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Help Topic: Privacy Policy

Paulding.com, in the course of registration, asks for specific personal information some of which is mandatory and other portions of which is optional.

The key bit of required personal information is the member's email address. This information is required as this interactive board permits individuals to publish information to the web immediately. The grant of this power includes the responsibility of the user/member to exercise that power responsibly. Experience tells us that at the least, the user must provide us with this information before such permission is granted.

Paulding.com also asks for address and telephone number information. The reason for the request is that Paulding.com is a community and there may come a time when the site administration may need to contact a member regarding a post or other board-related event.

Paulding.com may ask for incidential information in the course of registration that may qualify the registrant as a supporter of a group or as having been recruited to paulding.com as a member of such a group. This identification may be, at the sole descretion of paulding.com, be publicly viewable. (Example, if paulding.com offers to donate funds to a charity based on the number of registrations generated in support of that charity, paulding.com may keep that information publicly viewable as a way of establishing public trust. The user will be able to remove said information if this information is publicly viewable.

Paulding.com does not publish (to the public) the names or email addresses of its members. Paulding.com allows members to contact each other through an email system that masks (under the name paulding.com) but does disclose email address of the sender to the recipient of the email message. This allows the recipient to reply directly to the sender. The site's PM or private mail system does not disclose email address information although it does send an email to the receipient informing them of a waiting message. Obviously, to participate in this process, the users must have and maintain working email addresses on the site.

Users are responsible for protecting their own privacy and should know that if they publish their telephone number, email address, name or other personal information in a public forum (such as in the classified ads) the user has compromised their privacy of their own accord (and, probably for good reason.)

Advertising: Paulding.com is a commercial venture and makes advertising space available to individuals and commercial ventures.

However, Paulding.com does not sell or rent its membership list.

From time to time, not to exceed twice monthly but most likely in a much less frequent schedule -- Paulding.com may mass email its membership on topics of general interest. (Our history is to email about once a year on average:)

You may also receive other email contact from Paulding.com particularly if you subscribe to a forum or topic and receive email notification of posts to that topic.

You may also recieve automated email from the site when another member uses the personal messenger to contact you.

Most such notifications can either be turned off in your control panel or by clicking on a link in the message saying you no longer wish notification regarding new posts to a particular forum.

Paulding.com accepts memberships from persons under age 13 provided that person has printed and faxed the COPPA form complete with the signature of the child's parent acknowleding their membership and consenting to it.

Paulding.com also collects, as part of its Internet logs, IP addresses of all who post or log into the site regardless of whether on the chat boards, in private chat or the message boards. IP addresses can identify the account and ISP of the user and ultimately that users account and Internet appliance.

Paulding.com does not divulge information regarding members to individuals, law enforcement or the courts without a formal subpoena being issued except that if paulding.com is the target of criminal action or potentially criminal action or is danger of becoming an accomplice to any criminal act, it may under its own authority and judgement divulge personal information for or in its own defense.

Paulding.com also believes strongly in the right of individuals to expression of speech, even unpopular speech and will not, except under subpoena, provide a users personal information if in our judgement, the speech would be protected by the Constitution and laws of the land.

However, such protections of privacy do not prohibit or determine the editorial scope or presentation of materials by Paulding.com and Paulding.com reserves the right to edit or remove remarks that in its sole opinion, violate the code of decency and mutual respect for others we hope to engender. While we will protect, by not releasing personal identifying information on those who seek to publish unpopular speech except under order of a court, we are not obliged to publish said speech.

Topics and comments of members, once edited or removed, are protected by the privacy policy and may or may not be recoverable. Requests for printed copies of these removed posts must state the cause for the request and the specific information and/or topics being requested. Upon review of the request, Paulding.com may or may not choose to release the information requested. Paulding.com will, however, answer appropriately, any subpoena issued by any court of competent jurisdiction.

The minimum fee for recovery and printing of each topic is $25.00 and a fee of $2.00 a page will be assessed for topics that exceed 10 pages.

By joining Paulding.com or using its facilities, the user agrees to the use of his or her personal data in the ways described in this privacy statement. Further, the user agrees to abide by the editorial judgement of Paulding.com.

Any questions regarding Paulding.com's privacy statement may be addressed in the site suggestion section of the board, by email to: publisher@paulding.com or by mail to:

%neomaxcom, LLC
39 Courthouse Square
Dallas, GA 30132

or by phone to: 770- 505-8544

GP Hughes

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