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  2. That’s AWESOME!! If I need to make a pick up, from any drop off location, please let me know. Thanks Everyone!!
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  4. I think I see some diet coke in the stock ... is there any DDP ... Diet Dr. Pepper ... cause I'm probably game for all the DDP you got. As far as the other poster, you paid for the privilege and they're just complaining about pcom which they love to hate. Why they'd travel across Georgia from the distant place at least one of them lives to give a high-five if they could run A&M off pcom. With the new board I've not quite figured how to 'disappear' individual posts (only topics) but if one of the other owners have the tool, I'd recommend using it. Anyway Brad, thanks for the heads up on the cola and don't worry about the negativity that these particular posters are famous for. gpatton
  5. How about a free lunchtime course in getting your online presence ready for the holidays? One hour. This Wednesday. Some great info and some cool Google swag. Hope you can make it. https://community.grow.google/s/event/a0r1E00000BtsJR
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  7. LPPT

    Trick or Treat Village

    SAT, OCT 26 AT 2 PM Trick or Treat Village Earl Duncan Park At Paulding Meadows · Dallas, GA
  8. Soft Drinks – Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Seltzer, & More! 12ct 12oz Cans: $2.50/each Why pay more at the grocery store? Buy your soft drinks from us instead! Choose from favorites such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Canada Dry, Sprite, Polar Seltzer, & more!* *Selection varies from day to day & availability is not guaranteed. First come first serve. Some cartons have shelf wear & have been re-sealed, but all cans are present & in date. Compare At $5.49+ OUR PRICE: $2.50 Shop A & M, where you can find Closeouts For Less! Visit us Mon-Fri 9-5 at 201 International Parkway, Dallas, Ga 30157
  9. The Paulding County 4H Archery team will be hosting our Halloween Competition on October 19th at the Horse Ring at Paulding Meadows. Please see the attached flyer for details. The registration link will take you to a Google doc. Registration will be open until Tuesday, October 15th The shoot is open to 4th grade to adults, compound and recurve. We invite all our local bow hunter and archery enthusiasts to come join us. This will probably be the only archery competition of this type held in our area this year. This is not a 3D tournament, but rather Olympic style archery. 2019 Halloween shoot flyer.docx
  10. This is the 1st of... 5 Meetings until we VOTE!!! It's Your MONEY... CLICK the LINK Below Stay Informed Paulding County Georgia SPLOST INFO Open for Discussion
  11. You know, I was just looking at my member number and according to Alicia at Greystone Power I am the #91620 person to get a Greystone Power Account! How much did you get back and what customer number are you ? Loosely translated I have been spreading my joy here on Paulding.com for close to 18 years maybe??? Hope you will take the time to PLAY... Paulding County has become so TRANSIENT I sometimes feel like I am Living in a DIFFERENT Country. On the POSITVE... it ALLOWS me to Spread More JOY!
  12. "CLICK" To Read the entire story! Let's try and remember that WE ALL are Human
  13. THAT IS AWESOME!! Thank You very much to these Businesses for being a drop off location and Thank You to “The Nine!” Helping Hands And myself, really do appreciate all of your kindness!! Our Community is in need and we need to be able to help them. Thanks Again! Show The Love
  14. Fidelity Bank in Hiram has Joined in with Helping HELPING HANDS! What a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to Take some Canned food with your kiddos! Talk About QUALITY Time!
  15. What if the horse urinated or took a dump during the flight? Can you imagine the stench all the passengers would have had to suffer through during the flight?
  16. That pony is insane. I'm sorry, air travel is not a right, there are safety issues in play here. Can you imagine that pony loose in the cabin if they hit severe turbulence? Of if it had been on the plane that landed in the Hudson? How you gonna evacuate if this freaking horse is injured and blocking the aisle??? Seems like unforecasted turbulence hits a plane several times a year. Just in July: That blasted Horse would have killed somebody if it had been on board. Even big dogs should be blocked unless the dog can be strapped into the seat.
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