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  2. I have recently developed the verbiology….SPOUSE
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  4. A man?? He has boobs. Nowadays you can’t tell who anybody is, Men dressing like women and women dressing like men. I’m not talking about transvestites, either. You don’t know whether to address someone as Mam or Sir.
  5. Not sure if anyone still does their own brake pad replacements or not. Just trying to help neighbors save $$$$ VID_20191111_114720877.mp4
  6. Is there a way to close or lock old topics so that no one can pull them up and post something new? The latest one was a post from 2010, why?????
  7. I stopped going there when CRAFTSMAN first was sold in KMART. if my memory serves me correctly. Wonder what they are planning to fill that space with... a lot of real estate to fill. I wonder if this is the beginning to the end
  8. Sears in the Arbor Place Mall will be starting their Liquidation Sale December 02, I’ll be sad to see it go but, I’ve never really liked anything they had. The clothing they sold never appealed to me. You do know that when a store does liquidations, they jack the prices up to full retail then, sell what they can, then they’ll mark it down 10% and on down to whatever and ship off all remaining unsold items to places like Big Lots, Bargain Hunt and so on. It was good while it lasted, I guess.
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  10. I'm happy to hear that Greystone Power is offering this option to allow electric vehicle drivers to further lower the cost of fuel. The down side is a much-higher rate during peak times on Summer afternoons, when your air conditioner is using a lot of electricity to cool your home. Another important equation is calculating how much electricity you expect to use to charge your car at a slightly reduced rate versus how much electricity will be used inside your home during peak summer times at twice the regular rate. For over 5.5 years, my daily driver has been a Chevy Volt. The car is intended for short commutes with an electric range of about 40 miles before using the gasoline-powered range extender (i.e., generator). It has worked out great for me as I rarely use any gasoline. I have looked at the EV rate from the power companies over the years. However, since the battery capacity in the Volt is equivalent to one gallon of gas, I don't believe the savings from charging only at night would offset the higher rate during summer afternoons. If I had a fully-electric vehicle that would need much more electricity to charge and if I needed to charge every day, I probably would have signed up for a EV rate plan. For now, I'm still enjoying the freedom to charge at any time of day. BTW, one perk of driving an EV in Las Vegas: Several casinos have free EV charging stations in their parking garages, usually right next to the casino entrance. Free fuel and VIP parking! https://www.greystonepower.com/content/rates
  11. Paulding industrial development agency OKs land deal for new business park Paulding County’s Industrial Building Authority is buying land to develop a new business park near Ga. Hwy. 92 in Hiram as it works to complete a deal to sell a site to a tire maker in west Dallas. The building authority has agreed to buy a 127-acre tract on Bill Carruth Parkway at Laird Road in Hiram for development of a park, said authority director Robert Crouse. Crouse did not disclose the price but said it was “reasonable” and will allow it to compete for buyers without taking a loss. The site is about a half-mile west of Carruth Parkway’s intersection with Ga. Hwy. 92, also known as Hiram-Douglasville Highway. GDOT is widening and rebuilding Hwy. 92 between Hiram and Douglasville which will give southeast Paulding County — including the building authority’s site — and western Cobb County quicker access to I-20. “That is some really prime property,” Crouse said. He said the building authority is “going to try to be frugal” with the money it received earlier this year from the sale of Atlanta Film Studios.
  12. Yes I believe that's what it's gonna be. We drive by there almost everyday & things have just stopped.
  13. Are you talking about new Convenience store .
  14. My dad actually has a deal with Cobb mec that nighttime charging is free (midnight to 6:00 am as I recall). It makes a lot of sense from the power company perspective as it allows the power plants to stay running around the clock which is more efficient Than starting and stopping those huge plants. since his solar units are running during the day, his bills are incredibly small. of course, you have to be able to everything you need to with just one charge or it all falls apart.
  15. Does anyone know why they have stopped construction on the (whatever it is) going up on corner of Bill Curruth & Virgie Valentine in Hiram?
