had a neighbor parking his boom truck in his driveway for over a year across the street. Since houses are selling as fast as they are put on the market, I don't see it impacting much of anything.... As long as the vehicle is in good condition, I just don't see the point. If it's a non-running wreck parked in the front yard grass, then you have a case.
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    Both my husband and I had always worked together as a team effort and it’s really been that way for years and years. Now that both of us have some age on us we realize how much we appreciate each other and what a great ride it’s been because of both of our efforts. Neither one of us is more important than the other because both of us together is pretty incredible!
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    Please Help "US" Save a Paulding County Neighbor's LIFE! Please, if you live in Paulding County Georgia PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Spread the WORD! We currently have a "Wrecked Display" @ Hw. 92 & Antioch Rd in Dallas Georgia. Here Is the LINK from the story 16 Years ago that started it all. ENJOY! We need 4 more LOCATIONS in Paulding County to erect other Displays... can you POST where you believe one of these displays would benefit fellow Paulding Countians! Blessings to ALL who read this and PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to SPREAD the WORD! Here are some more pictures of the 2020 Wrecked display being erected to save a fellow Paulding County Neighbors life campaign!
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    You mentioned that you don't have a HOA. That, however, does not mean you don't have covenants on the deed as to the land use, including rentals or businesses, etc. That is the case in my subdivision, regulating out buildings and fencing, vehicles, parking, etc. On-street parking may be prohibited, as an example. It means, in my case, (and if you happen to have the deed restrictions/covenants also) that it can be enforced. It is a CIVIL matter, and therefore useless to complain to Marshal's office. If a property owner has violated the covenants, and built an outbuilding that required a permit, the County erred in issuing the permit against covenants. I suggest you go to the Recorder's office and get a copy of the deed restrictions/covenants. You may find a solution there,
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    Sounds like the Democrats are having major problems counting votes. Ultimately I think Bernie will win but the technical issues are pretty embarrassing given the number of actual app users they would likely have. And yet they want to control healthcare for 300 million people.
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    It's a pain to change twice a year, but I think people will regret it around here when it gets dark at 8:00 on July 4th or kids are going to school in pitch black dark at 7:00 am, depending on which way they pick as "standard".
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    OK, the new management has fixed it. My thanks to them.
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    Yep. Even baby had to sit in the corner for a little while.
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    (770) 443-3010 that is the sheriffs office # i am sure anyone there could help you.
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    My hope is the Senate will drag this out for a couple of months and keep the three Senate candidates for President on their butts in the Senate in case a vote is called instead of on the campaign trail.
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    This drink when made correctly will and can be used for infection, flu, viruses and pain. I am 72 years old and we used it for over 10 years and it kept the adults healthy. I can only tell you what we experienced and I did get a source for that and kefir which a homegrown probiotic drink that tastes good. The Kombucha tastes bad. That's why kids don,t drink it but they will drink the kefir and enjoy it. You can also get the mix to make your own cheese.. there is a whole world of healthy living without being deprived of anything except being sick. If you want some of the starter free of charge when I get enough grown to share send me your email address. I will keep in touch what have you got to lose. I broke my leg and through having to move and my grandkids moving me my cultures were thrown out as grandma's weird concoctions. I'm trying to start again and I live with my daughter. She has used them and she will ensure their safety so wish me luck.
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    Our church and two others have put this on a couple of years now. This was my first and it was at our building for the first time. Just an awesome night for the guests and their caretakers. I had a blast watching the guests dance and have fun.
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    I Live in a HOA. I still pee off the back porch. #dontforgetwhereyoucamefrom
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    I rarely ever disagree with you, but this is one time. Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas basically tend to deflate property values. Or, put a lid on resale activity/vibrance.
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    Looking for good, experienced, reliable laborers, full & part time for our Asphalt Paving crew. Also looking for a CDL truck driver with good driving record. Must have own transportation. Office located in Sunnyland Ind Park, Hiram, GA Contact Tony @ 404-925-4987 Able Asphalt Paving Company Inc. 95 Poag Crossing Hiram, GA 30141
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    Yes. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    YEP.... TGIF & S !!!
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    I feel you on the FIREWORKS! When I went to school we had the entire SUMMER off too!
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    DJT clique? Philandering? Do you want an intelligent discussion on this issue, or were you just taking advantage of an opportunity to insult people and once again attack the president on a personal level? Some things never change. P.S. - You should try asking people what their opinions are. You might actually inspire some good discussion.
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    I know, & why not? I just recently discovered that all the attachments/pictures from years ago are still on here. I want them GONE. & besides , I cant post any more pics
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    I didn't think it possible for the Dems to look like bigger fools than they already have, but they are doing just that. The beating they will get in the election will be epic.
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    How would I go about finding out how many deputies are on duty at night. We live in the North end of the county and would like to know how often a deputy is assigned to patrol this area. We don't think it's very often and we have had some petty crime crap increasing in our area. Thank you for you assistance!
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    So... I guess inviting him to the Chili Cook-off at church a couple of weeks from now would not be a good idea?
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    Hey, hope your having/had a nice day By chance do/can you have pics or description of reclining sofa chair?
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    cptlo's house after he eats Mexican food.
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    Morning Brian, You are correct, WE need people like YOU to engage instead of just READING. You have been a VALUABLE part of this COMMUNITY known as Paulding.com since 2004! Hope you will be part of the SOLUTION and not the Problem It is a ROUGH World out there and it is getting ROUGHER it is The NEW Owner's Vision (All Paulding County Business Owners) to bring back as Mr. Hardy would say "WE Love You and WE Need You" Please take a minute and THROW your name in the ring for the the Drawing on January 31st to Win 4 Bacon Wrapped Stead Dinners ! Our Doors are OPEN to ANYONE who would like to be part of a Community that Truly Cares about their Community. Good Luck to you on The Steak Drawing my Friend! Caped "CLICK" me to ENTER  FREE Steak Drawing!
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    Thems were the good ol’ days, LR! MrsB here, not sure why my email shows up and not my “name”, lol.
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    Thank you for coming forward with your concerns. I've court watched in Beavers court and spoke about the irregularities, abnormalities, questionable decisions and seemingly hidden influences for years and have been labeled a "Beavers Basher" because of it. The fact of the matter is if a judge gets it right 80% of the time or less, is it okay to be wrong 20% of the time, or more? When is it acceptable for a judge to deliberately or negligently get it wrong?
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    it is written ; Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Unless it's Natty Lite in which case you are definitely going to Hell.
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    What a great educated and principal. 50 years ago I started 8th grade in old annex building at Dallas High School ( now Hershel Jones Middle School) I believe it was Mr Hardin first year at school. I stay in more trouble in 8th but with his leadership and caring about his students I was able to finish 8th grade go on finish mine school years. He was also there when Matthew School , Hiram High School And Dallas High School consolidate back during 1969, early 1970. The Stadium at Paulding County was name Hardin Stadium. RIP to great man..
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