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  3. We loved meeting Miss Jessie at Martins for breakfast on Sunday’s before church and she loved Scotty’s market boiled peanuts! Still think of her each time I pass through 92 and 278.
  4. CLICK HERE to Register for a FREE SCREEN-NAME! Make sure you tell your Friends and Family to Register As Well... it's FREE! STEAK DINNER for 4 @ Rodney's BBQ in Dallas Georgia! All you have to do is enter your Screen-name in this thread for a chance to WIN! Make sure you tell your Friends and Family to Register As Well... it's FREE! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Drawing will be held LIVE on January 31st 2020!
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  6. I am looking for who has the best steak in town? Any ideas?
  7. Loved, Loved, Loved Ms Jessie!!! I tried to get her a Birthday present every year. I think it was like the third week of August. My memory is falling me, a little.
  8. I counted 35, I don’t necessarily eat them on a regular basis, though.
  9. Did you know that if you buy a new computer from any big name company that you are REQUIRED to troubleshoot it with a technician on the phone for "DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS THAT MAY INCLUDE MORE THEN ONE PHONE CALL OR EXTENDED SESSIONS" before they will send out a tech to fix your problem. That is what you agree to when you buy a new computer from a large name manufacturer. Stay tuned..... iluvmygeek.com. We warranty all our computers for 1 year from purchase date. No self diagnosis or troubleshooting necessary. Bring it by the shop and we will fix it. Period.
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    iluvmygeek is your one stop tech source for Paulding County and beyond! See us first for the best pricing on computers, laptops, and home electronics!
  11. Hope you all get a chance to check out our banners in front of our store at 4707 Dallas Acworth Highway. Thanks to John at JC's Auto for collaborating with me on this venture! iluvmygeek.com text "GEEK" to 21000 christmas_vid.mp4
  12. Bahahaha…. WORD Gators do move SLOW in the Cold! DAWGS are moving rather SLOW/not as QUICK as a TIGER today GD for LSU
  13. Don't be mad. Gators move to slow to get to the SEC Championship game.
  14. Us Georgia/GATOR Fans say GO TIGER!!!! Just Kidding... Have Much for the DAWGS!
  15. It was an interesting movie that is the fictional story of a couple of Oklahoma's pioneers; one of which was a lawyer and gun fighter and son of - IRL - Sam Houston of Texas ... and h is wife who was a pioneering newspaper editor in the story. In the original book and movie, the woman's name was Sabra Cravat "Frontier Editor." It was intriguing enough to me personally because I spent 2.5 years in Oklahoma as a writer and newspaper editor first at the Weatherford Daily News and later as editor of the Watonga Republican. Imagine my surprise when reading one of the Internet entries about the movie, this paragraph appeared about whom the author Edna Ferber used as her model for Sabra Cravat. Oh well, with that read the good times just got a little richer :)
  16. I find such talk of banning popular products such as electronic cigarettes (vapes) as overblown efforts on par with the presumed threats to 'take everyone's guns.' There may be some regulation needed but the idea of across the board bans are flights of fantasy by folks like Cuomo designed, imo, to hype sales by instilling the fear that products may disappear. While there is no doubt in my mind that regulation will come, this is more a guerilla marketing effort to hype sales.
  17. Have to say, this win for the Georgia dawgs is going to be great for the state of Georgia.
  18. Paulding Beware! When the Darkness comes upon US OMG... the things that go on in your COMMUNITY after Dark!
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