  16. Recently Greystone EMC started offering its customer's special EV rates that will drop the cost of a kilowatt hour to about 4 cents for overnight charging. This represents not just a 60 percent drop in cost from about 10 cents a kwh, but in the only cost comparison that changes the MPG understanding from how far you can go on a gallon of gasoline to how far you can go for the cost of a gallon of gasoline (MPG$). I think most people really still haven't thought much about MPG calculations since gasoline remains usually below $3.00/gallon. The current market price for regular gasoline is about $2.40. Now EVs because they use electricity for propulsion are by design more efficient than any internal combustion engine (ICE) because the engine only captures about 25 percent of the energy contained in the gasoline to the rear wheels (if that). With EV's more like 80+% of the energy makes it to the rear wheels. There are a bunch of other efficiencies like regeneration instead of braking, much less mechanical loss because it has no transmission, etc. These factors are all more or less baked into the cake in the federal figures that say this car gets 35 mpg and that one 15 mpg and this electric one doesn't use gasoline so was not comparable. The government set the standard reporting the comparable as energy, i.e. 1 gallon = 33.4 kwh. It is that simple. Finally, the car its self calculates a figure called miles per kwh. If I'm out working driving to maximize my distance, I usually get about 5.8 miles per kwh. The baseline for the car, is 4.4 mi/kwh. If I'm pedal to the metal in a hurry and it is cold and raining, figure 2.7 mi/kwh. Kind of like ICE cars. The only thing missing is the cost of that energy. That factor had a big change when the local co-op opened the gate to allow off-peak charging at a wholesale rate for EV owners. The way to understand the impact of these rates is to think of them almost like a set of tires or some gizmo you add to the engine that doubles the distance you can drive for the COST of a GALLON OF GAS. So how far could my little Chevy Spark EV go on $2.40 - the cost of a gallon of gas? Here is the formula: Miles per kwh X cost of gallon of gas / cost of a kwh = mpg$ The story is that before Greystone made their move to make wholesale rates available, my travels were being made in an EV that was getting about 130 mpg$ ... which is pretty doggone efficient. But use four cent a kilowatt juice instead of the almost ten-cent a kilowatt of the standard rate and quite magically the mpg$ zooms to over 300. A rise in the cost of gasoline, like the change in kwh price under the new program, also impacts the MPG$. If gasoline went to $3.79/gallon, my mpg$ would be over 500 electric miles I could go for the cost of one gallon of gasoline. As the price for gasoline goes up and down the reality is that whatever car or truck you got will get so many miles per gallon.
  17. COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The Kendrick brothers are taking the ministry beyond a Sunday worship service and onto movie screens around the world. And if that means preaching to the choir, that's fine, too. After introducing faith-based films "Fireproof, " "Courageous" and "War Room," the Albany-based Kendrick Brothers company recently added a new movie to the mix. Click the link Below to read the complete story 3 Brothers From Cobb County make MOVIE MAGIC
  18. This came up in my feed from Wally world. I just had to click through to see the man modeling this dress. When I clicked this link and checked the side and back views I was in for a surprise.
  19. If we could walk one day in someone else’s shoes ... I know we would truly have a different perspective on what we have been dealt in our life ! Be joyful for what you don’t have and for what you do have ! Have a blessed day
  20. The shelves are looking better but, the food goes out as fast as it comes in. We’re always in need of canned foods, boxed foods and single serve foods in bowls. Pop top cans & bowls are great for children and homeless people. Thank You!
  21. Today at work (Helping Hands) we weren’t writing clothing vouchers because the Clothing Center is so low on clothes. If you have any unused gently used clothing that you could donate, the Clothing Center would be forever grateful and be able to help the Citizens of our Community! Thank You for your consideration.
  22. Ok, the notices in the windows is nothing important! There’s NO opening date listed on anything but, Hubby stopped by there and talked to a worker that was working inside. Hubby was told that the place would open around the end of the month. On a different note, the New Wendy’s (near Chic-Fil-A) will open tomorrow!
  23. An explosion and fire has been reported on May drive in East Paulding net to Marriotti Auto. Does anyone have any more details about what caused the explosion?
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