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  2. How is it that all the parks are closed but the hiking trails are still open on Mt Tabor rd?
  3. Sorry, left a voice mail to you . Somehow your voicemail message went to one of my clients voicemail and she just forwarded it to me. I am the business manger on her account but I don't understand how she got it instead of me directly. "Post HERE before you POST To Facebook." Didn't quite understand that statement. It is a Facebook group. Didn't mean to break any rules. Please delete the post if needed. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Can you take tweetie or Sylvester and do some SNOOPING?
  5. I Believe I left you a DETAILED VOICE Mail if you are the ADMN for the Facebook link you POSTED. That I BELIEVE to be factual WE on Paulding.com am ALL for comunity...JSYK You are MORE than welcome to use this PLATFORM... Post HERE before you POST To Facebook. I will wait to hear from you before we take the NEXT step. In other words... This POST will remain VISIBLE until I HEAR from you. Curtis 770-833-2175
  6. What structure got burned last night south of Hiram Sudie on 61?
  7. They are a big company of Fresh Frozen chicken supplier from Victoria Seara Frozen Chicken to all over the World & It's halal chicken meat. https://victoriasearafrozenchicken.com/
  8. They are a big company of Fresh Frozen chicken supplier from Victoria Seara Frozen Chicken to all over the World & It's halal chicken meat. https://victoriasearafrozenchicken.com/
  9. Consider your candidates. If you don't like any candidate or the election is unopposed, consider a symbolic write-in vote for Cynde Bates.
  10. Years have passed since this post but has anything changed? After having my daughter alienated from me as a child 8 years ago, I'm now alienated from my adult child. I've seen her twice in 8 years. Some may claim that is of my own doing but my daughter has no relationship with a sister and her last living grandparent, her paternal grandfather. Though she enjoyed her time with both last year at my mother's home after she passed away. Paraphrasing, someone once told me that's just the way things have always been done (in Paulding County). I still have a lot of interesting emails that I suppose I can share since my daughter is of age now. In the upcoming election for probate judge, if a person as GAL doesn't protect children, should they be trusted to protect the elderly, mentally incapacitated, and the vulnerable? Now in a contested probate election, I'm asking that you consider the candidates history and past conduct. Much of their body of work is public record though in these times of social distancing, I don't know what it's like getting to the deeds room at the courthouse since I don't live in PC anymore. I was once called a "Beavers Basher" until the Cynde Bates' killing came to light. It's been three years, has there been a trial on any of the charges yet? Lawyer Leslie explains why probate judges matter below.
  11. I was at a store in Temple yesterday. I had some screwy dishtowel arrangement for my 'face mask.' The store had for sale a box of 'ear warmers' ... little felt like arrangements, that almost looks like an eye mask that would look normal if placed over your eyes except there are no holes for the eyes. So it looks pretty good and seems relatively convenient. That is an idea because the experts are calling on people - all people - to wear a mask of some sort. Further they are saying that wearing a mask won't protect you from the Covid19 which seems kind of self-defeating considering face masks, whether for fun or fate, aren't what I'd call comfortable. I mean if you listen hard, you'll definitely come away with the notion that in this battle against this 'alien' virus masks probably won't work. The experts seem consistent in saying masks won't magically protect you and may entice you to self-infect because you'll be touching your face as you adjusts the dang thing. What they say plainly is you wear a mask IN ORDER TO NOT INFECT OTHERS. In other words, you wear a mask because everyone else needs to know you're wearing a mask. Of course you and every one's third cousin will say, "I feel fine and I'm not toxic" and most likely that is absolutely true. But you have to know the big problem with THIS covid-19 invader, is that it is a sneaky little sonofa-B and hides itself in the bodies of people who don't even know they have the infection. These 'typhoid Mary's' may be as many as one in four of all the folks infected and we really don't know how long they stay infected. That people could be infectious and not feel a thing is what Gov. Kemp said bamboozled him and he said when he found that out, he delivered his stay home order. Now do know that we begin the understand the important offer of solidarity with our fellow man shown by wearing a face covering. Fact is, a mask is kind of like clothes; you wear it for the benefit of everyone else. Putting on a mask these days is like putting on a shirt before you eat at a buffet. You do it so when you go back for seconds, you don't eat your own chest hairs. We know from the experience of those in Singapore that if everyone wears a mask will can quickly kick this covid to the curb with the masks and social distancing. We procrastinated through the opportunity for containment and now we've got a hell of a mess... or maybe a better description is we were mesmerized by Nero's fiddling. We're actually going to get out of it; we will recover although one should always be aware that the world as a whole is in crisis and there are a lot of criminally inclined world leaders out there; many of whom have better reputations than they deserve. Unless people get their heads out of their butts and recognize the seriousness of the circumstances, the error of our ways will be counted in the bodies stacked in the refrigerators. Trump's estimate these days is between 100,000 and 220,000 ... I hope and pray that we are so lucky. I'm also seeing the logic behind wide-spread testing including identifying those who contracted covid-19 without symptoms in part because they're at least partly immune (how immune needs research) and are needed in the workforce, particularly working with others that are contracting this virus. Those of us who avoid the virus need to do so until a vaccine is not only discovered but manufactured in adequate quantities which could take six months to a year even if the vaccine were discovered tomorrow. The point is we are in this for life and there are a lot of opportunists out there angling to take what those who die leave behind.
  12. Just saw there was a structure fire south of Hiram Sudie road on 61. Does anybody know what it was? I’m thinking Merles but that’s just a place that came to mind this early on the morning.
  13. Last week
  14. Have you seen the latest on this? This is a screenshot. I don’t know how to add files these days! On the new Pcom, I should say. Caped Crusader did you see this article? I could send it to your email, if I had it. Pm me.......
  17. I know the Paulding County dump had a sign out Thursday that said they would be closed Friday and Saturday this week. I stop using big business Waste Industries when they maid me feel like I was just a number.
  18. Yes please do especially if they are nice to you if they’re not nice to you let us know that too !
  19. Earlier
  20. We want to invite you all to join the Paulding County Restaurants Group. We want this group to be a place that helps promote our favorite restaurants during a time that they are unable to operate their business in the normal manner. We all love to eat out and want the best for our favorite spots. We pray that things will get back to normal for everyone as soon as possible. So if you know any restaurants in Paulding County that are doing delivery or take out please share them here. Invite others to join and share! Keep it positive! Call 404-909-4663 to place your order NOW!!!!
  21. Too sad that anybody is dying from this pandemic. I told hubby today I would have never thought I would see the day that America would be held hostage to something like this! Let’s just stay in place til this is over! And it will be and in the meantime, we need to be kind to each other, pray for each other and not listen to negative statements about the job that the Administration is doing. They are all tired and working hard to get us through this thing! Stepping off my soapbox....
  22. We only pray that everyone’s parents don’t fall prey to some slick talking telemarketer or scam artist. Just a good thing to think about —- if you don’t recognize the telephone number, don’t answer the phone! If it’s a legitimate call, they will leave a message.
  23. Am I allowed to mention a service? It’s Waste Industries. I went on their website and there was a statement saying that their service pickups were not being impacted by this virus. I don’t even know if the dump is open!
  24. We had to go to pick up our meds at the pharmacy inside Ingles. I have been looking high and low for our thermometer and for the life of me couldn’t find either of them. So I decided to try and find one. The pharmacist said they are flying off the shelves as soon as they get them. I found 4 of them in the baby section! Don’t worry...... I only bought one. Nobody even gave me a second look as I tucked my big container of wipes under my arm and was wiping everything down.
  25. They picked up our garbage last week over in Hiram what service do you use?
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