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The APA and the Mental Health Child Abuse Scandal

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Is the American Psychological Association​ failing to protect abused children?
American Psychological Association documents admit that parental alienation exists, that it is abuse, and that it is harmful, yet the APA has no official position. Click on the picture below to read the 21 page eBook.



For more information, contact:
Howie Dennison, Advocate for Children
Central Ohio Parental Alienation

The APA and the Mental Health Child Abuse Scandal

Oct 31, 2016 Columbus, OH - Howie Dennison has released a free eBook entitled “The APA and the Mental Health Child Abuse Scandal” that identifies American Psychological Association (APA) documents that:

1. reveal that parental alienation exists and classifies it as psychological child abuse
2. admit that mental health professionals commonly miss the diagnosis of parental alienation
3. announce that “child psychological abuse is as harmful as child sexual abuse”
4. identify child abuse as a national emergency and asserts the APA’s role as the “dissemination of psychological knowledge about child abuse and neglect to the public”

Because the APA currently has no official position against parental alienation, Howie Dennison calls on the APA to acknowledge the underlying pathology and to designate affected children as a special population that requires its own highly trained and experienced psychological experts.

Parental alienation is the unwarranted rejection of a parent by a manipulated child.

In January 2014, Steven Miller, MD, an expert in clinical reasoning and a specialist in alienation and estrangement, testified in front of a legislative task force that was investigating the family court system. Among other things, he pointed out that "this field is highly counter-intuitive to anyone who does not have extensive training and experience dealing with it . . . most people will usually get it wrong."

Craig Childress, PsyD, a clinical psychologist, said, "The mental health response to the family pathology created by narcissistic and borderline personality parents is marked by rampant and clear professional incompetence, yet the APA remains silent to the pleas of loving parents for professional competence."

The APA documents include a 2015 technical paper in a copyrighted APA technical journal entitled “Ten parental alienation fallacies”, the “2015 APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology,” the 2014 APA press release on child psychological abuse, the 2012 APA Parenting Coordinator Guidelines, and the 2008 APA policy on parental alienation.

Howie Dennison is an advocate for children at Central Ohio Parental Alienation who believes that no abused child should be left behind.



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If the APA colluded with the USDOD and the CIA, could troubling associations exist with the American Bar Association where alienated children are needlessly left in situations of imminent danger by way of emotional and psychological abuse?

Some legal professionals believe that children should be left to figure it out for themselves but few ever do. If abuse is all you know then you are conditioned to believe that abuse is normal. The brain has the same chemical response to emotional and psychological abuse as it does to physical and sexual abuse. This effectively means the brain can't tell the difference.
As the American Psychological Association copes with the damage reaped by an independent investigation that found it complicit in US torture, the group announced on Tuesday that its chief executive officer, its deputy CEO and its communications chief are no longer with the APA.


All three were implicated in the 542-page report issued this month by former federal prosecutor David Hoffman, who concluded that APA leaders “colluded” with the US department of defense and aided the CIA in loosening professional ethics and other guidelines to permit psychologist participation in torture.




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