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Caped Crusader

Do You Poop @ Work...????

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 I can’t get back what I heard on the TV today as time is one thing you cannot purchase !!!


 I’m thankful that I remembered the 13° it almost sounds like a movie instead of 6° to separation call it 13°  


To separation !!!


 It will probably slip right out if you are well hydrated !!!  


OMG...  did I just think that!!!


 I heard it on TV in the news so it must be true Baja ha ha Ha ! 






 So be honest who doesn’t poop at work and why? Especially if you work in Paulding County it’s good to know where there are clean toilets because we don’t live in Kansas anymore and I would hate to get a ticket for indecent exposure alongside the road !





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7 hours ago, November Rain said:


 I don't blame you!


Sam's Club and Murphy Oil (Walmart in Dallas) has recently since the cold weather

put that their restrooms are OOO :shok:


I have a feeling it is because of the increasing amount of Homeless that we have in our community.


If my employer installed a 13Degree toilet I would turn in my resignation if I did not feel appreciated! :yahoo:

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