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Just watched the 'classic' version of the movie "Cimmaron" about Oklahoma

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It was an interesting movie that is the fictional story of a couple of Oklahoma's pioneers; one of which was a lawyer and gun fighter and son of - IRL - Sam Houston of Texas ... and h is wife who was a pioneering newspaper editor in the story. In the original book and movie, the woman's name was Sabra Cravat "Frontier Editor."

It was intriguing enough to me personally because I spent 2.5 years in Oklahoma as a writer and newspaper editor first at the Weatherford Daily News and later as editor of the Watonga Republican.

Imagine my surprise when reading one of the Internet entries about the movie, this paragraph appeared about whom the author Edna Ferber used as her model for Sabra Cravat.


Was there a historical Sabra Cravat?
The Cavalcade broadcast doesn’t mention Ferber’s research methods or inspiration, but Elva Shartel Ferguson, Oklahoma journalist, wife of an Oklahoma territory governor and co-founder of the Watonga Republican newspaper, clearly was an influence — although not the sole model, according to Ferber. The Oklahoma Historical Society lists several resources about Ferguson, as well as her own 1937 book, They Carried the Torch: The Story of Oklahoma’s Pioneer Newspapers.

Oh well, with that read the good times just got a little richer :)



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