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Results! APA to Form Working Group on High-Conflict Family Relationships!

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We were told, "This is the way it's always been done." NO MORE! We are on the cusp of a tectonic shift.

The APA has taken notice but more signatures are needed! There are forces working counter to the petition that don't want to see it succeed. Don't let the voices of the naysayers win.

There are naysayers? Yes!! They have a vested interest in seeing the status quo continue as it has for the last 30 years. Only your voice will end this form of child abuse that the unscrupulous and unethical use to exploit children. Including many morally bankrupt "professionals" right here in Paulding County, Ga. Individuals whose legacies will reflect their corruption.

*UPDATE* Dec 9, 2016 — We recently received the following email from Dr. Caldwell of the APA Committee on Children, Youth, and Families:

"The [APA] Boards discussed the item on high-conflict family relationships, and decided to move forward with forming a working group to review the relevant literature. It is my understanding that they are working through the necessary process to put a working group together. That process will take some time, but I expect to know more about the working group sometime after the first of the year..."




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You have been a tireless advocate for the mere notion that one parent in a divorce may purposely choose to destroy the relationship of the child or children caught up in the divorce presumably as a psychologically unhealthy effort to inflict the maximum amount of misery in an act of thoughtless revenge. I say thoughtless because the acts can impact the child in very negative ways that no loving parent would want for their child.


The pitch you gave, however, was a little brief on what you are asking ... which is for sympathetic members here to post to this national petition asking the American Psychological Association to initiate a working group to review literature and studies on the existence of this act of presumed mental cruelty so as to inform those who practice psychiatry can recognize the red flags that arise when a family is subjected to this presumed abhorrent behavior when in the stressed situation of a divorce or separation likely to lead to a divorce.


From the petition:




The American Psychological Association (APA) is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 122,500 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members.


This prominent group of leading professionals currently has no official position on whether children can be manipulated by one parent to reject the other parent who does not deserve to be rejected. This has provided too many people with the ammunition they need to cast doubt on innocent victims and to deny the existence of such a situation.


The demands outlined below, if they are publicly acknowledged, will end the debates and the controversies. A position statement by the APA will lift the long-standing stigma surrounding our situation that has driven away the vast majority of psychologists and other professionals. It will start to protect our families from therapists who do not have the expertise required to fully diagnose and treat our situation.


It will start to protect our children from the abusive influence that has overtaken them. It will open the doors for adult children to find the true help and understanding they need so they can reunite with those they were pulled away from. A position statement will be the first step toward ending this nightmare.

Our situation is not a child custody issue, it is a child protection issue.


I think it important to note that it will also alert those providing services to troubled individuals who have come to them in their care. It will open the doors for adult children to find the true help and understanding they need so they can reunite with those they were pulled away from.


This really is more a child protection than a child custody issue.


Here is a link to the petition:



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Thanks Pubby. You have a firm grasp of this topic. The good and the bad.


You are correct when you say many do not care but we must remain vigilant for those who think they are alone. The ones that think no one understands. Because if we don't they will be lost. As many as 21 people daily succumb to grief due to this form of child exploitation.


Critics say that you need to hear both sides of the story. I can assure you when I tell someone's story, it is objective and unbiased. I error on the side of caution NOT sensationalism. If it seems outrageous, it's probably a hell of a lot worse than what I have presented. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.


The silver lining to this tragic journey is that I have met so many people globally that have experienced the same plight. Some of the people I have met and work with are nothing short of brilliant. Like the author of the petition, Jason Hofer. He is from Ontario, Canada. He wrote the petition based largely on the work of Dr. Craig Childress of Pasadena, California. Howie Dennison of Ohio wrote the ebook that I posted regarding the APA's failures and hypocrisy that is gaining so much traction. There are so many suffering at the hands of corruption that the time is ripe for change.

Edited by Domestic Violence by Proxy

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