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Nick Lulli is doing outstanding reporting

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Nick Lulli is doing outstanding work on troubled family law cases involving legal professionals of interest. In this instance, as is often the case, these things are not taken seriously until a child is seriously injured if not killed. Notice how no one has any comment to offer or can't be reached? Typical. They'll be singing the tune of "unfortunate tragedy" should misfortune come to pass. With no accountability for any of them.

"WFXG obtained Aiken Public Safety patrol car video through the Freedom of Information Act that shows the September arrest of Kimberly Shelley on charges of DUI and Child Endangerment. According to police – the video also shows Shelley driving down Richland Avenue just minutes before – and a police incident report said her young son was inside the vehicle, too.

But Shelley's ex-husband said – this could have been prevented if the guardian ad litem and judge had put his child's best interests first – especially since court reports show both knew about previous arrests – which Doug Nelson said, in a report filed with the judge and both parents, were getting expunged.

“My ex-wife violated the law, and was facing repercussions," said the father.

The father said he doesn't know why Nelson and Judge Roper didn't take past charges against Shelley seriously."



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